Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 101-102

Chapter 101

Just as they walked into the bar, the powerful music shook the two of them to their ears.

“Mr. Ye and Miss Murong are it?”

A waiter came over and asked politely, after seeing Ye Xing nod, he continued, “Sister Rose is in the VIP room, this way please.”

Following behind the waiter, he went upstairs.

“Inside, please.” The waiter pushed open the private room.

There were a dozen young men and women sitting inside, a few of whom Ye Xing had met with Lu Yuan Racing that night.

Rose and Begonia were among them.

“Why are you so late, punish two cups.”

Qiang Wei poured two gla*ses of beer and came over.

Ye Xing took it and drank it all in one go. The two cups were instantly at the bottom.

“Cool, come and sit down.”

Qiang Wei welcomed the two men and shouted to the surrounding people, “This is Big Boss Ye, the most bullying figure in the entire Guangnan Province. Let me tell you guys. If you guys hug his thighs, you’ll fly straight to the sky.”

When she came, Qiang Wei didn’t know what she had said in front of these people, and all of them had fire in their gazes.

Especially those young ladies, all of them had fiery eyes and they wanted to pounce over.

“Boss Ye, I’ll drink to you.”

A young lady with a pair of long white legs walked over. Smiling, she said.

“Miss Lily, don’t remember being so rusty, just call me Xing.”

“So you still remember me, I thought you forgot.” Lily giggled.

“Miss Lily is a barrister, how could I have forgotten.” Ye Xiong laughed.

She was the one who had made the contract with Lu Yuan in the first place.

“Handsome brother, my name is Shishi, here’s to you.”

“Handsome brother, my name is Mei Mei, I would like to have a drink with you, I don’t know if I will appreciate your face.”

“Handsome brother, my name is Lulu ……”

Next, a group of pretty young ladies, one by one, gathered around and toasted to Ye Xing, not caring at all that Murong Xue was next to them.

After a few cups, Murong Xue looked a bit dismayed and kicked Ye Xing.

“I can kind of see, Qiang Wei let you guys do this didn’t she?” After a few gla*ses of wine, Ye Xing was a little tipsy.

This body was really weak, it was only a few gla*ses of wine and he was already a bit confused.

In another life, these few gla*ses of wine would not have been enough to quench his thirst!

It was no wonder, Ye Xing’s body was that of a fool who had never had a drink before. Naturally, his immunity to alcohol was poor.

“No, it’s us who wanted to get to know Boss Ye.”

“Sister Qiangwei, she didn’t ask us to do that.”

Several of the young ladies denied it.

“Alright, you guys stop it, if you make any more noise Ye Xing will get drunk.”

Haitang stood up at the right time and relieved Ye Xing.

Only then did Ye Xing notice Haitang, she was sitting in the corner, very low profile and not conspicuous.

Her personality was the same as Murong Xue’s, both did not like such occasions very much and tried not to drink as much as they could.

Next to Haitang sits a young man, dressed in a suit. Wearing a pair of gla*ses, he was low-key and introverted.

When he saw Ye Xing looking at him, he nodded, politely.

“This is my boyfriend, Luo Yang, who works in international trade.” Haitang introduced.

Ye Xing poured a gla*s of wine, stood up and walked over to Luo Yang.

Luo Yang thought he was going to make a toast and stood up to return the salute.

“Boss Ye, I’ll drink to that first.” Luo Yang drank it all in one go.

After drinking, he found that Ye Xing did not drink at all, and a pair of eyes stared at him coldly.

“You can get lost.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

“Boss Ye, I don’t quite understand. What do you mean by that?” Luo Yang accompanied him with a smile.

“Do you still want me to tell you about the ugly things you did abroad?”

Luo Yang was still smiling and his smile gradually froze.

“Boss Ye, is there some misunderstanding between us?”

“Morley Manor, Paradise Party, do I need to say more?” Ye Xing said coldly.

Three years ago, when Red Dragon was on a mission in a European country, he had infiltrated an estate that was holding a disgusting party.

Luo Yang acted as a middleman. He had contacted a dozen of beautiful, vain young girls in the country to attend a party like that, where everyone was available.

If he hadn’t been on a mission at the time, Red Dragon would have definitely scrapped this scum.

I never thought that this B*****d could survive until now, and even transformed himself into Zhao Haitang’s boyfriend.

Luo Yang’s face instantly turned ugly.

However, the blush quickly flickered away as he said indifferently, “Boss Ye, I respect you, but if you want to install any trumped up charges on me, I will never admit it. Getting Haitang’s favour. I am then destined to bear a lot of slander.”

Luo Yang still appeared to be courteous and generous, so that Ye Xing would be apparently jealous of the villain.

“Ye Xing, what did you mean by your words just now?” Haitang asked suspiciously.

“Three years ago. He organised women from the country to go to foreign countries to become peripheral girls, and to put it in a bad way, he was a chicken head.”

Originally, for the sake of Haitang’s face, he didn’t want to reveal the other party’s identity. He didn’t expect the other party to bite back.

“Son of a b*tch, I knew you were no good, I’ll get you killed.”

Qiang Wei jumped up from her seat and walked over with big steps, about to make a move.

Ye Xing stopped her with one hand and said, “Let Haitang decide for herself.”

“Haitang, you know best what kind of person I am, how could I be that kind of person.” Luo Yang said to Haitang in a hurry.

The two had known each other for almost a year.

It was only recently that she had agreed to go out with herself.

With their two-year friendship, Haitang had only met Ye Xing twice, so how could she trust him over herself.

Haitang looked at Ye Xing and then at Luo Yang.

“Luo Yang, you go.”

“You’re letting me go?”

Luo Yang could hardly believe his ears, “You’ve only met three times, we’ve known each other for two years, and you actually believe him and not me?”

“From the first moment I saw him, I knew he was an open-minded person. With his status and position. Who are you to allow him to slander you?”

“He has taken a fancy to you and is jealous of me.” Luo Yang roared.

“Get the hell out of here!”

Rose jumped over and flew up with a kick, knocking Luo Yang to the ground.

“You have ten seconds to get out of here, or else I’ll report you and get at least five years for your crime.”

“If you think you’re innocent, you can stay here. Ten. Nine, eight ……”

Ye Xing stared at him with a gleaming gaze and began to count.

Luo Yang’s face was ugly as he stood frozen in place and hesitated.

When Ye Xing counted to four, he could no longer bear such a great pressure and turned around to leave the box.

He left, proving a weak heart.

“F*ck you.”

Qiang Wei grabbed the table top, a beer, and smashed it hard on the back of Luo Yang’s head.

Luo Yang covered the back of his head and looked back at Qiang Wei fiercely, before he left reluctantly.

The crowd’s eyes fell on Haitang and found her blushing hard.

“Good sister, don’t be sad, isn’t it better to recognise that B*****d’s true colours, you didn’t suffer anyway.” Rose said soothingly.

“Sister, I’ve suffered a loss.”

Haitang hugged her and whimpered.

“Didn’t you say that you hadn’t been touched by him?” Rose blushed profusely.


Chapter 102

“My hand was pulled by him.” Haitang said sadly.

Rose patted her chest and said, “I was shocked, I thought you had taken a blood from him, it’s just a hand pull, it’s nothing.”

“I feel dirty to have had my hand pulled by him.”

The thought of the other man being like that made Haitang want to vomit.

“Never mind him, let’s drink.”

Qiang Wei pulled her into the crowd and started playing.

“Ye Xing, come here, together.” Qiang Wei shouted.

“You guys play, I can’t hold my liquor.” Ye Xing shook her head, “I won’t even be able to find my way back later.”

“And go back, my a*s. I’ve already asked someone to reserve a room, it’s on the eighth floor of the hotel next door, I’ve booked the whole floor.”

Whether he agreed or not, Rose pulled him over. He sat down in the middle of the crowd.

It was hard to refuse his hospitality, and Murong Xue could not say anything, so the two of them sat down in the middle of the crowd.

After three rounds of wine, Ye Xing was already a bit confused and could not escape even though he tried to do so several times.

Murong Xue helped him to drink a few gla*ses, but in the end, he could not carry a woman of wine like Qiang Wei.

“It’s late, let’s go back first.” Ye Xing was ready to slip away.

“Ye Xing, are you still a man!” Qiang Wei cursed.

“I’m not a man. It’s still a boy!” Ye Xing said back.

“Married and still a boy, hell yes.” Lily giggled.

“What he means is that it’s still a boy today.” A young lady laughed.

“Tell you guys, Laozi to is still a boy.” Ye Xing pulled Murong Xue to a halt and said, “Wife, tell them, am I a boy or not?”

“Ye Xing, you’re drunk, let’s go back!” Murong Xue was dizzy and tired, she just wanted to go back early.

“Sister, it’s late, we should go.” Haitang said.

“It’s no fun to drink, you guys go away, I’ll continue.”

Qiang Wei waved her hand with a very unhappy look.

Ye Xing didn’t care if she was high or not, if he stayed any longer, he felt that he couldn’t even walk steadily.

He pulled Murong Xue and left the bar with Haitang leading him to the hotel next door for accommodation.

“This is your room, go in quickly and rest!” When they reached the hotel, Haitang opened the room and said.

“Haitang, thank you so much.”

“I should be thanking you a lot. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known Luo Yang’s true face.”

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

Ye Xing helped Murong Xue into her room and locked the door behind her before she went to bed.


Early the next morning, Ye Xing woke up in a ghostly manner.

Casually, he touched a soft body.

His hand instinctively reached into the other party’s clothes.


A scream rang out.

Before Ye Xing could react, he was pushed out of bed.

“Xue’er, early in the morning, what are you doing?”

Ye Xing opened his drowsy sleepy eyes and looked at the woman in the bed.


This time, it was his turn to scream.

The woman in the bed was actually not Murong Xue, but …… Rose.

This also meant that the one who slept with him last night. It was Qiang Wei.

What he touched just now was also Rose.

What the hell is going on here.

Ye Xing was blinded, wasted his brain, and finally remembered.

Last night, after he went back to his room with Murong Xue, Qiang Wei called him and used the agitation method to make him continue.

She said that he would have one drink and she would have three.

Ye Xing originally did not want to go, but the other party was really bullying him too much, so he finally could not restrain himself and went down and drank with her.

Even if he was a poor drinker. If he drank three gla*ses at a time, he would still be able to dry up Qiang Wei.

As for how he ended up back here, and how he slept with Qiang Wei, he didn’t remember anything, his memory was fractured.

Ye Xing hurriedly checked his clothes and was relieved to see that they were still intact.

It seemed that he had only slept in the same bed and cuddled and touched. Nothing of substance had happened.

“What an attitude you have, I haven’t said I’ve suffered a loss!” Rose couldn’t help but curse.

This guy, just now, had actually put his hand inside.

This was what she knew after she woke up, and as for how much of a loss she had suffered last night while sleeping, God only knew.

Just thinking about it gave her the urge to spurt blood.

“Don’t tell anyone about what happened last night or I’ll get you killed.” Rose warned viciously.

“And I’m asking you not to tell anyone, in case someone finds out that I slept with a bent woman, I won’t even be able to jump into the river.”

“You’re the one who’s bent. Your whole family is bent.” Rose cursed.

“I don’t care about you.”

Ye Xing hurriedly left and prepared to go back to his room.

Hopefully Murong Xue was still awake, otherwise if she knew that she hadn’t come back to bed last night, she didn’t know how to explain it properly.

Just pulling open the room. There was a figure standing in front of him.

Both eyes met and they were startled.

“What are you ……”

Haitang pointed at Ye Xing and then at Qiang Wei, wondering if she was mistaken.

“Sister. Don’t think about it, it’s not what you think.” Qiangwei said in a hurry.

“Begonia, so your sister is not bent, it tastes pretty good.”

Ye Xing licked his lips and looked as if he could not finish his meal and raised his head.

“Ye Xing, don’t talk nonsense.” Qiang Wei was almost so angry that she spat blood.

She wanted to say something else, but unfortunately Ye Xing had already run far away.

Hai Tang walked into the room and closed the door behind him, looking around before finally landing his eyes on the scattered bed.

There were two dent marks on the bed, close together, and it was clear that the two had slept close together earlier, almost cuddling.

“Begonia, don’t get any ideas. We got very drunk last night and then, somehow, we slept together.”

Rose stretched her hands, also very speechless.

“Didn’t Ye Xing go to bed in his room early, so why is he here?” Haitang asked curiously.

“After you guys went back, I was not without a rival here, so I asked Ye Xing to come down.”

“With that amount of wine that Ye Xing has, you can get drunk too?”

“One drink for him. I’ll drink three cups.”

Haitang didn’t know what to say about her, and her eyes fell on her face, suddenly looking at her steadily.

“Why are you looking at me like that, I’ve said it was an accident, do you think your sister is that casual a woman?” Rose hastened to explain.

“Sis, you’re not angry.”

“Can I be angry, my lungs are about to burst.”

Haitang shook her head before continuing, “You were angry, but you weren’t upset.”

If a different man had been so close to him, Rose would probably have killed the other man.

Even if she didn’t kill, she would have at least nullified the other man from being a man.

It was a trait she hated in men.

But this time, she didn’t.

It was as if Kaito had discovered a new world.

“Who says I’m not sad, you think everyone is like you, putting sadness on your face.”

“Don’t bother with you, I’m going to the bathroom.”

Watching Rose go to the toilet, Begonia was thoughtful.


Ye Xing went to his room, took his room card and gently dripped it.

Pushing the door in, he saw Murong Xue was still asleep in bed and not yet awake.

He sighed with relief and tiptoed to the bedside.

“Where are you going and coming back?”

Murong Xue suddenly opened her eyes and looked at him with a gleaming gaze.

The momentary opening of his eyes almost scared Ye Xing out of his wits.