Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1

“Ye Xing, you raised your trousers and didn’t recognise anyone, didn’t you?”

On the third floor gallery of the inpatient department, a young girl stared resentfully at a man in a hospital gown in front of her.

The man’s gaze was dull, staring at the sky through the window gla*s.

“One hundred and thirty-three times.” The man muttered.

“What 1303 times?” The young girl asked.

The man’s gaze fell on the young girl and said, “Zhao Xiaofang, it wasn’t me who slept with you.”

“The one who slept with me wasn’t you, was it a dog?” The young girl was instantly furious.

“It was me, the body, that slept with you, but not me, the soul, the soul that slept with you is dead, I am a different soul.” The man returned.

“Is this the new scum breakup quote?”

“I’ve been cursed and have been reborn 1303 times, and each rebirth doesn’t live more than two years at most, and one day at least ……”

“Cut the bullSh*t with me, I’m just asking you, do you not want to be responsible?” The young girl interrupted him.

“I am a person who could die at any time.”

“Ye Xing, I kind of see through you, you are the scummiest, scummiest, scummiest man in this world.”

A tear welled up inside the young girl’s eyes, and she turned around and left.

Suddenly, there was a small poof sound from behind.

“You turn around and look.” The man shouted.

The young girl turned around and covered her mouth in shock.

The man who had been talking to her properly a moment ago now had a nail flying out of nowhere in his head, and blood was gushing out.

“For the 1304th time, the fastest death record was broken, surviving one hour and three minutes ……”

Before the man’s eyes, a boundless darkness fell.


Huaijiang City, Murong Family Compound, back garden.

Murong Xue walked into the garden and looked at the back of the man who was crouching on the ground watching ants fight, and her heart drifted off.

This man had a handsome appearance, but unfortunately was a fool.

Back then, when the Murong family’s industry was in crisis, they asked the Ye family for help. At that time, the Ye family only had one request, that Murong Xue marry their youngest son, Ye Xing.

Ye Xing was a foolish boy who had a serious illness as a child, and after a high fever, was burned out of his brain.

Murong Xue is a famous beauty in Huaijiang City, with suitors like a carp in a river.

In order to save the Murong family, Murong Xue willingly married this foolish man.

The wedding banquet bombarded the whole Huaijiang and was called the most ridiculous wedding in Huaijiang.

“Cousin, what is there to see in a fool, the guests are starting to arrive, why don’t you go and receive them, in a moment grandma will not be happy.”

A person came up behind her, around twenty years old, vigorous looking, with all the aura of youth.

His features were exquisite, not at all inferior to Murong Xue’s.

“I’ll be right over.” Murong Xue had just taken a few steps out when she turned around and warned, “Ruo Bing, don’t bully Ye Xing, got it?”

“He’s my cousin’s husband, how could I bully him, go now!”

After Murong Xue left, Jiang Ruobing walked over to the man and squatted down, looking at the ants on the ground and asked.

“Silly man, what are you looking at?” Jiang Ruobing asked.

“The fool is watching the ants fight.” Ye Xing said back.

“So the fool is watching the ants fight …… bah bah, you’re the fool.”

Jiang Ruobing suddenly found that he did not scold himself with these words.

Ye Xing glanced at her obliquely out of the corner of his eye, to this cousin, lazy to pay attention to her.

It had been three days since the 1304th rebirth, and for these three days Ye Xing had been watching ants every day and thinking about the meaning of being alive.

Finally came to a conclusion: to live, is to F**k.

He had been the richest man in the world, had dozens of wives, and was finally stabbed to death, with his money and wives not knowing which of the eight kings had been cheap.

He was the strongest doctor.

He was the best soldier.

He was the school bully.

No matter how awesome he was, in the end, he could not escape the curse of fate, he would die within two years.

In that case, it would be better to just be a fool.

How good it was to be a fool, to be clothed and fed, not having to use his brain, not having to work, living like a salted fish.

“Silly, today is grandma’s fiftieth birthday, from now on, you are not allowed to speak, don’t answer anything others ask, got it?”

Ye Xing had no idea how many jokes she had made with one mouth, which was why Jiang Ruobing had admonished.

Although she knew herself that if she said anything, this fool would turn around and forget about it.

“You know what, these ants can talk.” Ye Xing said.

“Oh, what do they say?”

Coming from a fool’s mouth, Jiang Ruobing wasn’t surprised at all.

“They said they didn’t want to see you and told you to get lost.”

“You ……”

Jiang Ruobing stood up haughtily and pointed at his nose to curse something, but finally couldn’t curse anything.

“Too lazy to talk to you fool, anyway, it’s cousin who married you, it’s her who suffers, not me.”

Throwing down these words, Jiang Ruobing left with big strides.

Before leaving, she muttered to herself, “This fool, why does he seem to be a bit different today.”

Murong Xue.

Ye Xing recited this woman’s name in his mind.

After searching his memory, he had some admiration for this woman.

Since marrying Ye Xing, there were countless gossips around her, and many people had advised her to divorce and remarry.

Now that the Murong family had risen again, and was not even weaker than the Ye family, she was not afraid even if she backtracked.

Every time Murong Xue heard these words, she just laughed and fled.

When someone asks for urgency, she always smiles lightly: I took an oath, as long as the Ye family helps the Murong family to tide over its difficulties, I will be a member of the Ye family for the rest of my life.

It is not easy for a woman, with her stunning beauty, high education and numerous famous sons and daughters to pursue her, to remain true to her original heart and keep her promise.

The two had not yet consummated their marriage, and as a fool Ye Xing simply would not.

Such a woman, if Ye Xing is not going to die at any time, perhaps there is still a possibility to develop a little with her.

The more Murong Xue was a rare woman in the world, the more Ye Xing could not do so.

He would die within two years, and by then Murong Xue would be able to remarry and not have to live with a fool for the rest of her life.

As the day grew dark, Ye Xing stood up, stretched and went back to his room.

Along the way, guests arrived one after another, and as each pa*sed him, their eyes could not help but look at him with ridicule in their gaze.

Others laughed at me for being too crazy top, I laughed at its people for not being able to see through.

To such gazes, Ye Xing chose to simply ignore them and returned to his room.

Just after pushing open the door to his room, he saw a slippery back, but it was his own wife changing her clothes.

A blush appeared on Murong Xue’s face, although the other party was her nominal husband and wife, or a fool, she was still a little uncomfortable exposing her body in front of a man.

After quickly getting dressed, Murong Xue found a set of clothes from inside the wardrobe and put them on the bed.

“Ye Xing, take a bath and change into these clothes!”

“No change, I like this.” Ye Xing said back.

“You’ll lose the Ye family’s face with these clothes.” Murong Xue looked at his mud-covered clothes and said.

“It’s disgraceful to you!”


Chapter 2

“Haven’t I lost enough face to you, what am I afraid of?” Murong Xue suddenly roared in agitation.

As far as Ye Xing could remember, Murong Xue rarely yelled like this, and this was the first time.

“Sister, you scolded me.” Ye Xing immediately burst into tears.

For an actor who had been an international superstar, the crying scene was too easy.

“I’m sorry, sister didn’t mean to do it.”

“You just did it on purpose.”

“Sister really didn’t mean it, your clothes are so dirty, grandma won’t be happy to see it and won’t allow you to eat candy when the time comes.” Murong Xue snapped out of it, what was the point of fighting with a fool.

“I want to eat candy.”

“After the bath, sister will give you candy.”

“I want to eat candy now.” Ye Xing shook his head repeatedly.

“If you don’t obey me again sister is going to get angry.” Murong Xue deliberately made a stern face.

“Can I take a bath and eat candy at the same time?”

“No way.”

Ye Xing took his clothes and walked into the bathroom, searching inside his mind for some more memories.

After the record of the shortest rebirth was broken, Ye Xing was more sad than dead, and didn’t even bother to think about the memories.

All he wanted to do now was to be a salted fish that muddled through.

Ye Xing relied on Murong Xue the most.

Murong Xue married into the Ye family and lived in the Ye family for a while. She found that all the brothers in the Ye family looked down on Ye Xing, bullying and suppressing him in all kinds of ways. She really did not want her husband to be trampled underfoot like rotten mud, and finally requested that Ye Xing be made a son-in-law.

The Ye family, with three sons and no shortage of heritage, agreed, and thus Ye Xing became the Murong family’s son-in-law.

After taking a bath, changing his clothes and coming out of the bathroom, Murong Xue looked at him, a little lost in thought.

When he didn’t speak, when he didn’t have an expression, what a fine man he was!

Tall, handsome and imposing.

How good would it be if he wasn’t a fool?

“Sister, where’s the sugar?” Ye Xing asked with a grin.

Looking at him with a giggle, Murong Xue sighed and took out a lollipop from inside the drawer and held it in her hand.

“Ye Xing, I can give you candy, but you have to promise sister one request.”


“Later at the banquet, whatever people say to you, you ignore them, don’t say anything, and do everything I tell you.”

“Sister, I’ll do everything you say.”

As soon as Ye Xing snatched the lollipop, he unwrapped it and put it into his mouth.


At seven o’clock in the evening, all sorts of big shots from Jianghuai City came to the mansion and sent congratulatory gifts.

Old Mrs. Murong is already eighty years old, but still in very good spirits.

The Murong family empire had been created by Old Mrs Murong.

Although when Murong Bei was forty years old, Old Mrs Murong had already handed over the Murong family’s estate to her son in full, whenever he encountered problems that he could not solve, Murong Bei would seek advice from his old mother to tide over the difficulties.

Back then, when the Murong family was pitted against each other and its capital chain was broken, Murong Bei was at his wits’ end. In the end, it was Old Mrs Murong who facilitated the wedding of Murong Xue and Ye Xing, and received the support of the Ye family to tide over the difficult times.

Although she has reached her eightieth birthday, Old Mrs Murong still holds a pivotal position in the Murong family.

The eldest daughter, Murong Lan, is married to a medium and the youngest daughter, Murong Xue, is married to the foolish son of the Ye family.

A steady stream of guests brought congratulatory gifts to the old lady Murong to wish her a happy birthday.

When Murong Xue and Ye Xing entered the lobby, they immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Ye Xing looked at Murong Xue and although she acted calmly, he could still tell that she was still somewhat repulsed by these occasions.

Who would want their husband, to be treated like a fool.

“Xue’er, long time no see.”

A svelte man in a grey suit appeared in front of the two, his eyes lit up as he landed on Murong Xue, he could barely move his gaze, and Ye Xing beside him was directly ignored by him.

“Chen Bowen, so it’s you, when did you return to China?” Murong Xue asked indifferently.

“Father said that Mrs. Murong’s birthday, I rushed over to see you, we haven’t seen each other for more than two years, I didn’t expect you to get prettier and prettier, I didn’t get married for you, but so far.”

To Ye Xing, this fool, Chen Bowen did not restrain himself at all, nakedly expressing his love to Murong Xue.

“Bowen, I am already a married person, please speak with more respect.” Murong Xue’s face came down coldly.

Talking like this in front of her husband was too disrespectful, she simply didn’t give any face at all.

“This marriage of yours is the same as not getting married, you and I know it by heart.” Chen Bowen gave Ye Xing a contemptuous look and continued, “I have just pa*sed my PhD thesis, several large companies in China want to hire me, I specifically chose Huaijiang’s company, you should understand my purpose for doing so, I don’t mind that you are divorced.”

“Bowen, I repeat, I am married.”

“Married can be divorced, I don’t care.”

“Chen Bowen, please respect yourself.” Murong Xue started to get angry.

“I don’t believe it, you keep a fool and have no physical needs.”

Murong Xue had repeatedly put up with her, but she did not expect the other party to get an inch to this point.

Chen Bowen raised the wine gla*s in his hand and said to Ye Xing, “Fool, your wife will be mine from now on.”

Ye Xing did not say anything, and when his red wine gla*s hit his lips, he suddenly threw a punch.

This punch directly hit Chen Bowen’s hand that was holding the wine gla*s.


Chen Bowen instantly screamed miserably.

The gla*s shattered and countless gla*s shards stuck in his face, mixed with red wine, and it was impossible to tell whether it was blood or red wine.

Ye Xing pounced on him, like a fierce tiger, and in three or two strokes, he was knocked to the ground.

A combination of punches went down, and Chen Bowen was instantly bruised and swollen, his face completely disfigured.

If someone hadn’t come over to pull him, Ye Xing could have beaten him to death.

The whole room was startled and people from all around gathered around.

The ones pulling Ye Xing were two tall men who were still almost holding him down.

“Stop it for me.” A loud shout came.

Murong North cut through the shadows of people and came to the spot where the incident happened, bellowing, “What’s going on?”

“Murong Bei, your stupid son-in-law beat me up like this, I tell you, this matter is not over.” Chen Bowen bellowed.

Murong North looked at Murong Xue’s body and said angrily, “I told you a thousand times to keep an eye on this fool, how could you let him hit someone, shame on you?”

“Dad, Ye Xing didn’t do anything wrong.” Murong Xue stood out and blocked in front of Ye Xing.

“He even hit someone, and you still say he was right, have you married a fool and become foolish yourself?” Murong Bei roared.

Today was the old lady’s 80th birthday, the day of the birthday was most taboo to see blood, Ye Xing hit someone in front of countless guests, and even ruined someone’s face, it was simply a disgrace to the Murong family, how could Murong Bei not be angry.

Murong Xue’s eyes were red and tears were welling up in her eyes.

She didn’t mind how others scolded Ye Xing, but he was her own father!

Even her father had called her son-in-law a fool, how could Ye Xing still behave in the future, how could she hold up her head as a human being?

“Dad, if it wasn’t for Ye Xing, do you think the Murong family would still be so prosperous?” Murong Xue said loudly.

It was only when Ye Xing became the son-in-law of the family that the Ye family promised the Murong family to tide over the difficult times, without Ye Xing, the Murong family would have fallen long ago.


Being refuted by his daughter in public, Murong Bei felt his majesty was provoked and slapped him fiercely.