Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 197

Song Wan Yue picked out three different pairs of silver earrings and three silver bracelets, and also bought three jewellery boxes for the guys to put them in.

Song Si paid the silver.

Gu Yi reacted with hindsight that he had said the wrong thing, and sat honestly on one side until he saw the two men taking the jewellery boxes to leave, and hurriedly got up, “Little girl, you help me pick a bracelet too.”

Song Wan Yue thought he was going to give it to Madam Gu and picked out a gold one for him, Gu Yi shook her head, “I want a silver one.”

Song Wan Yue was puzzled, but she also helped him pick a heavier one. Gu Yi also asked the staff to put it in the jewellery box, and once again took out the thousand taels of silver cheque to pay.

Seeing that he was paying with a thousand taels of silver, the servant’s attitude became even more enthusiastic, “Sir, we have some new products in the shop these two days, do you want to take a look again?”

“No, that’s it.”

The servant went to the back account room and found the silver ticket and gave it to him.

Gu Yi tucked it away nervously and took the jewellery box himself.

It was harder to buy things for Song Lin’s few people, buy clothes, Xu’s women’s red was good and the clothes made were not worse than those in the shop at all, the shoes were the same, nothing else was available.

“Why don’t we buy a good wine to take back when we get back to the county, grandpa and the others will be very happy.” Song Wangyue suggested.

Song Si thought it would be fine, “Let’s go, go home.”

No one spoke on the way, and when they arrived home, Song Wangyue was about to sneak off to her room when Song Si shouted, “Come here, you two.”

Song Wangyue’s spine stiffened and she turned her head to give Gu Yi a fierce glare.

Gu Yi was so baffled by the glare that he didn’t even dare to open his mouth after leaving the jewellery shop for fear that he might say the wrong thing again.

Song Si sat down and placed the jewellery box on the table, “Tell me, what exactly did you guys come and do during these few days of my absence?”

Gu Yi then understood why Song Wan Yue was glaring at him and shrank his neck, barely letting his heart show his weakness, “Brother don’t misunderstand, that day it was because little girl was making pills at home, I had nothing to do, so I took Xiao Si out for a stroll, I saw that gold hairpin was very pretty, so I thought of buying it for little girl, but I was afraid she wouldn’t like it, so I took her over to have a look. ”

Song Wan Yue nodded her head in agreement, nodding like a chicken pecking rice.

Song Si looked at them suspiciously.

The two’s little bodies were flush and straight, their faces not red and their hearts not weak.

“No really?”

Both nodded in unison.

“I’ll believe you guys for once, but if I find out later what you’ve been doing behind my back these past few days, see how I’ll clean you up.”


The next morning, the landlord came over and after looking at everything, and seeing that there was no damage, he converted the rice, flour and oil they had used over the past few days, and added the room charges together, lamenting that they had not stayed longer, “Why didn’t you wait until the red list was issued before you left?”

That way, he could have earned a few more days of room fees. It wasn’t that he was greedy, but the students who rented in the past were all like that. If they were on the list, they would give him more.

Song Si gave him the money, and didn’t let him find the extra few hundred wens, “I’ve been out for so many days, I’m homesick.”

The boys carried the things to the carriage and several people left in the carriage.

The landlord stayed behind to clean up and was just halfway through when he heard footsteps in the courtyard. He thought it was Song Si and the others who had gone and returned, so he hurriedly came out of the house, only to see it was Sun Jin.

“Young Master Sun, you’re checking out too?”

“What check-out, I’m here to find someone, where is the person who lives here?”


Sun Jin was a little incredulous, unless those particularly poor students who didn’t have extra money to pay for the inn would go home right after the exams. But anyone whose family was slightly better off would wait until the red list came out to see if they had a ranking before leaving.

“No, I’ve just left not too long ago, and I’m cleaning the house here.”

Sun Jin turned around and walked out, and when he got into the carriage, he sharply ordered the coachman to go after him, but he didn’t catch up with him even after he reached the city gate.

At the same time, the two boys protecting Mr. and Mrs. Huang Gao appeared, “Master Huang, our young master and Miss Song left the capital early this morning, and specially asked us to come and deliver a message to you.”

“Why have they left? We are still waiting for ……”

Huang Gao didn’t finish his sentence and took out the 40,000 taels of silver tickets he had sold from his own possession and handed them to the woman, “Quickly, quickly, quickly, tell them to bring it over to your nobleman.”

The woman took it over and the two boys took a step back in unison, “Miss Song said that since she taught you two the snow maiden and ice skin mooncakes, the recipe is yours and the silver from the sale naturally goes to you. She also told me to tell you two that if there was nothing else, you had better leave the capital today.”

“This ……”

The two boys exited the courtyard, turned on their horses and beat them away.

The woman had to take the silver ticket and go into the house.

A quarter of an hour later, she came out of the house again, went to hire a carriage, asked the coachman to carry the yellow cake to the carriage, taking nothing else with her but two thin quilts, and hung the lock vainly on the gate.

About two quarters of an hour later, Mr. Qin came over in a fury with his men, threw the lock on the ground and barged into the courtyard in a fury, searching inside and outside the house, but no one was in sight.


The first thing you need to do is to get to the county town two and a half days later, and Song Wan Yue directed the coachman to the wine shop where she and Song San Xiao bought their wine.

The shopkeeper still remembered her, not because he had a good memory, but Song Sanxiao was always stingy when she came to buy wine, and had to haggle over the price of a catty of wine, but Song Wangyue bought two catties in one breath without blinking, “Little girl, are you still buying the best wine today?”

Song Wan Yue nodded her head, “Yes, how many catties is your best jar of wine?”

“Five catties.”

“Give me a small jar.”

The shopkeeper was overjoyed and immediately ordered his mate to carry a small jar over, “Fifteen taels a jin, five jins is seventy-five taels, the girl is an acquaintance, I’ll let you have one tael and give you seventy-four taels.”

Song Si thought he had heard wrong, he clearly remembered his family saying that he had bought three taels a catty.

“Seventy-four taels.”

Song Si heard it clearly this time and looked at Song Wan Yue, seeing her smiling ingratiatingly towards him, he knew she had lied to the family, and wanted to say something to her, but then thought that if she told the family that it was fifteen taels a catty, they would be too distressed to sleep.

In the end, he didn’t say anything, and took out the silver ticket to pay the bill, and only after he got on the carriage did he give her a punitive tap on the forehead, “Big brother knows you’re doing it for the good of your family, but you can’t lie.”

“I know, I won’t do it again.”

Song Wangyue answered obediently.


Since Song Si and Song Wan Yue left, the family counted the days on their fingers every day.

Song Lin, in particular, always felt as if his heart was empty when Song Wan Yue was not with him, and he would come around the village entrance whenever he had nothing to do.

Today, as usual, he came to the entrance of the village and saw a horse-drawn carriage coming from afar, and thought he was blind.