Doting Billionaire Chapter 2307

War Hao Yu heard Qiao Han say this, and distressed that she had to work overtime, distressed that she would be tired, and quickly said, “That or forget it, on the day of the wedding you go over to drink a cup of wedding wine can be, would have liked you to stay in Guancheng for a few days, and I will take you around to have fun.”

“I’ll be wherever you go, returning to Jiangcheng to accompany you is also fine, it doesn’t have to be in Guancheng.”

Qiao Han’s face darkened and said to him, “You don’t have to do anything all day long? Your big brother is still relieved to hand over your War Group’s catering industry to you to take over, the day your War’s catering industry is squeezed out of the ring, it’s your responsibility to do nothing every day and loiter.”

The strength he had for stalking her was used to go into business, and he could definitely become a big shot in the business world.

War Hao Yu: I’m already a big shot in the business world.

“The various industries involved in my War Group are basically stable, besides, it’s not like I don’t care about things at all, if there’s something important at the hotel, I’ll deal with it.”

War Hao Yu always had a smile on his face, making Qiao Han want to ruthlessly pinch his face and bite him to see if he was still smiling.

“For me now, chasing after my wife is the most important thing, if I can’t chase after you, I can’t even go back to Avenida Villa for the New Year this year, my grandma will really kick me out.”

“Ahan, when the time comes that I’m kicked out of the house by my grandma, you have to take me in ah, I’ll just stay at your house for the New Year’s Eve dinner.”

War Hao Yu suddenly felt that this solution was feasible.

It was now October and not far from the New Year.

Looking at Qiao Han’s appearance, he can’t get Qiao Han to marry him before the year, there is not even much hope for an engagement, if grandma really kicks him out and doesn’t let him spend the New Year at home, he will drag his luggage and defect to Qiao Han.

Staying at Qiao’s house and spending New Year’s Eve at Qiao’s house, Uncle Qiao and Auntie would be very happy.


Qiao Han had a black face.

The lift door opens, she goes straight in, and when War Hao Yu is about to come in, she suddenly pushes hard, and she pushes War Hao Yu backwards, and falls on the floor.

She quickly closed the lift door.

Finally, her ears were clear.

“Ahan, Ahan.”

War Hao Yu crawled and stood up from the ground and pounced on the lift door, it was already too late.

“Out without saying hello, you pushed me out.”

War Hao Yu was not angry even though he was pushed out.

The next moment, he hurriedly ran the stairs down.

Running the stairs for two floors before running back to the lift entrance and taking the other lift down to the ground floor.

There was only one lift in the Qiao Group that could go up to the top floor.

The other lifts couldn’t go up to the top floor, so if you wanted to go up to the top floor, you needed to take a bit of stairs.

Qiao Han knew that pushing like that wouldn’t really get rid of War Hao Yu, and besides, she had told War Hao Yu that she was going home to eat with her parents.

War Hao Yu would kill her directly at her home.

But it would clear her ears for a short period of time.

That guy talks too much.

Sometimes she was amused by his words, and sometimes she was pissed off by him.

But with him, she felt at ease.

It was probably because he knew she was a woman.

In front of War Hao Yu, Qiao Han wouldn’t have to be careful and worry about people knowing her womanhood.

When War Hao Yu chased him out, Qiao Han’s special car drove out of the Qiao Group under the escort of several bodyguard cars.

He was not in a hurry.

Knowing that Qiao Han was going back to the Qiao family mansion, he could just drive there directly.

War Hao Yu first went to buy a lot of things, every time he went to the Qiao family, he had to carry a big bag.

Qiao Han was halfway there when he met Feng Qing.

Feng Qing’s car broke down, she got out of the car to check it over and couldn’t find the reason.