Doting Billionaire Chapter 2146

“Not yet.”

“Let’s go to dinner later, my treat.”

Hai Ling smiled, “Good.”

Shen Xiaojun walked over and laughed, “Sister Hai Ling, you’re finally back, Yangyang has to chant every day, Tongtong and I have heard his chanting until our ears are calloused.”

Yangyang naturally said, “I just miss my mum.”

Can’t you miss your mum and still chant for her to come back?

Shen Xiaojun smiled and lightly pinched his face.

The shop was still busy, so the three of them didn’t chat much until the students went to their evening studies, and calm was restored at the school entrance.

Haitong poured her sister a cup of warm boiled water and asked, “Great Aunt went home?”

“Well, Great Aunt asked me to go over with her for dinner, I missed Yangyang and didn’t go.”

Haitong wanted to say something but couldn’t help but yawn.

Yangyang saw his sister-in-law yawning again and said to his mum: “My sister-in-law is quick, every night when I fall asleep, my sister-in-law is still awake and then yawns a lot.”

Hai Ling said with concern: “Tong Tong, you have to pay attention to your health, good health is the most important thing.”

“Sister, I will pay attention, it’s just that recently the quality of sleep is not very good, it’s during the day that I always want to doze off, I don’t even dare to take a lunch break at noon, as soon as I lie down, I just want to sleep all the way to the end of the world.”

Shen Xiaojun took over, “I said, the bookstore has me to watch, you don’t need to be distracted, and I’m afraid I’ll be tired, how am I that delicate?At home, Su Nan’s family treats me as a national treasure, they don’t let me do anything, and when I pour myself a cup of water to drink, they are still afraid that I’ll scald myself.”

“Only when I come to the shop can I take a breather, besides, Sunan has arranged for someone to help me.”

“I just come over occasionally to take a look, you’re pregnant, I’m worried too.”Hai Tong was concerned, and likewise, she was concerned about her best friend.

Hai Ling looked at Shen Xiaojun’s stomach and laughed: “Now you can see that you’re a pregnant woman.”

Shen Xiaojun also looked down at her stomach, “Can you tell?I don’t feel it myself yet, I just feel slightly rounder.”

“Experienced people can tell at a glance that you’re a pregnant woman, and in another two months, your belly will be bulging.After some more time, your stomach will be like stuffing a watermelon la.”

Shen Xiaojun laughed, “I want the baby to grow up faster, unload the cargo earlier, and carry a pregnant woman, who is not allowed to do this or that, and I feel like I don’t have any freedom.”

“When you’ve unloaded, you’ll want to stuff him back into your stomach.Carrying a baby is even harder, especially in the first three months, you can’t even sleep well.”

Hai Tong, who took care of her sister during her monthly cycle, knows this all too well.

When the topic of the baby came up, both Hai Ling and Shen Xiaojun had the good sense not to ask about whether or not Hai Tong had moved.

They were the people that Hai Tong trusted the most and were closest to her.

If Hai Tong had any news, she would definitely tell them at the first opportunity.

They would just wait and see.

When her sister returned, Hai Tong called her husband and we all went to the Guancheng Hotel for dinner.

After the meal, Yangyang followed his mother home, while Hai Tong and her husband and wife went back to the Peak Villa.

The car travelled less than ten minutes, war Yin talking, can not get his wife’s response, he inclined his head to look at the petite wife, found Hai Tong leaning against the back of the car seat fell asleep.

War Yin:”……So sleepy?It hasn’t even been ten minutes since you got in the car, one minute you’re talking to me, the next minute you’re gone with the weekender.”

He asks Ah Qi who is sitting in the passenger seat: “Great Young Grandma has been busy all day?No rest?”

Ah Qi hurriedly replies: “Great Young Grandma was busy all day, but whenever there was free time, Great Young Grandma was napping.”

War Yin frowns, thinking that his beloved wife is exhausted.

Can’t let her be this desperate, like a desperate woman, his wife of War Yin, doesn’t need to be that desperate to earn money, the money he earns, several lifetimes can’t be spent.

He took off his suit jacket and draped it over Hai Tong’s body.