Doting Billionaire Chapter 2306

The secretary hadn’t left yet, and when she saw her return, she reminded her, “Mr Qiao, Mr War is still in the VIP room.”

“I know, the evening’s schedule is cancelled, you get off work first.”


Hearing Qiao Han say that the evening’s trip was cancelled, the secretary had an overwhelming happiness, because Qiao Han didn’t entertain at night, he, the secretary, could also rest for a night and could accompany his girlfriend.

As Mr Qiao’s secretary, he had a busy work schedule, leaving early and returning late every day, and it had been a long time since he had a date with his girlfriend.

The girlfriend had a problem with him.

After instructing his secretary to cancel the evening’s schedule, Qiao Han walked to the door of the VIP room, gently pushed open the door, and saw War Hao Yu sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea in his hand while his hand flipped through the newspaper laid out on the coffee table.

His expression was relaxed and at ease, without the slightest hint of impatience.

Noticing that someone had come in, War Hao Yu looked up and saw that it was Qiao Han.

He put down his teacup, got up and walked towards Qiao Han, asking with concern: “Finished talking business? How was it?”

Qiao Han responded, “The cooperation between our Qiao Clan and Ren Clan was already at an advanced stage of negotiation, and today, General Manager Ren came over and negotiated for an afternoon, and the deal was made, a happy cooperation.”

War Hao Yu congratulated her, “Congratulations!”

Qiao Han was in a happy mood, “Thank you.”

Taking a look at the newspaper he was just reading as well as the tea he was drinking, she asked him, “Reading the newspaper?”

“Well, reading the newspaper, drinking tea, and waiting for the woman I love to get off work, I think my little life is really good.”

Qiao Han glared at him, “Who is your woman now.”

“You are my beloved woman, I’m not wrong.”

Qiao Han: “……”

She misheard and reacted a little too quickly.

“Off duty, right?”Seeing her dumbfounded look, War Hao Yu felt that he had the upper hand again.

He took her hand in a good mood, and when she shook it off, he took it again, and used a bit of force to keep her from breaking free.

“War Hao Yu, this is the Qiao Group, in my company!”

Qiao Han reminded him seriously.

She forcefully, once again shook off his hand, and as he still tried to reach over, she warned, “Be careful I’ll give you an over-the-shoulder drop.”

“Drop me and you’ll have to take care of me.”

“Who would take care of you, you deserve to be dropped.”

Qiao Han twisted her body and walked towards the door, “I’m going home to have dinner with my parents.”

Originally, she had a dinner party in the evening.

For the sake of this guy, she asked her secretary to cancel the evening’s schedule.

Upon hearing this, War Hao Yu immediately grinned and followed her footsteps, smilingly saying, “I blame Uncle Qiao and Auntie for missing them, so I’ll go back with you to have dinner with them.”

Qiao Han was too lazy to respond to him.

He was so thick-skinned that he was able to run to her house every day to dine.

“Right, there’s something I forgot to tell you.”

War Hao Yu chased Qiao Han out of the VIP room, and when he saw Qiao Han going back to the office, he followed, taking out an invitation as he walked.

Without looking back, Qiao Han asked him in a low voice, “What is it, say it, I’ll listen.”

War Hao Yu directly handed that invitation to Qiao Han.

Qiao Han stopped and looked at him twice, his eyes fell on the invitation and asked him, “What is this?”

“My elder brother and sister-in-law are going to have an early wedding, this is the invitation for them to invite your family over to drink the wedding wine, originally I asked someone else to send it to you, but after I learnt about it, I ran this trip myself.”

He also changed out of his female attire and touched the invitation before remembering this important matter.

Hearing that it was an invitation for War Yin and Hai Tong to organise a wedding, Qiao Han took it and opened it to read it over before saying, “Got it, I’ll go over on the day of the wedding.”

“You can go over two days in advance, our family is not worried about having a place to stay, we can arrange for you honourable guests who have travelled a long way to stay.”

Qiao Han took the invitation back to her desk, tidied up her desktop, and grabbed something else before heading out with War Hao Yu.

As she walked, she said, “I can only squeeze out one day.”

“Last time Su Nan got married, your family stayed in Guancheng for two days.”

After a moment of silence, Qiao Han said, “Then I’ll work overtime in the next few days to see if I can squeeze out two or three days to attend your big brother’s wedding.”

She definitely had to go to War Shao’s wedding.

It was just a matter of the length of time to stay in Guancheng.