Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 109-110

Chapter 109

The old man picked up the money, walked over and handed it to Ye Xing.

“Uncle, I don’t mean anything else, this is what I sincerely give you.”

“Take it, we are not short of money.” The old man said.

Ye Xing sighed and had to put the money away.

“Is it your friend from Lu Yuan?” The old man asked.

“Mm.” Ye Xing nodded.

One couldn’t say that one was the pusher who let Lu Yuan die, right!

“I don’t think you look like a bad person, not like those people.” The old man said.

“Uncle, I’m not a good person either.”

Lu Yuan was indirectly killed by him, so could he say he was a good person?

“I’m not very educated, but these eyes are still shining. You’re not like those people.”

“Uncle, who exactly are those people and why are they after you?” Ye Xing asked curiously.

“Probably Lu Yuan’s enemies, they have come several times. They started all kinds of intimidation and even beat people up, we two old men are still afraid of them.”

The old man’s face was all deadly grey, his son was dead, what else was there to be afraid of.

“They are not afraid of intimidation, but they are using all kinds of lures, and they are using all kinds of tactics, we are not even afraid of death. What else can they do.”

This is what is known as the old man being the most bully.

With the crowds rampaging through the streets, the old people are the largest force.

“Uncle, do you only have one son, Lu Yuan?” Ye Xing asked.

“Yuan’er has a younger sister’s, she has been very resourceful since she was a child, only once when she went to the town to catch a fair …… the old woman did not watch closely and was abducted.”

Speaking of this, the old man’s tears blah blah coaxed down.

“Yuan’er has been very smart since he was young, but his mind is too deep and he tends to go wrathful, if her sister was still around to guide him, he wouldn’t have gone astray.”

Looking at his appearance, Ye Xing couldn’t help but feel a little stuffy.

“Things are already like this, you guys should be sorry for your loss, your health is important.”

He shoved the money into his hand again and said, “This is just a small token of my appreciation, really nothing more.”

Unable to bear to see his forlorn look any longer, Ye Xing turned to leave.

“Every time Yuan’er comes home, it’s a big night and he’ll make a trip to the back of the mountain.” The old man suddenly said.

“What’s the place in the back mountain?” Ye Xing turned back and asked.

“The middle section, I don’t know what he goes there for.” The old man pointed to a mountain behind the village.

“Uncle, I’ll help you go to the back mountain, if Lu Yuan has anything left behind, I’ll give it to you.”

After leaving the old man, Ye Xing headed towards the back mountain of Lu’s village.

The back mountain was not small. The altitude was a thousand metres, and after climbing for half an hour, this was only the middle part of the climb.

The surrounding area was a wild mountain with not many roads, so it was quite difficult to find a place here.

It was a good thing that Lu Yuan’s dad had told him where he had probably seen Lu Yuan, so it was a much smaller target.

Wherever people have walked, there are paths, even if they are careful, they will leave traces.

After walking through a lush manzanita bush and climbing over a rocky mountain stream, he finally found it behind a stone cave.

The place was simply too hidden. If Ye Xing hadn’t known the general location long ago, I don’t know how long it would have taken to find it.

Drilling through the dark stone cave, deep inside the cave, Ye Xing saw a somewhat rusty door, and looking at the rust on the door, it should be a few years old.

The financial report showed that Lu Yuan had been buying medicinal herbs since he became the son-in-law of the Lu family, so it was clear that this place might have been made three years ago.

Taking the key out from his body, he inserted it inside the keyhole.

The lock was opened.

Pushing open the iron door and entering, there was another soundproof door inside. Only it was not locked.

The smell of medicinal herbs was very strong when I pushed the door open.

In front of you was a beautifully decorated secret room.

In the middle of the dense cloth was a bookshelf filled with beautiful boxes.

It added up to hundreds of them.

Ye Xing casually picked up a box and opened it to see that inside was a human-shaped ginseng, very old in age and with many worm holes on it.

Apart from the old mountain ginseng, there were also Lingzhi. He Shou Wu, Angelica, and Snow Lotus.

Even through the box, the extremely rich smell was still emitted, filling the whole secret room with the smell of medicine and making it very pleasant to smell.

“I didn’t expect that Lu Yuan had such a preference for collecting medicinal herbs.”

Those who had repeatedly come to Lu Yuan were afraid that they were looking for these things.

Opening all the boxes, all of them were medicinal herbs.

In the last box, what was inside was not medicinal herbs. Instead, it was a strange token that looked like a key.

The token was made of purple bronze and had the word ‘Fu’ engraved on the front.

On the back were some strange totems.

“Against the Qing Dynasty to restore the Ming Dynasty?”

Could it be that this was something that came down from the Qing Dynasty?

This thought popped up inside his head, and Ye Xing could not help but laugh dumbly.

He laughed at himself for this thought.

“These herbs are great tonic medicines, there is no market for them!”

It so happened that there was a bag next to him. Ye Xing took it over and put these precious herbs away, ready to pack them up and take them away.

Eating was out of the question, and now that he saw Murong Xue he could not hold back. If he ate so many big tonic pills again, there was nowhere to vent them, he would have to explode.

When the herbs were sealed up, he didn’t feel anything, but now that he opened the box, or in such a small dark secret, the smell of medicine came to his nose and was so strong that it seemed to seep into every cell of his body.

There is spiritual energy in heaven and earth.

It is hidden in all things.

Suddenly, this phrase popped up in his mind.

This sentence had also popped up inside his mind last time.

“Could it be that this sentence has something to do with the curse?”

Ye Xing was both shocked and happy.

Having been reborn 134 times and not surviving more than two years each time, this was his biggest heartache.

Over the years, every time he was reborn, he had constantly tried to find a way to see if he could lift the curse on his body.

Unfortunately, none of them could do it.

Now such a phrase suddenly appeared in his mind. And it was something that had never come to him before.

Did this mean that the method to lift the curse was related to these two sentences?

In between his thoughts, Ye Xing suddenly felt a headache.

It came out of nowhere, so intense and caught off guard.

It was as if the brain had been suddenly stuffed with many things.

Sudden headache, Ye Xing had tried it in his previous rebirths, but none of them could make him hurt so badly.

The feeling was like he was going to die from the pain of livelo.

Ye Xing was rolling around in pain.

Those medicinal smells seemed to ease the pain in his body, and he desperately breathed in and out.

But. These medicinal smells seemed to be separated from him, unable to be the sweet rain that saved him.

Just as he was dying from the pain, a few scriptures instinctively popped up in his mind.

The Sutra of Three Lives of Cause and Effect.

The long hours of chanting had made the sutras his faith and his last hope.

He sat down on the ground at that moment and recited it aloud.

“To know the cause of past lives, the recipient in this life is, and to know the fruit of future lives, the author in this life is.”

“Why is the cause of marrying a beautiful wife, in previous lives the Buddha had many ties.”

“Why is the cause of a short life in this life, in previous lives slaughtering all lives.”

The chanting grew louder and louder, as if this would make his headache, a little better.

Suddenly, he felt the pores all over his body open up in a flash.

It was as if those medicinal smells had found an entrance and were gushing madly in towards his body.


Chapter 110

After the medicinal smell entered his body, Ye Xing felt that the headache was not that intense.

He could not care less and continued to recite the scriptures.

After his brain stopped hurting, he could clearly feel that what was making his brain hurt was becoming clearer and clearer.

Something indeed shoved itself into his mind.

Suddenly, he felt a lightness in his body.

Ye Xing found himself entering a chaotic space.

Even being cursed and infinitely reborn could happen to him, and he was not so shocked at what was happening before him.

This chaotic space was dark, with only a hundred card-like light cards suspended in mid-air, standing upright in a square.

Beyond that, there was nothing.

The first card deck shone. The rest remained grey and dark.

By a ghost, Ye Xing reached out and tapped towards the flickering light card.

In an instant, the light card turned into a shade of light and entered his brain.

“First memory fragment. Open.”

The words suddenly came from inside his head.

Then, some more information suddenly came out inside his head.


All the scenes in front of him disappeared without a trace, and Ye Xing found himself lying on the ground, drenched in sweat.

“Memory fragments, what the hell?”

He closed his eyes in contemplation, and then, reappeared in that dark space.

There were still ninety-nine light cards there that were called memory fragments, still grey and dark. They could not be tapped.

“It seems that it was the Three Worlds of Karma Sutra from earlier, and the smell of these herbs, that activated the first memory fragment.”

No wonder the headache was so severe, it turned out that there was so much hidden in the mind.

Ye Xing stood up and felt his body was indescribably comfortable, as if he had slept for a whole day and was full of energy.

The smell of medicine in the secret room had disappeared so much that it was almost gone, sucked clean.

He looked at the medicinal herbs, not knowing if it was an intuition, he felt as if they didn’t smell like anything anymore.

Not caring about the herbs, he began to inspect what information the first memory fragment had brought to his mind?

The first memory fragment was a method for strengthening the flesh body, known simply as quenching the body!

“The flesh is the boat, the soul is the helmsman, the other shore of cultivation is on the other side of the ocean …… To reach the other rock, the flesh and the soul are indispensable, quenching the body is a cultivation method to strengthen the flesh body, divided into the body refining method and the medicinal body method, the combination of the two is more effective.”

“Fiery fire calcines the body, cold ice casts the body, iron veil grinds the body.”

Such words came up inside his mind, and Ye Xing shuddered smartly.

What was the difference between quenching the body like this and self-harm?

Finally, he finally found a method that suited him. He finally found a method that suited him and was more comfortable, namely a medicinal bath.

The characteristic of a medicinal bath is that it is not painful, but the effect is not as fast and it is particularly costly.

“Old me lacks everything, but not money.”

Ye Xing laughed out loud.

Right now, his weakest point was his body, as long as he forged his body into the physical quality of that lifetime as a soldier king, he would have no problem sweeping the city.

“Mysterious organization, mysterious beautiful woman, no matter what you are or what background you have, as long as you touch my scales, I will make you die a horrible death.”

Ye Xing carried the sack on his shoulder. He walked out of the secret room.

It was already night outside, and he had actually stayed here for a few hours.

He went down the mountain, returned to the car and put the sacks in the back seat before Ye Xing drove the car back to the city.


A certain hotel, within the vip room.

The beautiful woman was sitting on the sofa, and in front of her stood the tall bodyguard.

“Madam, Tu is dead, the entire Black Snake squad was wiped out.” The bodyguard reported.

“That kid did it?” The beautiful woman’s gaze was a little surprised.

“I think he did it alone, there was no one else on Lookout Mountain last night.” The bodyguard reported.

“Biao, what do you think of this kid, how strong is he?”

“Fine skinned and weak. Can’t take a hit, just lucky.”

“Never underestimate anyone, he was able to win with weakness, and also reunited to destroy the Black Snake squad, this is enough to show that his strength is not simple.” An unexpected smile appeared on the corner of the beautiful woman’s mouth as she mused, “I’m really wondering, this guy’s background is blank, where did he get the means to do that?”

“Could it be that he has a secret identity. Purposely pretending to be crazy and not noticed by others?” Biao said.

“That’s a big possibility, I’ve never believed in luck.” The beautiful woman said this, and with a change of tone, she asked, “By the way, is there any news about the token?”

“From the information we have pried out, it is highly likely that the person who bought the token is Lu Yuan, but our people have searched for a long time, but they have not found it. The people over at Ghost Face are also looking for it, but they haven’t found it either.” Biao said.

“Keep looking, we must find it before the people from Ghost Face’s side find it. Find the token.”

“Madam, I’ll send extra people to look for it.” Biao finished speaking and retreated.

Meiyan took out her phone and opened the photo album. On it was a picture of a woman.

If Ye Xing was here, he would definitely find that the woman was none other than Murong Xue.

Looking at the photo, Meiyan’s gaze softened. It seemed to be caught up in memories.


When she finished work in the evening, Murong Xue had just returned home, she sniffed her nose and smelled a medicinal smell.

She quickened her footprints and when she got home, she found that the smell of medicine was even stronger.

Hitting the bathroom door, she was speechless.

All she saw was an extra bathtub in the middle of the large bathroom.

This bathtub was made of tiles, as rustic as it could be, just like a water tank in the countryside.

At this moment, Ye Xing was lying in the bathtub, closing her eyes and enjoying it, the whole bathroom was filled with the strong smell of medicine, choking her and causing her to cough continuously.

“What are you doing?” Murong Xue asked.

“Taking a medicinal bath!”

“I know you’re soaking in medicine, I’m asking why you’re soaking in this.”

“Honey, I inadvertently got an ancient book today, and it says that soaking in a medicinal bath can strengthen your body. A hundred poisons will not invade and a golden spear will not fall, for the sake of your S*xual well-being in the future, I bought a big water tank back and will soak it everyday.” Ye Xing laughed heatedly.

Murong Xue’s face instantly turned red and scolded, “You soak every day, such a big medicinal smell, how can I stay in this house in the future?”

“I didn’t expect the smell to be so big either. So I decided to buy the villa next to it and use it as my gym in the future.”

Ye Xing said as he stood up.


Murong Xue let out a scream of fright and hurriedly enlightened her eyes.

“Quickly put on your clothes.” She said urgently.

Although the two were married and were husband and wife, Murong Xue had never seen his body before.

“Wife, why are you so nervous, am I not wearing clothes here?” Ye Xing laughed.

Murong Xue let go of his hand and realised that he had worn shorts when he took a bath.

“It’s been two years since you could break your fast, and you’re still taking a medicinal bath, be careful of suffocating you.”

Murong Xue scolded, before leaving the bathroom.

“The memory fragments are all turned on, does this mean the curse on me should be lifted.”

“We can tell her the truth tonight.”

For tonight, Ye Xing was endlessly looking forward to getting up.