Doting Billionaire Chapter 989

Hai Tong smiled cheekily and went up and gave Shang Xiaofei a hug, coaxing, “Good sister, don’t be angry haha, next time there is something lively, I will definitely call you.”

“Don’t hug me, your man is staring at me.”

Shang Xiaofei lightly pushed Hai Tong away, snickered, and twisted around to go into the kitchen to serve the dishes.

Hai Tong looked at her own man, and War Yin’s tone was hard, “Even if she is a woman, I do mind you hugging her, if you want to, hug me.”

Hai Tong quickly moved closer to give him a kiss on the face, and then lightly pinched his handsome face: “Okay, okay, I will only hug you from now on, okay, hurry up and go wash your hands, I will go to my aunt’s house when I have eaten and drunk with you.”

War Yin complained about her like a resentful husband, “I have nothing to do, and I’m not allowed to accompany you to the banquet, we haven’t even attended a banquet together since we became husband and wife.”

Looking askance at him, Hai Tong asked rhetorically, “Whose problem is this?”

War Yin immediately silenced his voice, it was his fault, it was his problem.

If he hadn’t concealed his identity, the couple would have attended the banquet together long ago, he would have entertained and been able to have her accompany him, he wouldn’t have to be like this, she would have gone to the banquet and left him at home.

No matter how sour War Yin was, in the end, he could only watch as his wife, the Lord, got into Shang Xiaofei’s limousine and the two sisters took off, leaving him behind. War Yin stood at the door of the bookstore for a long time and said, “Aunt Liang, I feel like I’ve been abandoned by your youngest grandmother.”

Aunt Liang, who was standing not far behind War Yin, said, “Young Master, what Young Grandma is doing is for you, you should be happy.”

Hai Tong was familiar with Aunt Liang, and after War Yin confessed his identity, the housekeeper thought twice about letting Aunt Liang continue to work with Hai Tong’s side.

“I really don’t mind.” War Yin knew the knot in his beloved wife’s heart, and he really did not care what her origins were.

In his eyes, Hai Tong was already very good.

So what if she came from a rural background? Who has not had poor people in their family for several generations? Who didn’t come from the countryside?

“But Young Grandmother cares, she is willing to learn and adapt for the sake of Young Master because she loves him, Young Master and Young Grandmother have a long road ahead of you, there will be countless unknown storms waiting for you, Young Grandmother is willing to learn so that she can always stand by Young Master’s side.”

“We should all give our full support to the First Young Grandmother.”

It is not easy to be a noble wife of a luxurious family, and the pressure of being the wife in charge of the War Family is also very high.

The fact that the eldest young grandmother is motivated and willing to study for the sake of the eldest young master and try to make herself a qualified wife in charge shows that she loves the eldest young master, otherwise who would be willing to change herself?

“I’m just afraid that she won’t be able to adapt and then say to me ‘we’re not suited, let’s divorce’.”

Aunt Liang: “Young master, you have to believe in yourself and in young grandmother.”

After a long silence, War Yin gave a heavy hmph and said, “Anyway, if she wants to regain her singleness unless she stabs me to death and she is widowed, she can regain her singleness.”

Aunt Liang: “”

It was lucky that the First Young Grandmother had left, otherwise, who knew if another ripple would have arisen when she heard such domineering words from the First Young Master.

War Yin waited for the traffic police to tow Hai Zhiwen’s car away before he left with his bodyguards.

The Merchant’s Villa.

Under Mrs. Shang’s critical eye, Hai Tong changed into a dress that her great-aunt had picked out for her, as she had requested, and she bought every single set of clothes that her great-aunt had picked out for her.