Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 196

Song Si’s hand wiped his hair.

Gu Yi reacted with hindsight to what he had said and his back tightened.

Song Si gave him a nonchalant look, “You’re right, I’m indeed uneasy about the 20,000 taels of silver. How about this, Yue’er and I will go back first, you and your men wait here and send a letter to home when the red list comes out.”

Gu Yi was dumbfounded.

The corners of Song Wan Yue’s mouth lifted, Gu Yi knew that he couldn’t get a good deal from his big brother every time, and still provoked him every time, that was quite courageous.

“Little girl.”

Gu Yi called out to her pitifully.

Song Wan Yue was busy waving her hand, “You’ve caused your own trouble, I’m not going to intercede for you.”

The reason why he wanted to go home sooner was because of the 20,000 taels of silver, but more because he was sure of his performance in the exam, and he didn’t need to wait for the red list to come out to know that he would be on the top of the list.

Gu Yi’s face fell.

Song Si didn’t go to rest this time, waiting for his hair to dry and then shouted to Song Wan Yue to go buy gifts for his family.

Gu Yi was determined to please, and as soon as his words were out of his mouth he immediately said, “I know a busy market, I’ll lead you there.”

Song Wangyue didn’t say anything.

Song Si thought she hadn’t been out for the past few days and blamed himself. If it hadn’t been for selling peppermint oil and pills, he would have led Yue around the first few days after arriving in the capital, even if he didn’t buy anything, it would have been good to see the prosperity of the capital.

He stroked her head, “Go and get some more silver tickets, and let’s buy whatever you like.”

Seeing that he didn’t say he wouldn’t let himself go along, Gu Yi also said happily, “Take out some of mine too, I want to buy gifts for my parents back.”

Song Wangyue took out two silver tickets, one for a hundred taels and gave it to Song Si, and one for a thousand taels and gave it to Gu Yi.

Master Gu and Madam Gu were different from their families, and the gifts couldn’t be bought too ordinary.

After so many days, it was the first time he had seen a thousand taels of silver. Xiao Si stood at the door, stretching his neck to look at Gu Yi’s hand, he had almost forgotten what a thousand taels of silver looked like.

Gu Yi didn’t expect to give a thousand taels after finishing, after a pause, he smiled with his eyebrows and handed the thousand taels back to Song Wan Yue, “You hold it for me, I’m afraid I’ll spend it carelessly by myself later.”

Song Wan Yue, ……

Song Si frowned, “It’s not safe for Yue’er to hold it, if you don’t want to take it, I’ll do it for you ……”

Song Si just reached out his hand, Gu Yi miso took the silver ticket back and quickly put it into his sleeve band, “No need to bother big brother, spend it indiscriminately, my family has plenty of money anyway.”

Song Si, ……


It was already half an afternoon, and the market was still full of people, with the sound of hawking and yelling still resonating.

Song Si stopped at a stall selling tobacco and, after asking the price, bought a catty of good tobacco for Song Laozi.

Gu Yi’s eyes darted around a few times before he followed suit and bought a catty.

Song Si didn’t think much of it, and after walking for a while he saw a stall selling bows and arrows and wanted to ask the price, Gu Yi pointed to a snakeskin bow and arrow first, “I’ll take this one.”

Song Si, ……

Gu Yi paid, the snakeskin bow and arrow was not cheap, he did not have enough loose silver on him, so he took out a silver ticket and handed it over.

The stall owner had never seen a thousand taels of silver tickets in all his years of stall-keeping, so he waved his hand in fear, “The denomination is too big, I can’t find it.”

Xiao Si hurriedly came forward and took out a twenty tael silver ticket and handed it to the vendor, just as he was about to bring over the thousand tael silver ticket “by the way”, Gu Yi had already put it away neatly.

Xiao Si, ……


Song Si also picked up a snakeskin bow and arrow by hand.

The tools Song Lin used for hunting had been made by himself for years, and the handle of the arrow was so touchable that it could shine, and he had wanted a good bow for a long time.

“This one won’t work, it’s not tough enough, the one I just bought is the best.” Gu Yi said from the sidelines.

Song Si looked at him.

Thinking he didn’t believe him, Gu Yi brought the bow over and drew it half full for him to see, “I’m not strong enough to draw it, but look, big brother, how far has this bow only been bent?”

The stall owner could see that he was an insider and was busy saying, “This gentleman is right, what he just bought is indeed the best bow and arrow I have, this one is quite inferior to that one.”

“Are there any more like that?”

The stall owner shook his head.

“Maybe they’re still for sale up ahead, let’s go and have another look.”

Gu Yi suggested with a hidden caution.

That was all that could be done.

A few people continued to walk on, and after turning around and seeing nothing, Song Si still wanted to go back to buy, but was stopped by Song Wan Yue.

She knew that Gu Yi was buying them for Song Lin, “Since they don’t suit you, don’t buy them, it’s not too late to buy them when we see something good later, why don’t we go and pick out some jewellery for grandma, my mother and second aunt.”

The three Song family in-laws and daughters-in-law, no one had any jewellery, not even silver ones, Song Wangyue had thought of buying them when she came over with Gu Yi a few days ago.

Jewellery, Song Si did not understand. But he knew that the family’s silver money had all paid for his schooling. Grandma, elder aunt and her own mother could not afford to buy jewellery.

“A pair of silver earrings for one person and a silver bracelet.”

A few people happened to walk into the jewellery shop where Gu Yi had spotted the beaded hairpin, and the fellow recognised Gu Yi at a glance and came over, “You’ve come again, my lord?”


That means Gu Yi had come here the other day?

“That beaded hairpin was sold yesterday, will you look at something else today? ”

“Look at the silver earrings and the silver bracelet.”

The difference from the red gold bracelet down to the silver earrings and silver bracelet was a little too much for the man to react to for a moment.


The mate came back to his senses, “Yes, yes, yes, please follow me, my lord.”

The mate went to get the jewellery.

A few people followed towards the counter, and Song Si suddenly asked, “How many times have you been here?”


Gu Yi answered without thinking.

Song Wangyue paused in her steps, wanting to remind Gu Yi, but it was already too late.

“The first time I came by myself, I fell in love with a gold hairpin, the second time I came with the little girl, before I could buy something yellow ……”

Song Wangyue stepped on the back of Gu Yi’s foot.

“Sizzle ……”

Gu Yi jerked backwards in pain and his voice came to an abrupt halt.

Song Si looked over at Song Wangyue.

Song Wangyue smiled at him curtly, “I was really suffocating at home that day, so I let him bring it out, but we just wandered around this way and went back soon.”

“Is that so?”

Song Wangyue nodded her head in a sincere and not at all faint-hearted manner.

Song Si didn’t ask again.

Song Wan Yue was secretly relieved to see that Gu Yi had eased up and stomped on the top of his foot again.

Gu Yi sizzled even louder this time, and the whole shop heard him.

But Song Wangyue acted as if nothing had happened, “What’s wrong? Do your feet hurt? Go and sit over there for a while, Xiao Si come and help your young master.”

He could see clearly that Miss Song had not shown any mercy in these two blows.