Doting Billionaire Chapter 2317

After hearing Feng Qing’s words, Mr Fang did not ask any further questions.

He was now deeply trusted by Feng Qing, but he couldn’t interfere too much in Feng Qing’s personal matters.

The main thing was that Feng Qing wouldn’t be interested in Young Master Qiao.

Mr Fang drove Feng Qing back to the Feng family mansion, the housekeeper came out of the house and saw that it was Feng Qing who had come back, he squeezed out a smile on his face and greeted him.

“Big Miss is back.”

Feng Qing pushed open the car door and got out, and gave a hmmm as a response to the housekeeper.

She raised her feet and then walked towards the main house, asking as she walked, “Has the family master returned?”

“The family master didn’t have any social engagements in the evening and came back straight after work.”

The butler followed Feng Qing and answered her questions as she walked, looking respectful to Feng Qing.

Feng Qing, however, knew that the housekeeper was the best at acting.

When her mother was at home, the housekeeper behaved well.

Behind the scenes, he was on Feng Ruo’s side.

Feng Qing did not say anything else and went straight into the house.

Just as she reached the door of the house, she heard everyone’s laughter.

When everyone saw that the person who came in was Feng Qing, the laughter came to a halt and the smiles hanging on their faces froze.

Feng Qing looked calm and collected.

In addition to her family members sitting in the hall, there was also an unfamiliar man that she had not seen before.

After that man saw her, his eyes roamed over her body indulgently and ended up looking quite satisfied.

Feng Qing guessed in her heart what was going on.

She walked over as if nothing had happened and greeted her parents.

“Ah Qing is back ah, your mother said that you went to talk about business tonight, I thought that you would need to talk about it until the middle of the night to come back.”

The person who opened his mouth to speak was Zheng Hua.

He had never been a fan of Feng Qing, his own daughter, and usually saw Feng Qing with eyes that were not his eyes and a nose that was not his nose, but tonight he was pleasant.

After Feng Qing greeted her parents, she found herself a seat and sat down.

“I came back after talking about business.”

“Dad expects me to talk about a single business deal until the middle of the night?”

Zheng Hua smiled, “It’s not like Dad cares about the company, it’s just that your mum usually needs to socialise and come back late when she talks business.”

“It’s good that you’re back, get to know Zou Shao, this is the second youngest master of our Jiangcheng Zou family, Zou Mingliang.”

Zheng Hua smiled and introduced Zou Mingliang for Feng Qing to get to know.

Feng Qing sat still.

She had little impression of the Zou family, she shouldn’t be considered as a powerful family, squeezed into the upper class family.

Anyway, since she was recognised by the Feng family, she had followed her own mother to attend various banquets and events countless times, but she just hadn’t seen Zou Mingliang.

Zou Mingliang stood up, smiled with a fawning face and extended his right hand towards Feng Qing: “Miss Feng Qing.”

“Mr Zou.”

Feng Qing just nodded and did not shake hands with Zou Mingliang.