Doting Billionaire Chapter 2149

Two days later.

&nb city, Feng Chen Villa.

A private plane landed on the private airport of Fengchen Mountain Villa.

The couple Mu Qing and Night Junbo were waiting there.

Seeing that War Yin and Hai Tong got off the plane, the couple smiled and greeted them.

Following the couple back together was Jun Ran.

Knowing that War Yin and his wife came over a few days in advance, Jun Ran rubbed up against War Yin’s private jet and followed them home.

“Hai Tong.”

Mu Qing called out to Hai Tong with a smile.

Nodding towards War Yin again, “Young Warrior, long time no see.”

War Yin returned a smile, “It’s been a long time.”

He shook hands with Night Junbo, and the two great presidents even embraced each other for a bit, after releasing, War Yin then shook hands with Mu Qing.

Jun Ran, who was the last to get off the plane, saw this scene and purposely yelled, “Big brother, sister-in-law, did you two only see War Yin and Hai Tong?Didn’t see that I also came back.”

Night JunBo laughed as he went up and lightly punched his brother’s arm, his eyes glancing further up the plane.

Not seeing Shang Xiaofei, he asked his brother, “Where is Miss Shang?Didn’t you say you brought Miss Shang back with you?”

Jun Ran said rather helplessly: “Xiaofei is temporarily travelling again, she said that she would try her best to make it back on the day of the banquet, and if there is no way to make it back, she asked me to eat the banquet for her.”

“Xiaofei prepared gifts for several children and asked me to bring them back together.”

Every time he and Xiaofei agreed to go back to Feng Chen Villa, Xiaofei always had temporary emergencies to deal with again.

The current Shang Xiaofei, like a strong woman, took business very seriously, and Jun Ran couldn’t even do anything about it.

As long as there was a problem with business, even if Haitong said she was going to deal with it, Shang Xiaofei had to follow her, and when Haitong was not available, Shang Xiaofei had to go even more.

If Shen Xiaojun wanted to go on a business trip, it was impossible. She was carrying Su Nan’s seed in her belly, not to mention that Su Nan wouldn’t let her go on a business trip, and Shang Xiaofei and Hai Tong wouldn’t agree to Shen Xiaojun’s running around.

Hai Tong apologised and said, “Xiaofei is filling in for me, it should have been me on a business trip, she went and asked me to come over first.”

Shang Xiaofei knew that she loved Mu Qing’s pair of children and insisted that she come over with War Yin first, stay at Feng Chen Villa for two days, hug Jun Yan more and dip her hands in the joyful spirit, maybe when she came back, she would be able to get pregnant and get a daughter in one birth.

Hai Tong understood in her heart that the day she didn’t get pregnant, the people who cared about her were all worried and anxious for her.

Her great-aunt was not a superstitious person, but now she started to offer incense and pray to the Buddha on every first and fifteenth day of the month.

Every time her great-aunt went to the incense and worshipped the Buddha, she was praying that she could get pregnant quickly.

War Yin is saying to the public that he and Hai Tong are using contraception, so Hai Tong has not been pregnant so far.

But Mrs Shang is an elder, and she got the answer from Hai Tong that the young couple didn’t use contraception at all.

She has been married to a wealthy family for decades and knows the pressure of a wealthy daughter-in-law.

Half a year after Hai Tong’s marriage, there was no movement, Mrs Shang was not anxious, a year after the marriage, there was still no movement, Mrs Shang became anxious, she was worried that her niece really had a physical problem and could not bear children.

The war Yin as well as his family again enlightened, can really bar the pressure of no queen?