Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 192

These days, the limelight has been stolen by the Huang family pastry shop, and since the 15th of August has just passed, the trend of buying moon cakes has also passed, and there are hardly any people in the shop.

The shopkeeper hurriedly came from the back and saw the two fellows lying on the floor, bruised and swollen, unkempt and smelling bad.

The shopkeeper frowned in disgust, the accomplished thing, how come he was not killed!

To Yao boss of but changed into a smile, “Yao boss of, this is ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what’s going on. You’re bullying my cousin’s house at night to hurt someone, you’re bullying him for not having a backer, huh?”

I had no choice, we are all doing business on the same street, we should take care of each other, but Mr. Huang has gone too far, he stole all my business, I had no choice.”

“You mean to say that this is my cousin’s fault? I’d like to ask Boss Qin, how come you didn’t say you looked after each other when you squeezed my cousin’s business earlier?”

The shopkeeper was sarcastic, but did not admit his mistake; Yao had a backer behind him, and he did not have one behind him. If they were to face each other head on, there was no telling who would be the one to beat.

Looking at his expression, Mr. Yao could also guess what he had in mind, and pointed to the two fellows on the ground, “Both of your fellows have confessed, and I have also made them sign and draw a pledge.

Only then did he panic, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, let’s talk about it, let’s talk about it.”


Boss Yao was very painful, “I don’t ask for anything else today, just that you can’t lay a hand on my cousin again in the future, if you can promise today and write it down, I’ll let your people go and pretend that this matter never happened.”

The shopkeeper was not going to agree.

If he gave the guarantee, he would have a handle in his hands. If something happened to the Huang family in the future, wouldn’t it all be on his head?

“Boss Yao just trust me, since I promised you, I won’t let anyone else go, so there’s no need for the guarantee!”

“What if I have to make you write it?”

The shopkeeper slowly straightened his body and said with a smile on his face, “Shopkeeper Yao, we are both in business, as the saying goes, only when it’s convenient for others can it be convenient for you, if you are so aggressive, you are not afraid that I will tear my face off with you, and neither of us will benefit.”

“Is that so?”


The shopkeeper didn’t stand and sat down on the chair beside him, “You have been running a pharmacy in the capital for many years, so you must have someone behind you. I didn’t just appear out of nowhere either, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing so much business. Let’s take a step back, I’ll agree to the terms, you let my people go, and we’ll still say hello when we meet in the future.”

“Is this a threat, Boss Qin?”

“I don’t dare, but I’ll tell you the truth, trees attract the wind, Snowmist is so hot, even if I don’t think about it, there are other people who do, and sooner or later your cousin and his wife will attract trouble.”

“This does not need to be in the mind of Boss Qin, this matter you first give me an explanation!”

“Yes, sir.” The shopkeeper raised his voice, “Someone!”

Two fellows came over.

“Drag these two things down and break their legs and throw them out into the street to fend for themselves!”

“Hold it!”

With this shout from Boss Yao, two of the Gu family’s boys blocked the pastry shop’s fellows.

“Is this that Master Qin doesn’t take me into account?”

Shopkeeper Yao said coolly.

“I dare not, am I not giving you an explanation? If you are still not satisfied, how about I then compensate your cousin for his medical expenses? Yao, you can see that I am not a ruthless person, otherwise I wouldn’t have just let someone get your cousin into an accident, and you, too, have to be forgiving, if you really want to tear your face off, neither of us will get any benefit.”


Inside Renshantang.

Doctor Qi had easily finished seeing all the patients and couldn’t wait to get up and rush towards the backyard, “Where is that little girl?”

The mate answered him.

Doctor Qi took three steps and two steps to the door of the house, not caring about being rude, he wanted to open the curtain and enter, but was stopped by Xiao Si, “Doctor Qi, our Miss Song is tired from treating the patients just now and is resting inside the house, she doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

Dr. Qi was filled with the thought that Song Wan Yue was an expert in the apricot grove, so after barging in for a while, he simply opened his voice and shouted, “Miss, I admire your medical skills, please let me in and ask for advice.”

His voice was so loud that the whole backyard of Renshantang could hear him.

Song Wan Yue looked at Gu Yi helplessly, not that she didn’t want to see Doctor Qi, but Gu Yi had just said that Doctor Qi was looking at her with passionate eyes and had “bad intentions” for her, and had specifically instructed Xiao Si not to let anyone in.

Gu Yi got up slowly and walked unhurriedly to the door, “Old man, are you ashamed? You’re such an adult and you still admire a little girl.”

Doctor Qi was so preoccupied with asking for advice that he didn’t hear the sickness of speech in his words, “Medical skills never distinguish between young and old, the little girl is more skilled than me, so naturally I look up to her.”

“No need to admire her, she doesn’t know how to heal, the recipe she used just now was from a medical book.”

Doctor Qi was not convinced.

“You, you lie!”

Gu Yi snorted, “What’s in it for me to lie?”

Qi Dafu choked.

“Not only this recipe, but also the peppermint oil are all from the little girl’s medical books, if you don’t believe me, please ask your family’s shopkeeper.”

“Then, then, then can I borrow the medical book to read?”

“Of course not, it’s handed down from our family and can’t be read by outsiders, so you should take it easy and go to the front to see someone.”

Dr. Qi did not believe me and yelled again, “Miss ……”


Song Wangyue’s voice came out of the room, “It’s true that medical books can’t be lent out.”

Only then was Doctor Qi convinced, but he was still undeterred and persistently yelled, “Then, Miss, do you know any other prescriptions apart from the one for acute frightening wind?”

Gu Yi, ……

The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

Before he left the house, Boss Yao had instructed the fellows to entertain the two people, hearing him say so, the fellows hurriedly came forward to pull the people, “Doctor Qi, you should let Miss Song rest for a while, what you have to say will be asked for you later when the boss returns.”

“Where is the shopkeeper, where did he go?”

The staff had no idea, so he could only persuade her while pulling her along, “Go and see the patient at the front first, I’ll tell you when the boss comes back.”

As he was saying this, Boss Yao came in from the doorway with his men, and when he saw the mate pulling people along, he thought something had happened, “What’s happened?”

The mate hurriedly let go of his hand.

Doctor Qi took three steps and two steps over, “Boss, I don’t care what you think, you have to borrow the little girl’s family’s ancestral medical book for me to look at.”

Master Yao, ……