Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 139-140

Chapter 139


The Black Angel barked a thin cry and the three of them hurriedly ran inside towards the villa.

“Seven, put out the lights.”

A white light shot in Xiao Qi’s hand, and silver needles immediately shot out the lights inside the villa, and it was instantly dark inside.

The trio’s goal was now all clear now, to stall for time and wait for Ye Xing to return.

“Want to escape, can you escape?”

Qing Zhenzi and Joker walked in with big steps towards the inside of the villa, one left and one right.

Both of them were experts at hearing sounds and immediately knew that they were all heading upstairs.

The two men quickly ran towards the stairs and had just reached a step. A white light came.

A handful of silver needles were thrown out of Xiao Qi’s hand.

Joker stepped forward and blocked his eyes with both hands, while his body shook and his clothes bulged out.

His clothes bulged up and his internal energy ran through his whole body. The silver needles were shaken away.

Only a small portion of them hit his body, and it did not hurt.

Qingzhenzi rushed up and stabbed at the dark corner.


The sound of daggers colliding carried a blaze of fire.

The Black Angel dagger stabbed at his opponent’s chest.

However, just as he struck, a vicious kick came and landed on his hand, sending him flying out.

Unarmed, Seven threw a punch at his opponent’s face. The tiger was in full swing.

“How dare you fight me even though you’ve just entered the Inner Strength realm, you don’t know whether to live or die.”

Joker snorted coldly and similarly blasted out a fist, directly onto the opponent’s fist.


Both of them retreated and flew out at the same time.

Only, Xiao Qi withdrew seven or eight steps in a row and crashed into the wall.

Joker only retreated two steps.

“D*mn it.” Joker cursed.

He felt a sharp pain coming from his fist, and it was obvious that his opponent was holding silver needles between his fists.

He had thought the other party was a small child and hadn’t paid much attention, but he hadn’t expected to get caught in the way.

“Joker’s fist is hit by a needle, he’s hurt.” Xiao Qi warned.

Although it was only a small injury, it could affect the other party’s strength somehow.

“Do it to death, it’s all ruined.” Joker roared.

The two men began a stormy attack at once, and the five of them battled in the narrow guest room.

There was a moment of crisis, and if you were not careful, you would be in a hurry.

Suddenly, Blood Rose let out a thin grunt and was wounded.

“Go, down.”

The three of them ran out of the balcony at the same time and jumped down from the sunlight.

The Black Angel took one look at Blood Rose and saw that she had a cut on her thigh and blood was gushing out.

Joker and Qingzhenzi jumped down from the first floor, one in front of the other. Pinning the three of them down.

“You two go first, I’ll hold them off.”

Blood Rose said and rushed up, two thin blades in her hands, smearing viciously towards Qingzhenzi downwards.

Since there was no way back, they could only fight to the death.

Black Angel hesitated for a moment and said to Seven, “Seven, you go first.”

“Brother Black, Master said that you can’t leave your friends to escape, I’ll go and help Sister Rose.”

Xiao Qi clenched his fist and joined the battle.

“Your opponent is me.”

Joker blasted out with a punch. Forcing Seven back.

In that short moment, Blood Rose got another cut on her leg.

As expected of a gold medal a*sa*sin, although there was only one level between a gold medal and a silver medal a*sa*sin, it was the difference between heaven and earth. Even if Blood Rose was the most powerful among the Silver a*sa*sins, there was still quite a distance.

“Originally, you had the best chance of becoming a gold medal a*sa*sin, but unfortunately you didn’t know what you were doing and betrayed the organisation.”

“Today, I will show you what will happen if you betray the organisation.”

Qing Zhenzi walked over with large strides, his eyes fixed on the other party with a deadly stare.

Tearing, the opponent’s blade slashed.

Instead of avoiding it, Qing Zhenzi met it.


The blade was on his arm. A gash was cut.

The three-pronged military thorn in his hand pa*sed under his opponent’s left coffin.

“Sister Rose.”


Seven and the Black Angel shouted at the same time, rushing over desperately to try to rush to her rescue.

“You guys might as well mind your own little lives!”

Joker blasted out two punches, sending both of them flying out at the same time.



The powerful internal fists directly shook the two out of the air, spitting blood from their mouths.

Blood Rose felt a pain in her abdomen, and her entire body lost its fighting ability instantly.

Qing Zhenzi sneered as the three-pronged blood thorn twisted. It was like a meat pounder, smashing the opponent’s abdomen to pieces.

As one of the most ruthless weapons in the Cold War world, the three-pronged military thorn was called a bloodletting gods weapon, and with this twist, Blood Rose’s blood mouth could not be sealed at all.

Blood was flowing out like a stream, and instantly her clothes were all soaked through.

Black Angel and Xiao Qi, their eyes full of blood, got up at the same time and tried to rush over.

The clown opened up left and right and kicked them out at the same time.

Blood Rose bent over and fell to the ground, contracting her abdomen up. This would make her blood flow really slowly.

At the moment, she was completely out of the fight.

“Don’t worry, it’s not that easy to die, I just did that stab. Avoiding your internal organs, I want you to watch your blood drain out.”

Qingzhenzi stretched out her blood-covered hand, pulled her mobile phone out of her pocket and dialed the video call.

Soon. The video came through, and a blond, thin-faced man appeared on the other side with several scars on his face that looked shocking.

“Basil, the mission is complete.” Qing Zhenzi finished speaking and pointed the phone at Blood Rose.

Although they were both gold medal a*sa*sins, Basil was the king of the gold medal a*sa*sins, and Qingzhenzi was the weakest gold medal a*sa*sin under him.

“Tsk, pitiful, really too pitiful.” Basil spoke in less-than-standard Chinese and pretended to be heartbroken. “I told you a long time ago that betraying the organisation would not end well, now you know!”

Blood Rose looked at her phone. Spat fiercely.

“If you want to kill, you can kill, going down this path, I have long guessed this day.” Blood Rose said still with bloodlust.

“You think it’s as simple as dying?” Basil sneered and added, “Not only will you die, but your family too, all of them.”

“I don’t have a family at all.”

“Then who is Lu Qiang?”

“Basil, you son of a B*tch.” Blood Rose broke into curses, her eyes red.

“After you’re dead. I will send someone to kill your family as well, so that you can be together under the nine springs.”

Basil laughed out loud, his voice full of evil.

“Qingzhenzi, keep bleeding, I will make her watch her blood drain.” Basil ordered.

“Do you think a nobody can keep you safe, what a joke.”

Seishin-chan gripped his three-pronged spike and stepped closer, raising it up and aiming it at her back.

As an a*sa*sin, he was more than familiar with the structure of the human body, and he knew exactly how to cause maximum pain and die in the slowest way possible.

Just as he raised the three-pronged spike, ready to stab his opponent down the back, there was a sudden thud.

The door of the villa was slammed straight open and a BYD with a badly distorted front end rushed viciously towards him.

Qingzhenzi leapt in a single bound and dodged out of the way.

The car came to a halt against Blood Rose’s body.

Ye Xing got down from the car and hurriedly helped Blood Rose, saying urgently, “What’s wrong with you, are you alright?”

“Nothing.” Blood Rose shook her head.

Ye Xing looked at her abdomen, even though she squatted down and used squeezing, she couldn’t stop the flow of blood.


Chapter 140

The floor was covered in a pool of blood.

He glanced at the three-pronged military spike in Qingzhenzi’s hand and instantly understood.

If he did not save him in a hurry, there was only one way to die.

At this moment, Ye Xing had only one thought in his mind, a quick battle.

“Wait, I will come to save you soon.”

Ye Xing stood up, his dagger in his hand, and walked out with big steps.

“You are the fellow called Ye Xing, right? With your weak appearance, I really don’t know what kind of eyes Blood Rose is blind to choose to follow you.”

Qing Zhen waved the three-pronged military thorn in his hand and sneered.

“You’ll understand soon enough.”

Ye Xing’s body was like that of a leopard. It scurried out.


Blood was burning.

Rage was raging.

For the first time since his rebirth, Ye Xing was so angry, so eager to kill.

In the morning, he had vowed to tell Blood Rose that there was absolutely no danger in following himself.

Now. Blood Rose was collapsing in a pool of blood, dying, and could die at any moment.

Was this a living slap in his own face?

After spending this time together, he already considered Blood Rose as his friend.

Ye Xing’s gaze was like the eyes of a wolf, staring deadly at the other party.

The three-pronged military thorn in Qing Zhenzi’s hand was as fast as lightning and stabbed straight out.


The dagger in Ye Xing’s hand was as fast as lightning and blocked it out. At the same time, he stabbed at the opponent’s wrist.

One defense and one attack, instantly turning pa*sivity into initiative.

After all this time of training and soaking in medicinal wine, as well as forging his body, Ye Xing’s strength was already infinitely close to that of the previous Red Dragon.

Even Basil might not be his opponent, let alone Qing Zhenzi.

A moment before, Qingzhenzi was still smiling, but immediately his smile froze.

At the same time, Ye Xing had already started a stormy attack.

The attacks were as dense as a tidal wave and unrelenting.

Qing Zhenzi was attacked to the back of the room, completely out of his strength to fight.

Only then did he realise that the man before him was far stronger than he had guessed.

“Joker, don’t come over to help yet.” He was instantly anxious.

Knowing that the two were now tied together, the clown hastily rushed over.

At the same time, Qing Zhenzi began to counterattack, stabbing out viciously.

Ye Xing dodged slightly, allowing the three-pronged military spike to graze past his left abdomen.

Then, he caught the opponent’s three-pronged military spike under his armpit.

Gaining the first opportunity with a wound.

How similar to the way Qingzhenzi had defeated Blood Rose just now.

Using a small wound to fight a big wound, the method of the best experts to fight quickly.

After clamping down on the opponent’s three-pronged spike, Ye Xing’s right dagger chopped at his opponent’s wrist.

Qing Zhenzi was forced to take his hand off, if not. His palm would have to be chopped off.

Ye Xing instantly took his opponent’s three-pronged military spike, held it in his hand and stabbed out viciously.

Qing Zhenzi had no weapon in his hand and had to use his hand to block.


The three-pronged military thorn pierced through the palm of his right hand.


Ye Xing let out a loud shout, as his internal qi reached him, the military spike went straight in and nailed his hand to his abdomen.

“Let you try the taste of having your abdomen mashed.”

The hand holding the three-pronged military spike twisted hard and pounded it in his stomach.


The army spike was withdrawn and Ye Xing once again plunged into the other man’s arm.

Next, it was the chest. Back, leg.

Rain spurted out, and Qing Zhenzi’s body was instantly pierced in several places, blood spraying out.

The whole process, in just three seconds, turned Qing Zhenzi into a bloodied man completely.

“Didn’t you want to watch other people’s blood dry a little, now I’ll let you try it yourself.”

Qingzhenzi fell limply to the ground, like a dead snake.

The poor clown, who was about to come over, didn’t know that before he could come over to help, Qingzhenzi had already been completely ruined.

After not seeing him for a while, this fellow had become powerful again.


A punch came from behind the clown.

Ye Xing turned around. A stab was thrust out.

The clown didn’t dare to take a hard shot and withdrew a few steps, and the military stab in Ye Xing’s hand instantly attacked like a fierce storm.

Red Dragon didn’t cultivate internal energy, his most powerful thing was his physical body and cold weapons.

Now, Ye Xing’s physical body was strong, and he had a three-pronged military spike in his hand, and he could also do internal arts.

The most terrifying. It was that unrelenting fury.

For a moment, the clown retreated repeatedly, with no resistance at all.

Finally, knowing that he was a match, he leapt out of the fence and fled.

“Come after me, when you catch up with me, the Blood Rose will be hopeless.” He shouted.

Ye Xing held back the thought of chasing him alive and turned back towards Blood Rose.

By now, Black Angel and Little Seven had already gone over to help her.

A mobile phone fell to the ground, still open, with a familiar figure on it.

Ye Xing picked the phone up. Coldly, he said, “Basil, we meet again.”

“Who are you?”

Basil asked strangely as he looked at his unfamiliar figure.

Although the phone fell to the ground, he could not see the battle. But he could guess that Seizenko was finished.

“It’s the man who will have your dog’s life sooner or later.”

Throwing the phone to the ground and smashing it to pieces, Ye Xing then joined Little Seven Black Angels. Helped Blood Rose inside the villa.

As for Qing Zhenzi, let him die with his blood flowing cleanly.

“Brother Ye, please go and think of a way to get blood for transfusion, Brother Black, you go to medicine and buy the stuff for transfusion.” Just as he entered the room, Xiao Qi said urgently.

“Xiao Qi, you go to buy medicine and leave the silver needle behind. Black Angel, you go to the hospital and find type O blood, whatever you use, grab it for me.” Ye Xing instructed.

“Brother Ye, are you up to it?” Xiao Qi said hesitantly.

“Nonsense, your master is my defeated master, I will not be able to. Go.” Ye Xing ordered.

Xiao Qi hurriedly took out the silver needles from his body and handed them to him, then brought an alcohol lamp over.

Ye Xing picked up the silver needle. Stabbing out like lightning, he instantly stabbed down the major acupuncture points on Blood Rose’s body.

It was as fast as lightning and incredibly precise.

“Hua Tuo Divine Needle.” Xiao Qi was shocked.

“What are you still standing there for, or don’t you go quickly.” Ye Xing barked.

Only then did the two of them leave the room one after another and went to get something.

After they left, only then did Ye Xing walk over to close the door behind him.

Men and women were different, and with them there, it was inconvenient for Ye Quan to treat. Because Blood Rose’s injury was in her stomach upwards.

Tearing, Ye Xing cut her clothes off, along with her underwear.

“No need to take off the inner ……”

“Don’t say anything, from now on you are my woman, I am responsible for you.”

Wearing underwear was not convenient for the treatment anymore.

Blood Rose looked at this male from, inside her mind, and remembered his overbearing counterattack.

Perhaps it was true what he said, as long as he was there, she would not be in danger.

With a daze in front of her eyes, Blood Rose pa*sed out.

Before she pa*sed out, there was only one thought in her mind: did he really want her to be his woman?

Ye Xing had been a divine doctor all her life, and his medical skills were as good as those of the divine doctors of the desert, and as he did not practice internal arts, but only had a mortal body, he could see how good his medical skills were.

After the blood was sealed, Seven and the Black Angel returned.

The next step was to disinfect and stitch up the wound, and only after that did Ye Xing heal himself a little before he fell into a deep sleep.

There was no talk all night.