Doting Billionaire Chapter 1993

War Hao Yu smiled as he got out of the car, “Good.”

Qiao Dong saw him buy so many things over, said he: “Hao Yu, later over, can not buy so many things, our family is not lacking anything, really say lack, but also lack of two people, my two children are still single.”

War Hao Yu smiled cheekily, “As long as Uncle Qiao and Auntie don’t mind, I can make up for one of the shortages.”

“Can you make up for it? Your family agrees?”

“I’ll make the call on my matters.”

Joe was relieved.

The couple already had their eyes on War Hao Yu and wanted him to be their son-in-law.

It is the daughter said the war Hao Yu has a wife candidate, the couple only fade that heart, did not expect the war Hao Yu suddenly launched a passionate pursuit of the daughter, every day to send flowers, send gifts.

Well, it’s only been two days.

But in the eyes of the Qiao family, the war Hao Yu pursuit of Qiao Han two days, give them a feeling that has been two years.

“Uncle Qiao, auntie isn’t home?”

Qiao always went out on his own before War Hao Yu asked this.

The future in-laws were also extremely affectionate, and when one went out alone, the other was definitely not at home.

“Your aunt has a friend’s birthday today, invited her over for a dinner party, all women, I didn’t follow, she didn’t want me to follow either, said it was a sisterhood party from her youth, there would be more topics to talk about.”

General Manager Qiao took those gifts from War Hao Yu’s hand and once again chanted that War Hao Yu had broken the bank, imploring him not to buy so many things over next time, or else he wouldn’t be allowed to enter the door.

The two people entered the house together.

General Qiao was next to War Hao Yu and whispered, “Hao Yu, I suspect that your aunts and friends gatherings are saying bad things about us as husbands, so all of them don’t need to be accompanied by their husbands, in the past, those women of theirs, what they wanted the most was the company of our husbands.”

“Work is so busy that a few days do not come home, will suspect that we are outside to raise small three small four, hate to become a small pendant hanging on us these husbands, today abnormal, must be to say bad things about us.” Work is so busy that he does not come home for a few days, he will suspect that we are outside to raise a small three small four, hate to turn into a small pendant to hang on us husbands, today abnormal, must be to say bad things about us.”

War Hao Yu laughed, “Uncle Qiao is so good to Auntie, hasn’t done anything wrong to Auntie, Auntie won’t say anything bad about you, quasi praising you in front of others.”

Thinking about the couple’s dozens of years and having a pair of understanding and capable children, General Qiao heatedly smiled, “That’s me overthinking.”

His wife wouldn’t say anything bad about him.

The two of them entered the house, and General Qiao asked War Hao Yu, “Do you want some water?”

“No, I’m not thirsty, Uncle Qiao is going fishing, let’s go early and see if we can catch a few big fish to come back and make braised fish.”

Mr Qiao likes this kind of war haoyu who doesn’t treat him as an outsider, after he put down his things, he went to bring fishing tools and handed them to war haoyu: “Mine is in my car, this is for you. I’ll be fishing at a nearby creek, the water in that creek is especially clear, there are a lot of fish, but they’re not big.”

“I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make braised fish, grilled fish is more like it.”

“Grilled fish then, I’m very good at grilling.”

As the two walked towards the house, War Hao Yu boasted, “Uncle Qiao, tonight I’ll cook a few of my favourite dishes for you, and call on Qiao Han’s siblings to come back for dinner.”

It was time to show off his Third Young Master War’s cooking skills.

He was in charge of the catering industry, and his cooking skills were the best amongst his brothers.

Mr Qiao stopped.

Tilting his head, he looked at War Hao Yu.

War Hao Yu followed suit and stopped, locking eyes with General Manager Qiao.

A moment later, General Qiao looked left and right quickly to make sure there was no third person around, he asked in a curious whisper, “Hao Yu, did you just say siblings? You said my family Ahan is a woman?”

War Hao Yu asked back, “Isn’t it?”