Doting Billionaire Chapter 987

War Yin’s dark eyes twinkled, a bit of a surprise, I guess.

He thought that Shang Xiaofei would try her best to resist him in front of Hai Tong.

Shang Xiaofei: A small man’s heart is a gentleman’s heart.

“That car outside with the flat tyre is Hai Zhiwen’s?”

“It’s his.”

War Yin pulled out his mobile phone and said on his lips, “I’ll call the traffic police to come and tow the car, it’s taking up space there and affecting the traffic.”

“He snuck in to see it twice, probably to call the tow truck to come and tow it away while I was away.” There was sarcasm in Hai Tong’s words, “He’s just being a thief.”

“By the way, just to tell you, that cousin of yours is now booked for a cosmetic surgery at a cosmetic surgery hospital in a city, what do you want her to look like?”

Hai Tong said nastily, “She wants to look like me to replace me, so like to be someone else, let’s make her look like my elder cousin, elder cousin and elder cousin are the real siblings, she has already married and had a child.”

She would like to see how those extremes reacted when Hai Xiaozhen was made to look like her elder cousin, and how the elder cousin’s couple reacted?

When the time came, let them nestle in.

“What’s your first cousin’s name? Tell me her name, I’ll talk to Su Nan, he’ll have someone check it out, then he’ll know what your big cousin looks like now, and keep that what’s-her-name Jen of yours straightened out to look like her.”

Hai Tong told Zhangyin the name of her elder cousin, and Zhangyin immediately sent it to Su Nan, adding a message: let that Hai What’s-her-name Zhen be made to look like this woman.

Su Nan sent back a voice message, “War Yin, are you off work early again?”

The answer was rightfully: “Yes, I left work early, you have a problem with that? I left work early, aren’t you guys very happy?”

Su Nan: “”

War Yin is not in the company, everyone is very happy, but Su Nan is not happy, he also want to leave work early to accompany Shen Xiaojun.

Of course, the young couple had made up, and Su Nan was sincerely happy for Zhangyin, and also felt that the sky above their heads had finally turned blue.

“Are you free in a couple of days?” Hai Tong asked him.

“What’s wrong?”

War Yin looked at her scornfully, “If there’s something you need me to do, just say so, I’m always free.”

“Just the weekend, you don’t have to work on the weekend, accompany me back home, I’ll ask someone to pull a cart of bricks and a cart of sand and gravel to follow back to the village, dump the bricks and sand and gravel in front of my house, let the word out that my sister and I are going back to the countryside to rebuild our home.”

Not waiting for War Yin to speak, Hai Tong continued, “Grandma said, my grandfather they always run to stop their car, these people are thick-skinned, bottomless, no limits, lost business lost work, looks like we can not threaten them.”

“Then let’s start with the house my parents left behind, originally my sister and I had discussed that we were also going back after the New Year to fight for the house that belonged to us, we’ll make a trip back, word will get out, keep my grandfather will take them and kill them back to the village.”

“They can’t get any benefit from me, the property my parents left behind, they are afraid that they will refuse to let go, this will draw their attention back to the village, the face has been torn beyond repair, this lawsuit should also be fought.”

Those extreme relatives back home were too much, Hai Tong had been thinking of how to lure them away, thinking of the property her parents left behind, she decided to start with the house, anyway, it was time for a lawsuit.

War Yin’s dark eyes twinkled, thinking that Hai Tong’s method was feasible, mainly, the house problem was also to be solved.

“OK, on the weekend, I will accompany you to go back home, also close to the Qingming Festival, you said you have not been able to pay respect to your parents for a long time, this year Qingming I can definitely let your sisters give incense to your parents.”