Doting Billionaire Chapter 988

At the mention of her parents, Haitong looks gloomy.

War Yin held her hand and soothed her, “When Mom and Dad are in heaven, they will be relieved to see that you and sister are doing well.”

“What belongs to my parents, I will get back!”

“With me, you just have to fight for it, I will help you hire the best lawyer to fight with them and not let them take advantage of half of it!”

Hai Tong nodded her head forcefully.


Shang Xiaofei coughed lightly twice, interrupting the young couple’s words.

Then, she walked over under the couple’s watchful eyes.

“Tong Tong, my mother called and asked you to follow me home, put on your make-up, change your dress, and get ready to go to the party.”

She added to War Yin, “The loving dinner that Tong Tong prepared for you in advance is ready, War Yin, do you want to eat it here before you go, or is it packed up for you to take away?”

War Yin looked at Hai Tong.

He was hoping that Hai Tong would accompany him.

“Eat before you go, I’ll eat a little with you.”

Hai Tong knew her man well, with her company, he ate well.

She was now personally preparing his three daily meals, which was supposed to feed his stomach.

“At the banquet, we have less time to eat, so let’s all eat a little to pad our stomachs.” Shang Xiaofei made an excuse as she helped set the small dining table and brought a rag to wipe it, “Tong Tong, when you go back home for the weekend, do you mind if my mother and I tag along?”

“I want to see the place where my sister-in-law lived, and my mother, needless to say, has long wanted to visit your old home and meet my sister-in-law’s adoptive parents.”

After her sister-in-law’s death, her adoptive parents had taken a share of the 400,000 yuan death compensation and had stopped seeing the two Hai Tong sisters afterwards, as a break in the family, after all, they were the family that had raised her sister-in-law last.

Mrs. Shang wanted to know about her sister’s upbringing, she could only find out through her sister’s adoptive parents’ mouths.

In any case, Mrs. Shang is grateful to her sister’s adoptive parents.

If it weren’t for them, her sister might not have lived to adulthood, nor would she have been able to leave her two nieces to soothe her sister’s soul.

“Of course I wouldn’t mind, my sister-in-law has long said that she would follow me back home to visit, and that she would like to offer incense to my mother, but there was so much going on after the New Year that it never happened.”

Soon after the New Year, she learned the true identity of War Yin, the couple made a scene, the people around them also followed the worry and suffered, and the matter of returning to the old home was put aside.

Shang Xiaofei added: “What you just said to War Yin, I also heard, the house matter, as soon as possible to solve, I still say that, need our help, must ask.”

“Don’t worry, where I need to use you, I will definitely not be polite with you.”

Shang Xiaofei grunted twice and said of her, “You just have a mouth that coaxes me, every time something happens, you always leave me out of it and go charging off on your own.”

Shang Xiaofei always remembered the incident when Hai Tong led a group of people to smash up Zhou Honglin’s house, Xiaojun even told Hai Tong whether she should be called, but Hai Tong didn’t even say anything to her.

Causing her to miss out on the most hilarious thing ever!