Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 135-136

Chapter 135

Inside the bathroom.

Ye Xing closed his eyes and soaked inside the medicinal bath, his body was indescribably comfortable.

He somewhat regretted establishing a power so late, with his heritage of being reborn for so many years, if he created a power and operated it slowly, after so many years, how powerful it would have to be!

By nature, he doesn’t like to worry about it. Each time he is reborn he tries a different profession and then makes the most of the one he is in.

He likes to fight alone and doesn’t like to create forces.

Pretending to be a P***y. He likes to fight with his face and pick up girls, isn’t that fun?

But now, it’s not possible to not create a power. Because in this lifetime, there had appeared a cultivator he had never heard of before.

This kind of terrifyingly strong human.

During the soaking process, Ye Xing felt as if something had entered his body.

It had to be said that these remedies for the first memory fragment were too good, and after fusing them together, he clearly felt as if something inside the potion had entered his body, making his internal qi a little bit stronger.

“For the second memory fragment to open quickly. It looks like I’ll have to use a different method to forge my body.”

As much as he didn’t want to do it, he couldn’t do it without it.

He guessed that for the second memory fragment to open, he had to make his physical body strong to a certain extent.

Burning body with fire, striking body with fire and iron, burying body with cold ice, pouring body with hot water ……

Among the memories, those body forging methods that could make the flesh body strong quickly were all considered perverted.

After thinking about it, Ye Xing finally decided to use hot and cold body forging.

For one thing, this was a slightly lighter one among all the cruel body forging techniques, and for another, it was also easier to operate.

One cold and one hot, one bucket of ice and one bucket of hot water would do.

After soaking in the medicinal bath, Ye Xing put on his clothes, and only then turned around and returned home.

The next day, Ye Xing started to get busy, he had so many things to do.

Chanting sutras, working out, soaking in wine, hot and cold forging, his daily schedule was very tight.

The topmost floor of the Star Mansion, Ye Xing cleared it all out and used it as the Dragon Palace’s base camp. This was where Blood Rose and her group would work from now on.

The defence force, officially started.

This period of time was peaceful and uneventful.

Ever since the Joker’s failed attack last time, he did not know if it was because he had little value after the token was taken away by Shangguan Lan, or if the Joker felt that he was no longer a good bully and did not dare to mess around anymore, and never showed up.

Ye Xing was happy to be at ease, all was calm before the storm, the most important thing now was to make himself strong.

Villa, top floor room, inside there were three large wooden barrels.

One bucket of ice water. A bucket of hot water over sixty degrees, and a bucket of medicinal water.

From today onwards, body forging had become Ye Xing’s daily routine.

Ye Xing took off his clothes, leaving only a pair of trouser forks all over his body, and looked at the three buckets of water.

He slowly entered within the icy water first.

As soon as his right foot entered, he shrank back with a hiss, this was too icy!

He gritted his teeth and stepped in. When his whole body was immersed in the icy water, the coldness spread throughout his body instantly.

Ye Xing shivered.

After staying there for less than five minutes, he couldn’t take it anymore and jumped out of the icy water. He entered the hot water again.

Then, he felt like he was going to be cooked into soup.

Next, he kept going back and forth between the two buckets, trying out the taste of ice and fire.

When he could not stand it anymore, he then jumped into the medicine basin.

In an instant, a comfortable sensation spread throughout his body and he felt his pores stretching out all over.

It was as if he had risen to heaven.

Happiness was relativistic, if there hadn’t been the pain just now. He would not have felt so comfortable soaking in the medicinal bath.

In the blink of an eye, a few days had pa*sed.

Although every day was painful and unbearable, Ye Xing could clearly feel that his skin sensitivity was getting lower and lower, and his flesh body was getting stronger and stronger, so in time, it would not be a problem to recover to the flesh body ability of the Lower Red Dragon that had been there all his life.

This night, almost ten o’clock, Ye Xing then returned home.

Murong Xue was sitting on the sofa and dazed, when she saw him coming back, she hurriedly welcomed him.

Recently. Ye Xing had been coming home late every night, and she had been torn in her heart.

Due to physical reasons, she had become his wife, but was unable to fulfil her wifely duties. As a normal man, how hard it would be, she could imagine.

She thought that Ye Xing was late every day these days. Maybe he had already started to have thoughts in his heart.

“Husband, I have something I want to say to you.” She said.

“What is it?” Ye Xing asked strangely.

“I’m sorry that I can’t fulfil my duties as a wife.” She said quietly.

Ye Xing immediately understood what she was thinking and immediately laughed dumbly and said, “You’re thinking of that, these days, I’ve been practicing. I can’t beat Murong Lan yet, so in order to prevent her from stealing you away, I can only practice desperately.”

“I thought you ……”

“Thought I had gone out to find a woman?”

Murong Xue nodded awkwardly, blushing scarlet.

“Don’t worry about it, even if I do go out to find a woman, I will definitely come home.” Ye Xing smiled cheekily and said.

“You …… you can’t do that.” Murong Xue was instantly anxious.

“I was just joking, why did you take it seriously.”

Ye Xing stroked her hair to comfort her.


The next morning, a certain tea room.

Murong Xue, Luo Xiaoyun, were having their morning tea.

“Little Yun. Did Ye Xing go to the gym just now?” Murong Xue asked.

“Yes, but he is in a hurry these days, running for half an hour every day and then hurrying back.”

Luo Xiaoyun also found it strange, every time he saw himself before, his eyes were either glancing at himself or making flirtatious remarks to curry favor with his mouth. But this time. He was so serious that he was not quite normal, as if he had little interest in himself anymore.

“Xiao Yun, I’m afraid that if this continues, Ye Xing he will cheat.”

Inside Murong Xue’s voice, it was full of worry.

Can a marriage with love and no S*x be maintained? This was a long lasting topic.

It was not mentioned before, when Ye Xing was still a fool.

But he was a normal man now, with needs.

“You two have really had a rough fate, it’s so hard to even round up a room.” Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but feel emotional and comforted her, “But don’t worry too much, Ye Xing isn’t that kind of man, besides, it’s not like it was your intention.”

“Can I not worry, he doesn’t even feel the same as before.”

Murong Xue could still feel it.

“He’s not saying he wants to cultivate and fight against Shangguan Lan, it’s not what you think.” Luo Xiaoyun continued to comfort him.

“Who knows if it’s true or not, anyway, I feel that this is not the way to go on. Xiao Yun, you should quickly help me think of a solution.”

“I really have a solution.”

“What solution?” Murong Xue asked urgently.

Luo Xiaoyun stretched out her slender jade hand, put her five fingers together and made a cutting motion.


Chapter 136

“Tonight you quietly cut him up while he’s sleeping and make him a eunuch. That way, there’s no fear of her going out and screwing around.”

“F*ck off, cut him up, what about when my body recovers?” Murong Xue couldn’t help but curse.

Looking at her like that, Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but be happy.

Early the next morning, Ye Xing went to the gym for his normal run.

After the intense exercise, it would make him sweat, and then when he went to soak in hot and cold water to forge his body, it would get his body into good shape.

Luo Xiaoyun was wearing a tight pink outfit today, which turned an already hot body. It protruded even hotter and more seductive.

The men around her cast wolf-like gazes, staring at her figure, almost drooling.

Unfortunately. Ye Xing didn’t seem to feel anything at all.

When your body, every day, is tortured in the forging of ice and fire, look what desire you still have?

After the workout, Ye Xing was in a hurry to leave again.

“Ye Xing, wait a moment.” Luo Xiaoyun called out to stop her.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Xing asked.

“Every day you are in such a hurry, tell me, which woman did you go to?” Luo Xiaoyun asked as she walked up to him.

Ye Xing was speechless, he used to stare at her hotly every day. She said he was nasty and a pervert.

Now it was better, when he didn’t look at her, she said that he had a woman outside.

If she knew that she didn’t have a woman outside, would she think, again, that she wasn’t a man and didn’t even react to a big beauty like her?

“I’m busy cultivating my body, how can I have time to find a woman.” Ye Xing said.

“Withdraw the lie, you must have someone outside.” Luo Xiaoyun was very firm.

“What about the evidence?”

The proof was that you used to drool looking at my lady’s body every day, but now, you don’t even have the interest to look at it anymore.

Of course, these words Luo Xiaoyun didn’t dare to say out loud, otherwise he would think, how much she enjoyed being watched by him!

“You come home so late every day, no man who comes home late is a good thing.” Luo Xiaoyun continued.

“Are you free later?”


“Take you to a place.”

“To what place?”

“Don’t ask, you’ll know when you go.”

After the two of them changed their clothes, Luo Xiaoyun took Ye Xing’s car and drove towards Murong’s house.

“What are you taking me home for?” Luo Xiaoyun asked strangely.

Ye Xing didn’t reply and stopped at a villa a few hundred metres from his home.

The three people who lived here all went to work at Star Mansion, and the villa was deserted during the day.

“What kind of place is this?” Luo Xiaoyun asked curiously.

“This is the villa I bought ……”

“Good for you Ye Xing, you’ve even bought a villa to keep a mistress. Can you stand up to Xue’er like this?” Luo Xiaoyun was instantly furious.

“You just expect me to cheat so much aren’t you, you haven’t even gone in yet, what are you shouting about?” Ye Xing couldn’t help but curse.

Dare I say that in her heart, she was that unreliable?

Opening the door and going up to the top floor, inside was an empty room with three large water tanks and a fridge inside.

Ye Xing first opened the fridge, moved a bunch of ice cubes out and put them inside one of the tanks, then put water into it to make ice water.

After a period of time. He already knew the limit of ice and cold that his body could bear.

Next, he took an electric heater and heated up the second tank of water, putting in a temperature probe, and only stopped when the temperature rose to sixty degrees.

Then, he added medicine to the third tank of water and used the electric heating rod to burn it up.

Luo Xiaoyun kept standing dumbfounded, not knowing in what he was doing.

After doing all this, Ye Xing started to take off his clothes.

“What are you doing?” Luo Xiaoyun was startled.

“Don’t worry, although I have a lot of thoughts about you, but we are too familiar with each other. It’s not good to get down, I won’t do anything to you.”

After taking off his trousers, Luo Xiaoyun then realised that he was wearing a long pair of shorts underneath, similar to swimming trunks.


Ye Xing’s entire body jumped into the icy water, and in a flash it was freezing cold.

His teeth were gritted.

Faking it for a moment was good, but faking it was self-inflicted.

Before, he entered inside the icy water. He had always used his feet to probe into it first, and then soaked his entire body into it when his body had adapted.

In order to play hard to get in front of Luo Xiaoyun, he chose to jump in directly this time, this feeling, sour!

Luo Xiaoyun retreated a few or two steps and felt cold even looking at him, let alone soaking.

“Ye Xing, I misjudged you, I didn’t expect you to do such a self-inflicted action in order to suppress your desire.” Luo Xiaoyun gave him a thumbs up and praised, “You’re great. It’s a man.”

“You’re the one who self-harmed, your whole family is the one who self-harmed, can’t you see that I’m practising?” Ye Xing cursed.


Luo Xiaoyun looked at it for a moment and muttered, “I’ve never seen this kind of practice before.”

“There are so many things you haven’t seen before. Have you ever seen twenty centimetres?”

“What twenty centimetres?” Luo Xiaoyun asked in confusion.

The next moment, as if she understood something, she instantly blushed and cursed, “Soul-sucking.”

“It’s an ancient method. A method that borders on self-harm to strengthen one’s body. That pot is a Chinese herbal medicine, after soaking it, it is very good for cultivating internal qi.” Ye Xing briefly introduced it.

He couldn’t stand it a bit and got out from inside the icy water and jumped into that hot water.

Luo Xiaoyun sucked in a breath of cold air, this family was too perverted!

To be powerful and self-mutilate to this extent.

She couldn’t help but walk by and stick her finger into the water to test the temperature, then screamed with an ah.

Retracting his fingers, they were red, it was hard to imagine how he could survive.

“I have internal qi protection to dampen some of the heat, if you jump in here. If you jump in here, you’ll lose your skin.”

Ye Xing was afraid that this silly girl would go back and hurt herself like she did, so he hastened to tell her clearly.

“I’m not that stupid, I’m not tired of living!” Luo Xiaoyun rolled her eyes.

“Now you know what I was doing during the day, right?” Ye Xing said with a bitter face, “I’ve been self-harming like this every day, not to mention desire, it’s questionable if I can buck up.”

Luo Xiaoyun giggled, her delicate body trembling and rippling.

“Practice well. Train up that side too, and your woman will be happy in the future.”

Throwing down these words, she left.

It did seem a little inappropriate to take a bath with a man, oddly humiliating.

“Enlighten Xue’er a bit more.” Ye Xing shouted at her.

Luo Xiaoyun raised her finger and held out an ok gesture.


After the medicinal bath, it was almost evening.

Ye Xing drove his car and headed towards Star Mansion.

He needed to know what progress the three had made during this time.

When he got there, Ye Xing brought the three into the meeting room for a meeting.

“Old Black, what’s the situation on your side?” Ye Xing asked first.

“I have followed your instructions to take in all the a*sociation organisations in the whole Huaijiang, from the bosses of the a*sociation organisations down to the street punks, all of them are on our payroll and will receive the largest intelligence network.” Black Angel said.

“Rose, what about your side?” Ye Xing’s gaze fell on her.