Doting Billionaire Chapter 2294

The brothers above him, only the third brother is still unmarried, but the third brother has a target person now, he and Shang Xiaofei are also in love, it is the ones from the oldest six onwards that are of the right age that are worried about being targeted by sister-in-law.

The old six and old seven all said that now see sister-in-law are a bit numb, but they often see sister-in-law, because everyone can not resist the seductive power of Xiaoyan Yan Yan.

Shang Xiaofei was aware that Mu Qing had written it before, and she had even gone to see it written by Mu Qing by name.

She asked, ”Does sister-in-law not write anymore? I think sister-in-law’s is quite pretty, maybe, also I never read it, the first time I read it was written by sister-in-law, after reading it, I think sister-in-law’s imagination is really rich.”

“Sister-in-law is so busy now, I guess she doesn’t have time to put pen to paper, but she still writes occasionally, it’s just not published. She’s using our brothers as fodder.”

Shang Xiaofei smiled cheekily, “You can ask your sister-in-law to write you into hers as the male lead and give you a bunch of beautiful women.”

“If I become the male lead in her, the female lead must be you.”

Shang Xiaofei laughed even more.

She suddenly wrapped her arms around Jun Ran’s neck and took the initiative to reward him with a kiss.

The beloved one took the initiative to send a fragrant kiss, Jun Ran was nonchalant and hugged her back, deepening the kiss.

After the kiss, Shang Xiaofei’s hand falls on Jun Ran’s face, gently touching it, looking at his eyes are also full of deep love, with a bit of apology.

“Noon, scared you, giving you a gift is to give you a shock.”

So it turns out.

Jun Ran poked on her lips again and said, “It was scared me to death, you don’t know, when I received the news, my face changed, scared me to the point where my hands and feet were cold, my brain couldn’t think of anything else at that time, it only thought of one thing, that is, the woman that I love, I will never give up my hand to her.”

“Even if I have to turn against the Su family, to be an enemy of the Su family, I am determined not to let go!”

Shang Xiaofei snuggles against his chest, softly apologising, “Junran, I’m sorry.”

Junran embraces her tightly, “Don’t say these words to me, it’s not your fault, and it’s not your mother’s fault, I know that Auntie appreciates me, she just dislikes me for being far away.”

“In the future, I won’t let what happened today happen again.”

Shang Xiaofei looked up, promising him.

“My mum, loosened up a lot.”

Jun Ran lowers his head, pressing his forehead against hers, and says in a low, soft voice, “Xiaofei, I’ll tell you something.”

“Say it.”

“Before you knocked on the door and came in, I talked to my brother on the phone, my parents, brother and sister-in-law will soon come to Guancheng, both to attend the wedding of War Yin and his wife, and also to propose marriage to your family.”

Shang Xiaofei locked eyes with him.

Jun Ran thought that she felt it was too early to propose marriage, and hurriedly said, “Whether it’s an engagement, or a marriage, my feelings for you will never change, and I will always love you.”

“I will not doubt your feelings for me.”

Shang Xiaofei had trusted Jun Ran one hundred per cent from the beginning of her relationship with him.

Maybe she would change her heart and Jun Ran wouldn’t even change his heart.

Of course, this sentence, Shang Xiaofei did not say out loud for fear that Jun Ran would have another wild thought.

“I am afraid that my mother will not agree, although my mother has loosened up a lot, and today’s matter is also because of a series of problems triggered by my mother stopping the two of us from being together, but I am not sure that my mother will definitely agree to the marriage of the two of us.”

Jun Ran said, “I am psychologically prepared, if the marriage proposal is unsuccessful once, then propose twice, three times, countless times, I believe that there will always be a time when the marriage proposal will be successful.”

Shang Xiaofei smiles, “I will fully co-operate with you and work hard for our future!”

“Xiaofei, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The two people’s heads got closer and closer, and finally, the four lips touched and tangled together.