Doting Billionaire Chapter 2292

It was even less easy for him.

“It would be nice to get engaged first.”

Jun Ran felt that getting married all at once was not very realistic.

He could be like War Yichen and Ning Yunchu, get engaged first, hold an engagement banquet, and invite all the dignified people in Guancheng to attend, that way, everyone would know that he was Shang Xiaofei’s fiancée.

Let’s see who still wants to be a love rival with him, Jun Fifth Young.

“Well, I will definitely help you guys settle down, don’t worry.”

After confiding in his elder brother and requesting his family to step in, Jun Ran’s hanging heart slightly relaxes.

His family of origin is so good, as long as his parents, brother and sister-in-law all come out, they will definitely be able to get Mrs Shang to agree to his and Xiaofei’s marriage.

If that doesn’t work, his grandparents can also step in.

“Knock knock knock.”

A knock sounded on the door.

Junran said to his elder brother, “Brother, I have a guest coming, let’s not talk first, you tell sister-in-law to start preparing a generous gift with mum.”

“Okay, you get busy first, big brother’s work, you can rest assured, our mother and your sister-in-law, have long been waiting to go and help you propose marriage.”

Mu Qing’s favourite thing to do was to propose marriage to her brothers-in-law.

She was the eldest sister-in-law and her attitude, was very important.

If there was a chance for a family to tie the knot with the Jun family, they would all look at Mu Qing’s attitude, after all, she was the eldest sister-in-law and would be the wife of the house in the future.

Jun Ran ended the call with his brother before he answered in a deep voice, “Come in.”

The office door was pushed open.

Shang Xiaofei came in holding a bouquet of flowers and carrying a few more bags.

Inside that bag were two new sets of clothes, two new ties, and a gift box with a Rolex watch inside the box.

This was her gift to Junran.

This guy was scared at noon.

She sends him some gifts to calm his nerves.

As a matter of fact, she was also terrified.

Luckily, things were resolved perfectly.


Seeing that the person who came in was Shang Xiaofei, Jun Ran puts down his mobile phone, gets up and walks around his desk to meet her, a smile on his face, “Why did you come over?”

“What, you don’t want me to come over?”

Jun Ran laughs, “How can that be, I was thinking that I had just returned to the company from your home, you wouldn’t have come over at this time.”

After all, they had just separated.

Shang Xiaofei walks to the sofa by herself, puts those bags on the sofa, turns back, and then hands the bouquet of flowers, to Jun Ran who walks over.

Jun Ran took the bouquet, his eyes were gentle and full of deep love, locking onto her pretty features, asking her in a warm voice: “For no reason at all, why are you sending me flowers? Sending flowers has always been my monopoly.”

He would often send her flowers.

Even after their relationship had stabilised, he would create surprises every now and then.

Especially after Suteng started to “pursue” her, Jun Ran was afraid that he would be compared to Suteng, so he was racking his brain to come up with all sorts of ways to compare Suteng to him, so that his relationship with Xiaofei would become stronger, and so that the scale of the merchant’s feelings would be tilted in his favour.

“Like it?”

Shang Xiaofei asked him.

Jun Ran laughed, “I like it, I like it even if it’s a blade of grass that you gave me.”

Shang Xiaofei playfully said, “Then I’ll send you a blade of grass next time and see if you like it.”