Doting Billionaire Chapter 986

Shang Xiaofei was a few years younger than him, but she was indeed Hai Tong’s cousin, and it was normal for him to follow his wife and call her cousin.

“Well, I came to pick up Tong Tong, you skipped work to come here?”

War Yin said in a deep voice, “I’m done with my business and left early, no one will say anything.”

Shang Xiaofei brushed her lips, Zhangyin in the Zhan Group was a one-word house, he had the say, even if he did not return to the company for a month, no one dared to say anything, not to mention that he only occasionally left work early.

“Mr. War is very busy, very busy, but in front of Tong Tong, Mr. War is still very idle.”

Shang Xiaofei’s words were tinged with flirtation.

In the past, Zhan Yin even said he didn’t have time to see her, but it turned out, it wasn’t that he didn’t have time, it was that he had no her in his eyes.

If he likes her, even if he is busy, he can make time to see her.

After thinking about it, Shang Xiaofei was relieved.

War Yin is very good, she is not bad either, just that, she is not his type.

There are so many pigs, there is always a pig that likes her cabbage.

“Where is Tong Tong?”

“She said you have a bad stomach lately, she has to keep an eye on your meals, cooked for you in advance, planned to send you to the company once the meal is ready, did not expect you to come by yourself, Tong Tong can save some trouble. You wait, I’ll call Tong Tong out for you. By the way, Zhan Yin, you don’t know how to show something when you come over? You came in with your head in your hands, empty-handed.”

War Yin: “”

Shang Xiaofei saw his inability to speak and felt amused, it was only people like Hai Tong who also didn’t care about the ceremony that could fit in with War Yin, right?

Shen Xiaojun got up and went into the kitchen, taking over what her best friend was holding and letting Hai Tong out to entertain War Yin.

“Zhangyin, you’re off work so early? I’m still making the soup, but it will be ready soon.”

Hai Tong came out of the kitchen, and War Yin breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his beloved wife.

To be honest, getting along with Shang Xiaofei, War Yin was always a bit stressed, couldn’t pull his face to please Shang Xiaofei, and didn’t dare to treat Shang Xiaofei badly, afraid that Shang Xiaofei would say bad things about him in front of Hai Tong.

“Tong Tong, you stay with War Yin and talk, I’ll go in and see if I can help.”

Shang Xiaofei did not want to be a light bulb and was also ready to hide in the kitchen.

Before walking away, she came up to Hai Tong’s ear and whispered, “Zhan Yin loves you very much, don’t take Joe, cherish it, you’ll be the happiest woman in Guancheng.”

Rushing to call War Yin her cousin now, she gave War Yin a good word and opened the back door.

Shang Xiaofei finished and twisted around to go inside, squeezing into the kitchen to help, in fact, she Missy can’t do anything, just take a seat in the kitchen to watch Shen Xiaojun and Aunt Liang preparing dinner.

After she walked away, Zhan Yin asked Hai Tong rather nervously, “What did she say to you? Bad-mouthing me?”

Hai Tong moved a stool for him to sit on, and she went back around to the checkout counter to move the unknitted crafts so that it would be empty.

“Xiaofei said you were a very good man and told me to cherish you or I’d regret missing out for the rest of my life. Don’t you keep thinking that Xiaofei will say bad things about you, in fact, she hasn’t said anything bad about you in front of me.”

Before the couple had made up, Shang Xiaofei was all about the good things about War Yin.

In Shang Xiaofei’s words, the fact that her eyes were above the ground had been infatuated with War Yin for years meant that War Yin was excellent and worthy of Hai Tong’s trust for life.

As for the matter of War Yin concealing his identity and deceit, Shang Xiaofei is letting Hai Tong be angry for two days, for fear that the couple will get too stiff and Hai Tong will regret it later.