Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 103-104

Chapter 103

“Where are you going back?” Murong Xue asked.

“Oh, I woke up just now and was a bit hungry, so I went down to have a breakfast.” Ye Xing made a random excuse.

“Really?” Murong Xue stared at him.

“Of course it’s true.”

The lie had already been told, so he could only continue to hold on with a stiff upper lip.

“I’m quite hungry too, let’s go down and find something to eat!”

Murong Xue climbed up from the bed. Take clothes to the bathroom and start changing up.

“You’re even my wife now. Do you have to go to the bathroom as far as changing your clothes?” Ye Xing was speechless.

“I won’t let you, a bad egg, look.”

Murong Xue smiled cheekily and walked into the washroom.

Only then did Ye Xing let out a sigh of relief.

When she came out, Ye Xing hurriedly ran into the washroom to brush his teeth.

For fear that Murong Xue would know, he only had to close the door as well.

“Ye Xing. I’m going down for breakfast.”

“I’ll accompany you.”

The hotel had a breakfast buffet, and when the two of them went there, it just so happened that the Zhao sisters were also there.

“What a coincidence, you guys are having breakfast too?” Haitang walked over and greeted.

“Yeah, what a coincidence.”

Ye Xing said while shooting a wink at Haitang.

Haitang was smart enough to understand instantly and returned an ok look with him.

The four of them sat at the same table.

“Didn’t you say you had breakfast?”

Murong Xue asked when she saw a plate full of things in front of Ye Xing.

“I drank too much last night, I didn’t have much appetite just now, and now I’m hungry again.”

Lying in front of the Zhao sisters. Ye Xing felt his face turning red.

If he lied to a second person, he could face not change, but lying to a woman who believed in him as much as Xue’er, he felt like he was going to hell.

Qiang Wei looked at him and gave a cold laugh.

It was a laugh, and he didn’t know what it meant.

“Ye Xing. When are you guys planning to go back?” Haitang asked.

“That would have to be asked Xue’er, a hobo like me can go back whenever.” Ye Xing laughed.

“I’ll go back after breakfast.” Murong Xue said.

“So soon!”

Haitang was very sorry and looked at Ye Xing and then at Qiang Wei, wanting to say something. In the end, nothing came out.

Last night, her sister and Ye Xing, unintentionally, slept together, which was a very good opportunity for Qiang Wei.

But Murong Xue was beside her, and it was not good for her to pry the wall.

“I still have something to do this afternoon. Otherwise I’d like to have a good time for a few days too.” Murong Xue said.

“In that case, then let’s get together again next time we have the chance!” Haitang sighed.

During the three of them chatting, Qiang Wei had not spoken the whole time, completely different from her previous personality.

A breakfast was eaten with Ye Xing on tenterhooks.

He was really afraid that something would suddenly come out of Qiang Wei’s mouth that he wouldn’t be able to answer.

Luckily, Qiang Wei had been very peaceful.

Finally. The meal was over.

“Xue’er, let’s go back to the hotel and pack our things!”

This hotel. It wasn’t where the two of them were staying, and the two of them had to go back to the Oriental Hotel to collect their things and check out.

“You wait a bit. I’ll go to the toilet first, watch my bag for me.”

Murong Xue handed her handbag to Ye Xing and walked towards the restroom.

“You slept with me last night, tell me, what do you want to do?” Rose suddenly asked.

“It was an accident okay, we were both drunk like that.” Ye Xing said back.

“You slept with me, that’s a fact, right?”

“If you hadn’t called in the middle of the night to provoke me, I would have gone down and spilled it with you.”

“Anyway. You’ll have to make it up to me.”

“Don’t even think about it, I haven’t even said I’m losing out!”

“Stop arguing, both of you.” Seeing that they were arguing, Haitang hurriedly acted as a peacemaker and said, “It’s just an accident. You were all so drunk, nothing happened, it was just a matter of sleeping in the same bed.”

“That’s easy to say, you let Luo Yang pull the hand even so sad, I don’t know how much I was touched …… by the family B*****d last night, can I eat this dumb loss?”

“Count me unlucky, say it, how do you want to compensate?” Ye Xing conceded.

“Pay for it.”

“Name a price?”

Any problem that could be solved with money was not a big problem.

“Ten billion.” Rose opened the price.

“You’re not going to rob it.”

Ye Xing’s whole body jumped up, even if he was rich, he couldn’t be pitched like this!

“To give or not to give, if not, I will tell Murong Xue later that you slept with me last night, I will see how you can explain.” Rose sneered and threatened.

“You go ahead and say it, boldly, I’ll see how you can still get married in the future.”

Ye Xing simply broke the jar, Murong Xue knew his situation anyway, surely he would not have anything with another woman.

“You’re the one who said it, don’t regret it.” Qiang Wei was also angry.

Both of them looked furious, and at this moment, Murong just walked out from inside.

Qiang Wei looked at Ye Xing and once again threatened with her gaze.

Ye Xing had a calm look.

“Mr. Mu, there is something I need to talk to you about.” Qiang Wei suddenly said.

“Qiang Wei, what do you want to say?” Murong Xue asked strangely.

She could feel that the atmosphere was a bit different.

“Last night Ye Xing couldn’t sleep and asked me to find a lady for him, I gave him a call, now I think about it I’m quite sorry for you.”

After deviating from a lie, Qiang Wei looked at Ye Xing smugly to see how he would end up.

Murong Xue’s brow furrowed as her gaze fell on Ye Xing.

“Wife, you know very well what kind of situation I am in, can you believe this?”

After thinking about it slightly, Murong Xue thought that this situation was impossible and returned, “Qiang Wei, I believe Ye Xing, he is not that kind of person, he is probably just joking with you.”

If he couldn’t touch such a lovely wife at home, he’d be D*mned if he would go out to find a woman.


Chapter 104

After returning to the Oriental Hotel, the two of them went back to their rooms to pack their things.

Just halfway through packing, a familiar figure walked in outside, and it was Ye Jiannan.


Murong Xue shouted out of habit.

“Xue’er, I want to talk to Ye Xing alone.” Ye Jiannan said.

Murong nodded and was about to leave the room when Ye Xing pulled her back.

“No need to leave, just say what you have to say!”

The current Ye Xing was no longer the foolish Ye Xing of old.

He already had nothing good to say about Ye Jiannan. There was no kinship at all in his consciousness.

If he wanted to be his own old man, he didn’t have the qualifications.

Ye Jiannan was a bit rushed, not knowing how to speak for a moment.

“I’d better go out!” Murong Xue said again.

“I said there’s no need to go out.” Ye Xing faced Ye Jiannan. Coldly, he said, “I know what you want to say, you want to tell me that you are sorry, that you are sorry, that you hope I can forgive you. But Xue’er is beside you and you can’t pull this face, thinking that you are the head of the Ye family. It’s humiliating to say this to me. In that case, you’d better not say anything, because whatever you say, I’ll treat it as if you’re farting.”

Ye Nan’s face was unspeakably ugly.

Ye Xing’s words were like a needle that stabbed at his heart.

“By the way, there is one more thing I have to remind you of. I am the son-in-law of the Murong family, which means that I am a member of the Murong family and will not have a single thing to do with your Ye family in the future.” After saying that, Ye Xing took Murong Xue’s hand, “Xue’er, let’s go.”

“Since you are not from the Ye family, why did you come up here for the anniversary celebration?” Ye Jiannan roared.

“Because I wanted to come over and have fun, have a white dinner and pretend to be a P***y by the way.”

Throwing down a mock-prickly smile, Ye Xing this pulled Murong Xue and set off.

Arriving at the car park, he returned to the car. Murong Xue couldn’t help but say, “Ah Xing, would your words just now be a bit heavy?”

“I still think it’s light!”

Ye Xing snorted coldly, started the car and whistled away.

A few hours later, Ye Xing finally returned home.

Just as he got out of the car, the phone rang, it was Lin Wei’s call.

“Wife, you go in first, I’ll take a call.”

Ye Xing walked to the side and answered the phone.

“Ye Xing. We received news that Tu might be in Huaijiang.” Lin Wei said seriously.

“Do you know the exact location?” Ye Xing’s gaze flashed with a murderous aura.

This Tu, who had almost killed him twice, was a debt he had always kept in mind.

Having such a time bomb around him had always made him uneasy in his heart.

“I don’t know, but I want you to be careful, he couldn’t kill you twice, so he will definitely continue to look for opportunities to do it.” Lin Wei admonished.

“This time, I’m afraid he won’t have a chance.”

After hanging up the phone. Ye Xing entered the room.

Murong Xue asked, “Whose phone call was that just now?”

“A friend’s.” Ye Xing casually returned.

“By the way, did you say the rosary today?” Murong Xue asked.

“Not yet, I was just about to go into my room to recite!”

He had been busy all day today, he didn’t have much time at all.

After entering his room, Ye Xing began to recite the Sutra of the Three Worlds of Cause and Effect.

Any kind of behaviour, after a long time. It would all become a habit.

Now, Ye Xing felt that something was missing even if he didn’t recite the sutra for a day.

After he finished reciting, he opened his phone and looked at the calendar.

More than a month had pa*sed since his rebirth.

It was fine if he didn’t look at the calendar, but when he did, his heart grew fearful again, fearing when death would come.

If there were no attachments, it would be fine. But now, he had taken an interest in this rebirth. He didn’t want to die yet.

“Wife, I’m going out for a body building.”

After eating dinner, Ye Xing said.

“Then you go. Come back early.”

Ye Xing drove and headed towards the gym.

I don’t know if it was his heart playing tricks on him, but he always felt that someone seemed to be following him.

This person’s stalking tactics were very sophisticated even if it was him, he did not feel sure.

When he was halfway through the drive, suddenly, the phone rang.

“You’re Ye Xing, right?”

On the other side of the phone, a familiar voice came.

It was only after a long time that Ye Xing remembered, wasn’t this woman the one he had met at the gold shop that day, the one who looked very similar to Murong Xue?

“May I ask who you are?” Ye Xing asked.

“There is a cafe on the left, see?”

“Hai Chao?”

“That’s right. First floor, private room.”

After saying that, the other party hung up the phone.

Ye Xing parked his car by the road and walked up with big strides.

Just after he went upstairs, he saw the bodyguard who had shot and forced back that Silver Killer on the road that day. It stood like a mountain.

“Come with me.”

His voice was very cold and without a trace of anger.

Under his leadership, Ye Xing entered a private box where the beautiful woman seemed to have been waiting for a long time.

“You are looking for me?” Ye Xing stepped forward and asked without being condescending.

“Leave Murong Xue.” The beauty woman said.


“If you don’t leave her, you will only harm him.” The beautiful woman stared at him, her gaze carrying a very powerful pressure. “That killer has already come to Huaijiang, and with his methods, you won’t survive more than three days.”

“You’re that sure?” Ye Xing’s eyes mimicked.

“I’ve checked your bottom, although I don’t know why you know martial arts, and I’ve also heard that you went to abolish the Chen family single-handedly, but this time you will definitely die. Because he’s a viper with a 100 percent mission completion rate, you’re no match for him.” The beautiful woman continued.

“What organisation is Tu from?” Ye Xing stared at him and continued to ask, “And what power are you from, you seem to know each other, don’t you?”

“Don’t ask so much, you just need to leave Murong Xue.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”

Ye Xing finished his sentence, turned around, and left with big steps.

The tall bodyguard took a step forward and blocked his way.

In front of this bodyguard, Ye Xing looked much thinner and weaker.

“Get out of the way.” Ye Xing roared.

“Ah Biao, let him go.” The beautiful woman commanded.

Only then did the bodyguard make a way.

Ye Xing turned back and said coldly, “You said I wouldn’t survive more than three days, just wait and see, you guys are not easy and don’t think I’m a soft touch.”

Throwing down these words, he raised his head and left.

Back in the car, Ye Xing lay dazed in the car.

The beautiful woman’s words had deeply irritated her.

She could not even protect the woman beside her, when had she fallen into such a state.

“Old me doesn’t care what organisation you are, as long as you want to touch me, you won’t end up well.”

With a cold glint in his eyes, Ye Xing started his car and headed towards the gym.

As soon as he started, a Volkswagen car behind him quietly followed behind.

This time, he was solidly aware that someone was indeed following him.

Looking at the situation, it was highly likely that it was someone sent by the killer.

“Want to play, right, I’ll play with you.”

Ye Xing’s eyes showed a murderous aura as he started his car and headed towards the suburbs.