Fate of the Stupid Son Chapter 191

A circle of people gathered at the entrance of the Renshin Hall.

Inside the hall, Dr. Qi, a highly skilled doctor, is helping a child to heal.

The child, about four or five years old, was lying in the arms of a woman, his face was frighteningly red, his eyes were tightly closed and his teeth were clenched tightly.

“Doctor, you must save my son!”

The woman had long been scared out of her wits, begging bitterly one after another.

Doctor Qi looked serious, and after carefully checking his pulse again, he confirmed, “It’s an acute shock!”

At these words, everyone in and out of the hall drew in a breath, and the woman’s body went limp. Fortunately, the young man gave her a hand, so she didn’t fall to the ground, “How can this be? He was fine before he ate, no way, no way.”

Doctor Qi couldn’t care less about sighing, he went straight back to the table and wrote a prescription and handed it to the fellow, “Hurry up and get the medicine.”

The crowd looked at the woman with pity, nine out of ten children who had an acute attack of wind would not survive, and those who were lucky enough to survive would still have problems.

The woman’s body was shaky and she could fall at any moment.

The curtain leading to the back yard was opened and Boss Yao hurriedly brought Song Wangyue over, instructing his staff, “Put the child on the doctor’s bed first.”

“Boss’s ……”

The first thing you need to do is to take the child to the doctor’s bed.

The owner of the shop waved his hand, interrupting what he was about to say.

The man had already gone forward to take the child and carry it to the doctor’s bed, and the woman’s stumbled over to follow.

Song Wan Yue went over, saw the child’s symptoms and asked Yao, “Is there a doctor who knows acupuncture? ”

“I do.”

“I say you do.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Master Yao asked his mate to bring over the needle set, opened it, and set it aside.

“Start by moxibutting the front top three strong.”

Master Yao still applied the needles.

“Then moxibustion on the two eyebrows and the Renzhong point.”

After saying that, Song Wangyue turned directly to the medicine cabinet, took a few herbs separately and asked the fellows to boil the medicine.

She also asked, “Do you have ice and strong wine?”

“There is spirits.”

“Go and bring it, bring more sweat towels, and fetch a basin of cool water.”

The two fellows ran to the back to bring them.

Song Wangyue first wet the sweat towels and slightly wrung them before placing them on the child’s forehead, and then soaked two more sweat towels in strong wine, one for the woman and one in her hand, “Follow me.”

Several of the doctors from Renshantang couldn’t help but come forward to watch, seeing her wipe the child with the strong wine, cover the quilt, and re-wet a sweat towel to replace the one she had just put on.

After doing all this, seeing that the child still hadn’t improved much, Song Wangyue said again, “Boss Yao, take me to your kitchen house.”

Song Wangyue scooped up half a bowl of wheat flour, added two things, and beat an egg into it, using only the egg white, and mixed it together.

Yao took it to heart and personally applied it to the child’s two feet, wrapping them well.

The child was still suffering from a high fever and his teeth were clenched to death, so Yao the shopkeeper looked at Song Wangyue with some concern.

“Apply the needle again.”

Doctor Yao quickly washed his hands, picked up the silver needles again, and took a few acupuncture points to release blood as Song Wangyue had said.

The child’s teeth slowly loosened, and the flush on his face gradually receded a little.

“Look, look, the child seems to be getting better.”

A patient couldn’t help but yell.

The doctors and fellows from Renshantang had all gathered around earlier and they couldn’t help but follow.

The people gathered at the entrance of Renshantang, who were watching the fun, exploded at the news.

“Is it true? Is the child really cured? So the child in the family won’t have to wait for death if he gets an acute shock again?”

“Is it really cured? Or is it a temporary phenomenon?”

“Can we go in and have a look?”


No wonder they reacted in this way, they were really frightened by the disease of acute fright. Because most of the children who had acute fright died young and very few lived.

The woman, too, was in disbelief as she stood dumbfounded in front of the doctor’s bed, looking at the child whose breathing had gradually subsided.

“Everyone ……”

Yao’s boss arched his hand towards the door, “The child has just been saved and needs to be quiet, why don’t you all go back first and come back to see it tomorrow, the patient still needs to be observed here for two or three days.”

Although all the people wanted to come in and see if the child had really been saved, they dispersed in twos and threes after Boss Yao had said so.

The eyes of the doctors and fellows in the dispensary all changed, especially Doctor Qi, the oldest and most skilled doctor in the dispensary, who was looking at Song Wan Yue with a frenzied look, so frenzied that Gu Yi noticed it and frowned unhappily, holding Song Wan Yue behind him.

The owner, Yao, happened to see this scene and wanted to laugh a little.

Doctor Qi was obsessed with the art of medicine, his daily routine was to see patients and study all kinds of difficult and miscellaneous diseases, now she must think that Song Wan Yue was an expert in the apricot forest, he would never let go of such a good opportunity to discuss.

He would never let go of such a good opportunity to discuss the matter. Boss Yao hurriedly spoke in front of him, “Miss is tired, please go to the back and rest for a while.”

Doctor Qi wanted to follow suit, but he had no choice but to press on with the patient at hand and see him first.

Now Boss Yao was completely convinced that Song Wan Yue could cure acute windstorm and admired her to the core, “You are so young and have such attainments, you are really admirable.”

“Mr. Yao is too flattering, I don’t have any attainments, these are all from my family’s ancestral medical books.”

He had thought that Song Wan Yue had saved many children, but he had never thought that she had learned this from her medical books.

Instantly excited again, he asked, “What kind of medical book is it, can I ……”

Song Wangyue smiled and shook her head, “Sorry, medical books are not lent out.”

If he had such an ancestral medical book at home he wouldn’t be willing to lend it out, so he changed the subject, “Please wait at Renshantang, I’ll go and sort out what you’re talking about before you give me the prescription for the treatment.”

“Thank you very much.”

Yao waved his hand and got up, “I’ll go and change my clothes, Miss have your men bring the captured man with them and we’ll meet in front of the pastry shop.”

Song Wangyue nodded and waited for him to go out before sending Xiao Si to deliver the message.

Boss Yao changed his clothes and came out, bringing two of his fellows not far in front of the pastry shop, and after meeting the Gu family’s boy who had brought the men with him, he walked straight into the shop.

The pastry shop owner was distracted in the backyard, the man he had sent out had been missing for a day and two nights, but he did not know whether he had been captured or killed, but the Huang family pastry shop was still open for business as usual, as if nothing had happened.

“Boss, Boss Yao of Renshantang wants to see you.”

The servant hurriedly came to the backyard to report, “He, he also brought our people with him.”

The shopkeeper’s heart jumped.