Doting Billionaire Chapter 2308

Qiao Han in the car saw her and told the driver to stop the car.

“Miss Feng, what’s wrong? Something wrong with the car?”

Qiao Han pressed down the window and asked Feng Qing.

Feng Qing heard the questioning voice and looked over, seeing that it was Qiao Han, she walked over, “The car broke down all of a sudden, I don’t know what the reason is.”

“I’ll have my driver take a look for you.”

Qiao Han instructed the driver to get out of the car and help Feng Qing check why the car broke down.

The driver she hired was not only mature and calm, he was a good driver and could fix cars as well.

Qiao Han also got out of the car, and as soon as she did, her bodyguard group naturally followed.

After the driver helped Feng Qing check the car, he said to Feng Qing, “Miss Feng, you contact the people from the 4s shop to come over and help you tow the car, I do know how to repair the car, but I don’t have enough tools with me to fix it for you.”

“It’s fine, I’ve already contacted someone from the 4s shop to come over and help me tow the car to fix it.”

Feng Qing had contacted the people from the 4s shop when she met Qiao Han.

The driver looked at her with a desire to speak.

Neither Qiao Han nor Feng Qing missed the driver’s expression, and Qiao Han said seriously, “Say what you have to say straight away.”

“Young master, Miss Feng’s car should have been tampered with.”

Qiao Han’s eyes were deep, but Feng Qing’s complexion remained unchanged, perhaps she had already guessed it.

The driver cautiously said, “The other party only wanted to make Miss Feng’s car unable to go halfway, I don’t know his reason for doing so.”

Usually when people put their hands on other people’s cars, they wanted to make the other person get into a car accident and create the appearance of dying in a car accident.

There were not many cases like the one Feng Qing encountered.

The other party probably didn’t want Feng Qing’s life, but only wanted to fix Feng Qing?

Qiao Han looked at Feng Qing, who first thanked the driver.

Then she said to Qiao Han, “I need to rush to your Qiao Clan’s Guangyuan Hotel to meet an important client now, that client is very time conscious, if I am late, the client will have a very bad impression of me and won’t give me the chance to talk business with him again.”

“This project is also valued by my mother, if I miss out on the co-operation because I’m late, my mother will definitely scold me and even demote me.”

Qiao Han understood, she said to Feng Qing, “Is it too late for me to send you to the hotel now?”

Feng Qing looked at the time and said, “If there’s no traffic, it should be too late.”

“Get in the car, I’ll send you there, and for your car, I’ll have someone here to watch it for you, and wait for the people from the 4s shop to come and tow the car.”

Qiao Han was willing to help, and Feng Qing was not polite.

She thanked Qiao Han as she went back to her car to get the information, then followed Qiao Han to the car.

Qiao Han said in a warm and deep voice, “We are also considered friends, if you are in trouble, how can I stand by and do nothing?”

She had always appreciated Feng Qing.

Putting aside the Feng family’s situation, she felt that Feng Qing was very suitable for Qiao Xuan, but it was a pity that that brat didn’t like Feng Qing.

This thing called fate, it really wasn’t easy to say.

Feelings can’t be forced either.

Love is love, if you don’t love, you don’t love.

Feng Qing’s luck is not bad, although there are some traffic jams along the way, but they can quickly pass.

Qiao Han’s driver drove fast and steady.

When he arrived at the Guangyuan Hotel, there were still five minutes before Feng Qing’s appointment with the client.

Feng Qing said to Qiao Han as she got off the car, “Mr Qiao, I’m in a hurry now, it’s not good to thank you for the time being, I’ll treat you to dinner some other day, I’ll go in first.”

Qiao Han guffawed, “Miss Feng don’t be polite, cheers!”

Feng Qing thanked her and rushed into the hotel.