Doting Billionaire Chapter 2300

When she laughed, she was really happy, too.

There was one thing that she could be sure of.

War Hao Yu’s change in his feelings towards her from the beginning when he was just following his grandmother’s arrangement to get close to her, to really liking her, was obvious.

After sitting slightly for a moment, Qiao Han got up, rounded out of the desk and walked towards the lounge.

War Hao Yu had already changed into his casual civilian clothes, just no shoes, his leather shoes were in the car.

Looking at the pair of high heels, War Hao Yu bent down and lifted them up, just to throw them into the rubbish bin.

“What do you want to throw it for, keep it, this is the high heel shoes worn by the third young master of war.”

Qiao Han’s voice with flirtation came.

War Hao Yu looked over and found her leaning on the door, her hands in her trouser pockets, looking at him with a smile.

“This dress, you don’t throw it either, keep it all. Oops, it’s a pity that I didn’t take a photo of you in women’s clothes with long hair just now.”

Qiao Han had a look of resignation on her face.

She walked in and went to the front of War Hao Yu, her hands that were stuck in her trouser pockets were withdrawn and she helped War Hao Yu to tidy up his clothes.

“You, you still look a little better in men’s clothes.”


“Yes, handsome, you have a good figure, as a male model, you look handsome in any kind of clothes.”

War Hao Yu caught her hands that were helping him organise his clothes, his black eyes burningly locked onto her handsome features, and said in a low voice: “Do you want to take a picture? I can change back into women’s clothes, put on a wig, put on high heels, and take pictures of you, as many as you want.”

“Let’s forget it, even though your face is handsome, it’s really unlike you to dress up as a woman.”

Qiao Han drew back her hand, and also patted War Hao Yu’s flat chest indiscreetly, flirting, “It’s not like this at all.”

War Hao Yu: “……”

He thought about pretending to be more like him, but eventually gave up.

Well, although he had a super invincibly thick skin, but, he still felt a bit ashamed.

Qiao Han bent down, picked up the wig he’d left there from the bed, looked at it for a while, and then, put it on her head.

Picking up the long skirt again, she walked into the washroom as if nothing had happened in front of War Hao Yu’s surprised eyes.

Soon, she came out of it.

She just took off her suit clothes and changed into the long skirt.

Those fake abs, she didn’t take them off.

It was like this that War Hao Yu looked straight in the eyes.

He knew she looked beautiful, just look at how handsome she was when she pretended to be a man.

There were more women who adored her than those who adored his big brother.

Qiao Han saw that War Hao Yu was looking silly, her pretty face was slightly flushed, it was her first time wearing women’s clothing, even her parents had never seen her in women’s clothing.

She didn’t know what to think, just now, on impulse, she picked up her wig and put it on, also wearing the long dress that he had just changed out of.

War Hao Yu was a bit more robust than her, and she looked a bit loose in the long dress that suited him, and had to tie the straps on both sides of the dress a bit tighter.

Usually look at him and she is the same height, really wear suitable for him to wear clothes, the hemline appears to be a little longer, if he picked a hemline just to his heels of the long skirt, she changed into the may have to drag the ground.

He was still taller than her.