Doting Billionaire Chapter 990

She thought a random set would be fine.

But my sister-in-law said to wear whatever she wanted for the occasion.

The family hosting the party tonight was of medium status in Guancheng, and originally Mrs. Shang had not planned to attend, but it was Hai Tong who had asked her for help, and it was only in order for Hai Tong to adapt quickly and blend in that Mrs. Shang had informed the other party that she would be attending the party tonight.

Since the party was not a top-class one, there was no need to dress up too much, so Mrs. Shang helped Hai Tong choose a gown that was not the most glamorous one.

Hai Tong’s figure was slim, her face was high, and her temperament was not bad, so any gown put on her body could bring out her natural beauty.

After changing into the gown, Mrs Shang all but complimented, “Tong Tong, you have a great natural temperament and a good figure, you can show off the advantages of this gown, as long as you don’t walk as fit as a fiddle, it will be perfect.”

Hai Tong is a martial arts practitioner, although she has a good natural temperament, she walks and does things with a wind and fire, especially she walks, it is not an overstatement to describe her as being as athletic as flying.

“Auntie, I can trample ants to death walking in high heels.”

She usually wore trainers or flat sandals, which she found particularly fast, and was not used to wearing high heels. In the past, even when she accompanied Xiaojun to attend high society parties with Aunt Shen, she would at most change into a pair of medium heels, and rarely wore high heels.

“If you want to joint venture projects with Xiaofei or do any business, great aunt is fully supportive, then you step out of the pace of six relatives, great aunt does not even care about you. Tonight, you must be svelte and walk a little slower, the other day when I went shopping with you, you took one step and Great Aunt had to take two.” Hai Tong’s face was red.

Shang Xiaofei brought the hateful height that Hai Tong would wear tonight.

When Hai Tong saw it she looked timid and said to Mrs. Shang’s mother and daughter, “Auntie, Xiaofei, let me wear these shoes, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to walk, the heel is too small and too high, when I run, will the heel break?”

Mrs. Shang had a black face.

Shang Xiaofei laughed, “It’s not like she’s asking you to wear them to go running.”

Hai Tong stole a glance at her aunt’s black face and honestly changed into the sky-hating heights, then she grabbed Shang Xiaofei’s hand and stood up.

She missed her slippers so much.

“Go downstairs in this pair and take a few turns around the front yard to make sure you can manage it before we go out.”

Mrs Shang had been so focused on helping Hai Tong pick out clothes and shoes and so on that day that she had forgotten to let Hai Tong get used to wearing high heels.

Hai Tong quietly spat out her tongue, not daring to resist, and walked honestly and carefully out of the room.

“Mom, I’ll stay with Tong Tong.”

Shang Xiaofei sympathised with Hai Tong in a million ways and followed her out with a smile on her face.

After leaving the room, Shang Xiaofei looked at Hai Tong sympathetically as she grabbed the staircase handrail and walked, saying, “You asked for this, find who is not good enough to find my mother to lead you, my mother is the one who is most concerned about manners, in this respect, my mother can be compared to Mother Rong, if you walk badly, she will say ‘Gege do it again ‘”

Hai Tong: “”

Who could she turn to if not her great-aunt to help her?

If she really went to the banquet with Zhangyin, judging from how much Zhangyin doted on her, he wouldn’t even say that it was inappropriate for her to wear a pair of slippers out.

“Anyway, it’s still early, you take your time to practice walking.”

Shang Xiaofei smiled, “I’ll accompany you.”