Doting Billionaire Chapter 2311

Okay, I’ll arrange it and make sure you’ll have a good time tonight.”

As long as Qiao Han was willing to go on a date with him.

Qiao Han looked at him twice, smiled, and said, “Being with you makes me happy, you have the potential to be a pistachio.”

War Hao Yu laughed even more.

His marriage partner was Qiao Han, and Qiao Han was a calm and steady character, he didn’t even dare to hope that Qiao Han would say a word of love to him.

Qiao Han’s words weren’t sweet words, but in War Hao Yu’s ears, they were love words.

The words of Qiao Han were not sweet words, but in the ears of Zhan Hao Yu, they were words of love.

When it came time to eat, War Hao Yu was so considerate of Qiao Han that he was close to feeding her.

Qiao Han looked at her own bowl piled up into a small mountain and said to him, “I’ve grown hands, I can clip the food and eat it myself, I don’t need you to help me, look, my bowl is piled up with the food you clip, I can’t even eat if I want to have a mouthful of rice.”

After she finished speaking, War Hao Yu immediately went to help her to serve another bowl of rice over.

He also gave her a bowl of soup.

Qiao Han: “……”

She picks up the communal chopsticks and also pinches a bowl full of vegetables for Zhan Hao Yu.

War Hao Yu cheerfully looks at her while eating the dishes piled up in his bowl.

“Just eat, why are you always looking at me.”

“I like looking at you, you are the dish in my bowl, my favourite dish.”

Qiao Han: “……Apart from my favourite dish, you have many other favourite dishes don’t you?”

“No, absolutely not, I just like this dish of yours, I don’t like to eat any other dishes anymore, all the men in our family like to eat solo food.”

“Eating a solitary dish is not the same as eating only one dish.”

“Look at how many dishes I’ve pinned for you, you love them all.”

War Hao Yu: “……”

His action of pinching vegetables to eat pauses, and for a moment he doesn’t even know whether he should or shouldn’t eat.

Seeing his tangled look, Qiao Han puffed and laughed, “If you say that I’m showy, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.”

“Hurry up and eat.”

“Ahan, I’m serious about you, I only love you!”

Qiao Han moved elegantly as she clamped the dish and ate it, the expression of pleasure on her face representing that she was in a pretty good mood at the moment.

She said, “A lifetime is so long, can you guarantee it? I don’t even dare to guarantee the future.”

How many lovers in the heat of the moment, the mountain alliance and the sea oath, after a few years of marriage, cheating, many more.

War Hao Yu choked and said, “I also know that saying nice words is of little use, and I can only prove it with practical actions, but you have to give me this opportunity to prove it to you ah.”

Qiao Han continued to leisurely enjoy her dinner.

“You’re asking me to gamble with my whole life.”

War Hao Yu: “……I’m also gambling with my whole life.”

Marriage was supposed to be a big gamble.

Qiao Han didn’t answer immediately, after she drank some soup, she said to War Hao Yu: “Come on, let’s race, who eats the fastest, eats the most, and doesn’t waste a single bit, if you win, I’ll gamble with you for my whole life, if you lose, forget it.”

As her voice fell, War Hao Yu immediately began to clip vegetables and pick up rice to eat.

Qiao Han: “……”

“You can’t wait for mine?”

War Hao Yu stopped.

“Wait until I say one, two, three to start.”


War Hao Yu held his chopsticks, nerves taut, waiting for her to say one, two, three to start.

Qiao Han also got ready, then quickly said, “Start.”

The two people immediately started eating.

Qiao Han’s cultivation made it so that even if she ate desperately, she wasn’t as fast as War Hao Yu.

War Hao Yu was the one who didn’t even care about the image of the third young master of the War family.

A storm of wind and clouds was set to win or lose.

War Hao Yu had eaten too much.

But he won.

Qiao Han: “……Are you propped up hard?”