Doting Billionaire Chapter 2298

As soon as he entered the lift, War Hao Yu hurriedly took off his high heels.

It turns out that high heels are so difficult to wear.

No wonder Qiao Han didn’t like to wear them and refused to wear them.

She wasn’t even willing to change back into women’s clothes, preferring to dress up as a man.

He gave her skirts, high heels, she refused to accept, he said he wanted to see her wearing women’s clothing, she in turn said she also wanted to see him wearing women’s …… clothing.

Today, he will wear women’s clothing once to show her.

Wearing fake long hair, wearing a long skirt, is a small matter, and then put on make-up, so that his rigid features look mild, these are easy to manage, only that pair of high-heeled shoes is not easy to manage ah.

He stumbled and stumbled, twisting and turning.

Fortunately, this was Jiangcheng.

He also didn’t tell everyone that he was War Hao Yu.

Otherwise, if he let the media reporters know, it would definitely become the headline news in the entertainment section.

War Hao Yu was also deliberately holding a bag.

Tucked inside the bag was a set of his casual clothes, which he would change later on in the lounge inside Qiao Han’s office.

That is, shoes, he didn’t bring.

He left them in the car.

Qiao Han should have shoes, so he borrowed hers to wear.

The lift brought War Hao Yu up to the top floor.

He put on his high heels again, then stepped out of the lift and walked straight towards Qiao Han’s president’s office.

Qiao Han’s secretary had just come out of the office, and when he saw War Hao Yu, he instinctively wanted to greet him, but as soon as he saw that it was a woman, the secretary’s sentence: “Mr War” was swallowed back.

Fortunately, the secretary is not like others, after the rash, the reaction is particularly fast, immediately stopped the war Hao Yu, do not allow him to enter the office.

The secretary was still cursing those people downstairs in his heart, how could he let a woman come upstairs, did he think that Mr Qiao’s suitors were too few?

That said, this woman seems like Third Young Master War ah, it’s not too much to say that those facial features are exactly the same.

“It’s me.”

War Hao Yu did not hide it in front of the secretary.

With two low words, he left the secretary dumbfounded, then watched as he pushed open the office door and went in.

“War ……Third young man?”

The secretary managed to come back to his senses, and the office door had already closed.

“Third Young Master War? The woman who just went in was Third Young Master War in disguise?”

The secretary mumbled, trying very hard to convince himself to trust his eyes.

He was not blind.

Seeing it was real.

That woman was Third Young Master War, and he was a man dressed as a woman?

Or was it because their General Qiao never accepted Third Young Master War’s feelings that Third Young Master War disguised himself as a woman? In order to get their Mr Qiao, the Third Young Master is really desperate, he even used the trick of dressing up as a woman.

What a sacrifice!

Two people, if one of them was a woman, they would really be a good match.

Unfortunately, both were men.

The secretary believed that his boss was not crooked, no matter what War San Shao did, even if he took down Qiao Dong and the chairman’s wife, General Qiao would not accept War San Shao’s feelings.

What Mr Qiao liked was a woman, a real woman.

The secretary was tempted to push the door open and go in to see to see his boss’s reaction, but ultimately held back.

War Hao Yu closed the door to his office and also unlocked it, lest he be disturbed by others talking about his love for Qiao Han.

Qiao Han was busy, she didn’t even raise her head, thinking that it was her secretary who had gone and returned, and she only looked up when she heard the sound of high heels and realised that the person who had come in wasn’t her secretary.

When she met War Hao Yu’s handsome face with make-up, the pen in Qiao Han’s hand fell onto the table at once, then rolled a few times before falling onto the floor.

War Hao Yu walked over and stood opposite her, lifting his hand to ruffle his fake long hair, then turned around a few times to show off that long dress, and finally, asked the dumbfounded Qiao Han: ”Qiao Han, how is it? Isn’t the women’s costume pretty? My features are too rigid, even if I wear women’s clothing and make-up, I don’t have the softness of a female.”