Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 125-126

Chapter 125

Night falls.

Ye Xing took out his phone and dialed Murong Xue.

“Have you eaten yet?” He asked with a smile.

“Just ate, how about you?” She asked in return.

“Just ate with a friend.”

“Friends …… have you been out?” Murong Xue asked curiously.

“Just at home, with a friend who moved the furniture.” Ye Xing smiled, before continuing, “You stay well with Xiao Yun there, you should be back tomorrow.”

“Why are you talking strangely, are you not doing something dangerous again?” Murong Xue asked with some concern.

“No, I just feel that a good chance to break my child’s body has been ruined, I am just very superior hurt in my heart.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Bad egg, always thinking of bad things inside your head.” Murong Xue couldn’t help but scold.

“Confucius said that food and S*x are also S*xual. Isn’t that normal?” Ye Xing laughed up dumbly and said, “Alright, I’m going to be busy for a while, you take a good rest.”

“Honey. You must be good, bye.”

Ye Xing hung up the phone, the smile inside his eyes, turned into a cold aura.

He just wanted to live a good life, to live his life calmly, to pretend, to beat up his face, to live his own free life.

But. Anyone who tried to break this life of his, they would have to pay a heavy price for it.

Back in the hall, Black Angel and Seven, were still eating.

“Have you finished eating, rest for a while if you’re done, get ready to dry up.” Ye Xing said.

“Brother Ye, what kind of people are coming from the other side, with the three of us, we still can’t win?” Xiao Qi asked.

When Ye Xing fought with the Black Angel earlier, Xiao Qi had seen that the two were still above him in strength.

With the strength of the three, not to mention in a small Huaijiang City, even in the whole of China, there were not many people who could fight with them.

“I don’t know what kind of people the other side will send over, but, it’s definitely not simple.”

The Blood Rose alone was strong along with the priests he had killed before who knew demonic spells.

What the other side would send over this time, he wasn’t sure.

“How are you sure they will come?” The Black Angel asked.

After knowing that Ye Xing might be a Red Dragon, Black Angel’s words were a little more.

“If you want the fish to be hooked, fish bait is essential.”

Ye Xing placed the token with the word compound engraved on it, onto the table.

“What kind of token is this?” Black Angel asked.

“I don’t know, I just know it is something the other party wants.”

Ye Xing wrapped the token in a rope, walked to the door of the house and turned on the light at the entrance of the villa. Then hoisted it to the most obvious place on the front door.

He also took out a torch from the house and shone it on the token, turning the compound face outwards so that it could be seen clearly.

The Murong family was definitely under the surveillance of many people now, and with this token released, he could not believe that they would not come over.

After doing all this, Ye Xing then moved a coffee table and went to the balcony to make tea and drink!

Today, who dares to come over, he will let the other party have no return.


A hotel, the presidential suite.

One of his men knocked on the door and entered. Then reported.

“Chief, word has come from the whistle side, the ‘Foo’ token has been found.” The subordinate reported.

“Where is it?” Joker hurriedly stood up and asked urgently.

“At the entrance of the Murong family villa, Ye Xing has hung it in the most conspicuous place.”

“Where is he?”

“Drinking tea on the first floor.”

“What is he trying to do, declare war with us?” The clown grunted coldly.

“Chief, he should have set a trap, what should we do?”

“So what if it’s a trap, with his strength alone, can he still go to heaven?” Joker snorted coldly and immediately ordered, “Gather the men, call as many as you can. Make sure to get the token before the people from the Dao Sect get there in the end.”

The token was at the top of his list for this trip to Huaijiang, and he was determined to get it.

The subordinate received his orders and went down immediately.

Joker picked up his phone, dialed out and said, “Blood Rose, something is done.”


On the other side.

The first time Biao got the news. He knocked on the next room.

“Madam, my subordinate has something urgent to report.”

A moment later, the door hit through and the beautiful woman who looked like Murong Xue appeared at the door.

“Madam, the Repeated Word Order has appeared and Ye Xing has dangled it at the door.”

After Biao briefly explained what had happened, she continued, “The people on the clown side have rushed over, almost pouring out their nest.”

“This Ye Xing, he really has the audacity to openly declare war with the clowns, does he not want to live anymore?” The beautiful woman said.

“Madam, what should we do?” Biao asked.

“Let’s go. We must not let the token fall into the hands of the Ancient Sect.”

The beautiful woman picked up a shawl, put it on, and left in stride.

“Madam, should we call some people over?”

“Is it useful to have more people. One scrap of wood is no different from a bunch of scrap of wood.”

The beautiful woman took big strides and left in a blaze of glory.


The night wind, blowing coldly.

It could not blow out the hot blood inside.

The familiar feeling. Familiar scenes.

Countless times of rebirth, Ye Xing did not know how many times he had experienced such a feeling.

A cup of strong wine went down and turned into heat, making his body manic and hot.

Clatter, clatter, clatter!

Seven or eight vans stopped in front of the villa, their doors pulled open and a group of people got out of them, each with a weapon under their hands.

Like a tidal wave, they raged into the Murong family villa in an aggressive manner and formed a group on the gra*s, not moving on.

Counting up, there were dozens of them.

Cold soldiers?

I like it.

The people who came this time were not like the group of killers in the wilderness last time, all carrying guns.

To be honest, Ye Xing did not like guns and preferred cold weapons.

Suddenly, the crowd automatically parted, giving way to a small path in the middle.

A man with a mask walked out from the middle of the crowd. His aura was arrogant.

He was followed by none other than Blood Rose, who had fought with Ye Xing twice.

“I admire your courage.”

The clown looked up at Ye Xing who was drinking on the first floor balcony and exclaimed.

“Who is the person coming, give me your name.”

Ye Xing asked as he drained the cup of wine in his hand, in one go.

“You don’t need to know who I am, you only need to know that as long as you meekly hand over the token. Then you can live, otherwise, next year today will be the day of your death.” The clown’s voice was full of threats.

No one who dared to go against him would have a good end.

“The token is right there, come and get it if you have the guts.” Ye Xing sneered.

“Bring the token over.” The clown ordered towards two of his men beside him.

The two hands immediately walked towards the door and prepared to take the token down.

Just halfway there, suddenly several white lights shot out from inside the dark villa, and the two men screamed miserably and flung themselves to the ground.

When the two men took a look, they saw that they had several silver needles stuck in their thighs, their legs were numb and they could not move.

The Joker’s gaze instantly miked up.

At night, to use silver needles to shoot numb points in the thighs with such precision, this kind of strength was definitely a top expert.

“Go together.” The clown ordered.

He didn’t expect these men to bring the token over, as long as he could test the other party’s falseness, that would be enough.

Bringing so many people over was supposed to be cannon fodder.


Chapter 126

A group of people, frantically surging over.

The white light flashed, and countless silver needles shot out from inside, as dense as rain.

These people just rushed halfway, and then fell a large area.

At first, they only shot at their legs, but when they saw that these people were getting bolder and bolder, Xiao Qi began to shoot at their faces and necks.

Finally, he started to shoot them in the eyes.

Several of them covered their eyes and screamed, finally. The men were cowed and did not dare to continue.

Each one looked into the dark room and drew in a cold breath, as if there were devils inside.

“The Nine Needles of the Ghost Gate. Xu Laojiu, I didn’t expect you to come over, have you forgotten who broke your leg?” Joker snorted coldly and said loudly, “I’ll give you a chance to stop, or else, be careful of your other leg being broken as well.”

In the darkness, Xiao Qi’s eyes were wide as he stared at the clown with a deadly stare.

If Ye Xing hadn’t instructed him. Without his orders, he could not come out from the darkness, he would have scurried out to fight with the other party.

Xiao Qi was an orphan, and his master had brought him up since he was a child, teaching him internal strength and pa*sing on his martial arts and medical skills, just like his own father.

When his leg was broken, the disciples were all furious and wanted to seek revenge.

But the master did not mention a word about the enemy, never expecting it would be related to the man in front of him.

“Is that all your people are capable of?”

Ye Xing looked at the people screaming miserably all over the ground and smiled coldly.

“Blood Rose, fetch the token over.” Joker commanded.

Apart from him here, only Blood Rose had the ability to do so.

Blood Rose pulled out the thin blades from her body and held them in her hands, one in each of her left and right hands, as she stepped forward.


Two flashes of white light!

Ding ding!

The blades swept through, knocking the silver needles off.

At the same time, Blood Rose’s speed instantly increased, like a light swallow.

The sky was full of shooting stars.

A dense cloud of silver needles shot out from the darkness.

Blood Rose backed up and dodged most of the needles with a few strokes, and the blade in her hand danced fast, quickly sweeping away the needles that were aimed at the fatal area.

The rest of the needles were stuck in her body. The rest of the needles would not have had much effect, as long as they didn’t hit any vital points.

After dodging, Blood Rose moves forward with lightning speed.

The whole process took only two or three seconds.

She rose up in the air and grabbed the token with one hand.

She was about to grab the token when a figure suddenly rushed out from inside and stabbed her straight in the chest with a dagger.

If she insisted on taking the token, she would have been seriously injured by this thrust.

In a life-and-death moment, Blood Rose’s body twisted in mid-air in an unpredictable movement, narrowly avoiding the move.

When she landed on the ground, she realised that the attacker was a man with a masked face like her own.

Standing at around five foot seven, there was an icy coldness in his gaze.

This icy gaze. Blood Rose was familiar with it.

A peer!


The Black Angel’s feet stomped on the ground and his entire body scurried out.

The dagger in his hand, slicing horizontally.

A perfect combination of speed and strength.

Blood Rose struck out with both hands and returned the favour.

The two of them fought on the gra*s, swords and shadows, life and death bound together.

In a few moments, both men were wounded by each other’s weapons and could not bear any small injuries.

Gradually, the scales of victory tipped in favour of the Black Angel.

Suddenly, there was a thin hissing sound.

The Blood Rose’s thigh was cut and blood gushed out. Her movements slowed.

How could the Black Angel let go of such an opportunity? Taking advantage of his opponent’s slow movement, he wiped his dagger at Blood Rose’s neck.

“Old Black, don’t kill her.” Ye Xing drank.

Old Black’s slash would have allowed the other party to slit her throat, and after hearing the order, the tip of the blade turned into a hilt and slammed hard against her throat.

Blood Rose fell to the ground viciously. Coughing heavily a few times.

She looked at the Joker, and sure enough the Joker looked at her suspiciously as well, his eyes full of confusion.

At this moment, it was not the time to think more, all of Joker’s men had lost, even Blood Rose was wounded, and he could only be allowed to fight himself.

“Sure enough, relying on others won’t work, you still have to rely on yourself.”

Joker took off his jacket and handed it to one of his men next to him.

Dressed in a shirt and western trousers and leather shoes, he slowly walked out from the crowd and approached the Black Angel.

The Black Angel locked his gaze on the other man. Suddenly, he struck out.

The dagger in his hand, stabbing the other man.

He was fast, but the other was even faster!

The Joker’s body sprang out and instantly gripped the Black Angel’s hand. With a strong bend.

The Black Angel did not expect the other party to be so strong at all, and his face changed slightly.

Before he could react, the other party’s leather shoe had already kicked him hard in the chest!


The Black Angel’s body flew backwards five or six metres and hit the stone steps of the doorway fiercely.

He didn’t give the other party time to react at all. Joker stomped out with his foot and kicked towards the Black Angel’s head.

There was a flash of white light, and several silver needles shot out from inside.

At the critical moment, Xiao Qi stepped in and gained time for the Black Angel.

Otherwise, Black made the body seriously injured.

Joker’s body backed up and flew out backwards, dodging a flurry of silver needles.

Suddenly, a silhouette leapt down from the first floor, the Roc Spreads Its Wings!

At the critical moment, Ye Xing made a move.

The man was still in mid-air when Ye Xing struck out with a fist, his clothes moving without wind!

His inner qi was carried on his fist, causing his aura to skyrocket.

The clown followed suit and threw a punch.

The two fists collided in mid-air!

The wind suddenly rose and the wind scattered in all directions.

Ye Xing fell backwards in mid-air, retreating seven or eight steps in a row before stabilising.

“Gra*s. That’s strong!” Ye Xing cursed.

No wonder the Black Angel was forced back in one move, this guy was really strong.

“I didn’t expect you to be an inner strength expert as well, it’s just a pity that you, an inner strength expert, are still far from it.”

After Joker finished speaking, he continued to strike and attacked towards Ye Xing.

He did not use a weapon, only his fists and palms, but that terrifying attack power. It wasn’t worse than using weapons at all.

“Yeah, let’s try it then.”

Ye Xing ran his internal qi on his dagger and met up with it, tangling with his opponent fiercely.

On the other side, Black Angel followed suit, the two of them joining forces in a combined attack.

Xiao Qi was still hiding in the shadows, not wanting to put cold needles at the clown.

Despite the fact that here, the three were still only fighting the Joker to a draw.

Only then did Ye Xing realise that there were people outside the sky.

This clown’s strength was not even inferior to that of the previous Red Dragon.

This guy, what kind of character was he?


Outside the villa, by the wall, stood two figures, none other than the beautiful woman and his bodyguard, Biao.

The two stared intently at the two sides of the battle.

“Madam, should we make a move?” Biao asked.

“There’s no hurry, let’s wait for them to tell the winner first.” The beautiful woman said.

“Madam, who do you think will win?” Biao continued to ask.

The beautiful woman looked at the two sides in the middle of the battle, shook her head and said, “Right now, it looks like the clown is not at all down with one against three. However, I don’t know why I, always feel that something is not right.”

Just as she finished her words, suddenly, Ye Xing let out a loud cry.

Astral energy shot out from his body and his aura shot up.

“Not good, this kid is hiding his strength.” The clown was greatly alarmed.

He didn’t expect that this fellow would be so cunning at all.

“It’s too late to know that now.”

Ye Xing blasted out with his full strength, hitting the opponent’s chest and sending him flying.