Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 193

After he had easily dismissed Dr. Qi, Mr. Yao came inside, sat down and told her the result of the incident, “He paid 50 taels of silver and promised that he would never do anything to Mr. and Mrs. Huang again. I told them that he is my cousin, so even if he goes back on his word in the future, he will take it into consideration.”

“Thanks a lot, Boss.”

Song Wangyue pushed the written recipe in front of him. Having nothing to do just now, she had asked the fellow’s for a pen and paper and had written out the recipe early.

Yao did not immediately pick it up, “Miss Song, I think one thing surnamed Qin is right, Huang’s snow maiden sold so hot, even if he does not move his mind there will be others to move theirs, there is no guarantee that this will not happen again, I think you should politely remind them, or say …… ”

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing.

“In any case, you remind him more …… later if there is anything again feel free to come to me.”

“Thanks a lot, boss.”

Song Wangyue thanked her again, she understood the meaning of what Boss Yao had not said.

She was also thinking about this just now, and blamed herself somewhat for not teaching them how to make snow maidens in the heat of the moment, which would not have led to so much trouble.

Boss Yao was ashamed, in fact he hadn’t been much help, “Miss or don’t be polite, I can’t take this recipe of yours for nothing, just name a price and I’ll buy it.”

“We will have to come back to the capital in the future, and if we come across anything else, we will have to ask for your help.”

“That’s fine, as long as it’s only in the city, if you need anything, you can come to me.”

“Thank you, Mr. Yao. Keep the prescription, we have to go to Mr. Huang’s place.”

After saying that, Song Wangyue got up.

Naturally, Boss Yao could not say anything more about paying the silver, and personally saw the two of them off to the outside.

Doctor Qi had two minds, taking the patient’s pulse while looking towards the curtain leading to the backyard.

Seeing that the curtain had been opened, Mr. Yao sent the two out.

He waited for Master Yao to return, and when one of his feet had just stepped into the threshold, he let go of the patient’s hand and followed him to the backyard, “Master, have you said anything about the medical book?”

With a headache, Boss Yao helplessly let him follow him into the house and showed him the prescriptions written by Song Wangyue, “The medical books of Miss Song’s family are full of lost prescriptions. Do you think that even if I sacrificed this old face to beg people, they would let me read them?”

“Wonderful, wonderful ……”

Qi Daifu slapped his thigh, praising Fang Zi, not even listening to what he said.

Boss Yao was crying and laughing.


When Song Wangyue and Gu Yi arrived at the Huang family pastry shop, the door was not yet open, but there were already people queuing at the entrance.

Xiao Si went up and knocked the door open, and when the woman saw them, she beamed with joy and invited them in, expecting Song Wan Yue to go into the kitchen as soon as she arrived, as she had done the previous two days, but instead she heard her say, “Let’s go and see Master Huang.”

The woman led them over.

Master Huang, still unable to get out of bed, nodded towards the two of them, “Your Excellency, please have a seat.”

“How is Master Huang feeling?”

“Much better, in two more days I will be able to get out of bed, I am really grateful to the two noblemen for these few days.”

“You’re welcome to say that, but we can’t help you for much longer, we’ll be leaving the capital in a couple of days.”

The smiles on Mr and Mrs Huang Gao’s faces froze a little. These few times Song Wangyue and Gu Yi had walked around, thinking they were from Fu Cheng.

“Your, your people are ……”

Huang Gao stumbled and wanted to ask where they were from, but the words came out and felt inappropriate, if Song Wangyue wanted to say, she would have told them long ago.

“We have something important to say to you two today.”

On the way here, Song Wangyue had considered the whole journey and thought it would be better to get to the point.

Huang Gao was busy saying, “You speak.”

“Your injury was not caused by carelessness, but was man-made; it was the Qin family pastry shop that saw that your business was booming and was jealous of you, so they had someone do it to you.”

There was no sound in the room for half a day, as the two Huangcakes mulled over what Song Wangyue had said in shock.

Song Wangyue took out the confession of one of the fellows and showed it to him. At that time, she was on guard that the head of the Qin family pastry shop would play this trick, so she had those fellows put down an extra copy of their handprints.

After reading it, Huang Gao was so angry that he immediately got out of bed, “Wife, help me down, I want to sue him!”

Even though the business of the Qin family’s pastry shop was getting more and more prosperous day by day, and he was losing his business, he had never thought of doing anything wrong.

Therefore, it never occurred to him that someone would be jealous of his business and lay hands on him.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Huang, even if you go and sue the officials, what will happen? This little matter is not enough to put him in jail, at most he will be fined some silver. I’ve already asked a friend to go over there and set things right, and he promised not to bother you again and paid 50 taels of silver. But he was right in saying that Xue Mei Niang is too flamboyant and even if he doesn’t think about her anymore, someone else will. I mean, why don’t you sell the formula and take the money and leave the capital to find your son?”

In the past few days, the woman had told Song Wangyue about her family and how the couple had planned to close their shop after the 15th of August and go to their son’s retirement.

“No! I want to see if they dare to take my life!”

He didn’t believe that these people had no laws.

“Old man.”

The woman was frightened, “I think what your man said makes sense, why don’t we just ……”

“You shut up!”

Huang Gao came up with that stubborn temper, “I’m not going anywhere, I’ll just keep this shop, I’ll see if they dare to get me killed?”

“Why are you fighting with them, Master Huang? You are in the dark and they are in the dark, you can’t go to all the trouble of watching out for them every day, can you? If we hadn’t considered the matter properly, you wouldn’t have been in the wrong hands. I would advise you to sell the recipe while they are all robbing it now, so you can sell it for a good price.”

“What does this have to do with your people? It’s all because they are not right-minded.”

“Naturally it has something to do with us. We wanted to give you a hand, but instead we have harmed you. Even if we leave, our hearts are still troubled.”

“Sell, let’s sell!”

The woman made her decision.

“You ……”

Yellow Cake glared at her fiercely.

The woman, who always listened to him, was unusually resolute this time, “Old man, nothing is more important than life, so listen to your honor and sell the recipe!”