Doting Billionaire Chapter 2297

You can’t say you’re useless in the future, I don’t like to hear it.”

“Okay, okay, I won’t degrade myself anymore, I, Jun Ran, am a very good man, a very good man.”

Shang Xiaofei dejectedly said, “That’s for sure, the men who can make me Shang Xiaofei fall in love are all very good.”

The two of them were making love in the office for a while, but Shang Xiaofei still left.

She had an appointment with a client to talk about business.

Jun Ran reluctantly sends her out of the office.

Seeing him looking like he was going to send Jun Qianli away, Shang Xiaofei stops, turns around and kisses him quickly on the cheek, saying, “I really have an appointment with a client, it’s not good to break the appointment, so when I’m done talking about business, I’ll come and pick you up from work.”

“Smile, I like to see you smile, your smile is what healed the love wounds I suffered in the first place.”

Jun Ran laughs, “No need for you to come and pick me up, I’ll pick you up.”

“OK, I’m going, you go back and busy yourself.”

Jun Ran stood at the entrance of the lift and watched as Shang Xiaofei entered the lift, waiting until the lift doors closed and he couldn’t see his sweetheart before he turned around and walked back.

At the same time in Jiangcheng.

Qiao’s Group.

War Hao Yu’s car was parked in front of Qiao’s Group, and he honked the car horn in the car to remind the security guard to open the door for him.

The security guard saw that it was War Hao Yu’s car and walked out from the security room, about to open the door for War Hao Yu, but he saw that the person in the car was a woman with long hair and a skirt.

The security guard froze at once.

This car, he couldn’t be more familiar with it.

It was the car commonly used by that brazen, third young master of the War family who was stalking their General Manager Qiao, and would come in and out of their company several times a day.

He and his colleagues were all familiar with this car.

It was absolutely impossible to mistake the vehicle.

However, the person in the car was a woman.

It wasn’t War Hao Yu then.

Bao An was tangled up in time, not knowing what kind of person the woman in the car was, and how could she drive over in War Hao Yu’s car.

Should he open the door and let the other party into the company?

Seeing that the security guard didn’t open the door and looked at himself dumbfounded, War Hao Yu didn’t get out of the car, not to mention didn’t press the window, still honking the car horn.

When the security guard came back to his senses, he came out and knocked on the car window.

Only then did War Hao Yu press the window, but he did not look at the security guard, still looking ahead, his mouth said, “Open the door, I want to go in.”

This voice was low and familiar.

It was clearly the third young master of the War family’s ah.

The security guard was lonely and suspicious.

“May I ask who you are?”

“I’m War Hao Yu’s twin sister.”

Security guard: “……”

“I’m here to see your General Manager Qiao, hurry up and open the door.”

Security guard: “……Oh, good.”

The security guard walks back and prepares to open the door for Zhan Hao Yu while muttering in a low voice: “Does Third Young Master Zhan have a twin sister? I haven’t heard of it ah, the third young master’s twin sister speaks especially like the third young master.”

Shouldn’t a woman’s voice be crisp and sweet?

It was the first time he had heard a woman speak like a man’s voice.

In the end, the security guard opened the door.

War Hao Yu quickly drove into the company.

A few minutes later.

Everyone in the Qiao Group saw a woman with a tall figure and features identical to that of War Hao Yu, following high heels and walking out in a serpentine pace, barge into the office building.

The two receptionists looked dumbfounded and even forgot to intercept.