Doting Billionaire Chapter 2316

This matter was difficult.

She could only let Mr Fang do it, and Mr Fang was the most powerful person beside her.

The believers that Mr Fang had trained for her were all capable.

Mr Fang apologised, “It’s me who’s useless, I can’t deliver an answer that satisfies Miss until now.”

“It’s not that you’re useless, this matter has been over for decades, even if there is evidence, it has been destroyed by my mother, and the people who knew about it back then, are probably dead as well, it’s very difficult to investigate and get evidence.”

“There’s no evidence on the Guancheng side either, their side is more powerful and has more connections.”

Her cousin was also in Guancheng.

“The Guancheng side hasn’t made a move for so long?”

Fang was a bit curious, feeling that the Guancheng side was too quiet.

Feng Qing was silent for a bit more before saying, “War Yin and Haitong’s wedding is around the corner, and Hai Ling’s new shop just opened for business, that cousin of mine doesn’t want to spoil everyone’s fun at this time, right?”

The results of her and Mrs Shang’s blood identification came out a long time ago.

Mrs Shang didn’t even tell her.

She guessed the result that they were aunt cousins.

Mr Fang hmmmed, ”It’s also possible. Is Miss going to attend Young Warrior’s wedding?”

“The War family didn’t send invitations to our Feng family.”

The two families didn’t have much of a friendship.

If the Battle Family did not send invitations and Feng Qing went uninvited, she and her own mother would be prone to falling out unless her own mother took her to go uninvited.

“Knowing that the two Haitong sisters are doing well makes my heart feel better.”

If the last Feng family head was really killed by her own mother, the mother of the Hai Tong sisters had met a tragic end because of the Feng family head’s ruthlessness, which was also the same as dragging the Hai Tong sisters down.

If Mrs Shang was doing well, and the two Hai Tong sisters were doing well, then Feng Qing would feel a little less guilty in her heart.

Mr Fang stopped talking.

The car ran through the streets at night for some time.

After getting onto the small road back to the Feng family mansion, Mr Fang suddenly said, “Does Young Master Qiao have thoughts about Miss?”

He felt that his own young lady could often stumble upon Young Master Qiao.

Young Master Qiao’s suitors didn’t even have the chance to chance upon him, but his young lady often encountered him.

This was either the fate of the two people, or it was something Grand Young Master Qiao did deliberately.

Feng Qing laughed, “Impossible, Young Master Qiao told me that he admires me but has no feelings for me, reminding me not to think anything of him, or else the one who gets hurt will definitely be me.”

“However, I really do appreciate Grand Young Master Qiao.”

Feng Qing admitted that she admired Qiao Han.

If Qiao Han hadn’t said those words to her, she might have really shawked at Qiao Han.

After Qiao Han reminded her, she controlled her heart and stopped thinking about Qiao Han and understood that she and Qiao Han were not suitable for each other, no matter if she took over the Feng family in the future or not, she was not suitable for Qiao Han.

“Young Master Qiao is very outstanding, handsome and golden, mature and calm, and the head of the Qiao family, many young girls in Jiangcheng would love Young Master Qiao after meeting him.”

Mr Fang said this sentence vaguely hiding a bit of acidity.

Feng Qing didn’t hear it, she laughed, “That’s true, Young Master Qiao is a magnet that attracts young girls wherever he goes, but I’m not a young girl, I won’t plant myself in it.”

“Feng Ruo loves Young Master Qiao miserably, but it’s a pity that Young Master Qiao doesn’t even want to look at her.”

Every time she saw Feng Ruo chasing hard after Qiao Han and not getting a response, Feng Qing frantically praised Qiao Han.