Doting Billionaire Chapter 1992

Qohan: “”

“Old madam, you all know about me and War Hao Yu?”

“I know, the internet is so developed now, even though it happened in your Jiang City, as long as it’s on the internet, I can also see it in A City.”

Qiao Han suddenly felt that she had made this phone call to complain and was destined to fail again.

The war old lady knows, war haoyu’s own mother also knows, but in the war family has the name of the sea god needle of the old lady have no reaction, not to mention the control of war haoyu, she also sued what?

The old lady is not a good person, but the old lady is not a good person, but the old lady is not a good person.

The result is estimated and the war Yin said, as long as the war Hao Yu happy, they will not care war Hao Yu in pursuit of who.

“Old madam, I’m a man.”

Qiao Han said in a low voice, “I don’t like the same sex, War Hao Yu is destined to have no good results if he is bothering with me, I rather think that he is treating me like this because he doesn’t want to marry the wife candidate that you have chosen for him.”

“We’ve all heard about the matter of old madam choosing wives for her grandchildren.”

The old lady laughed, “Didn’t Hao Yu make it clear to you?”

That brat had started his pursuit of Qiao Han, but he didn’t even tell Qiao Han that his choice of wife was Qiao Han.

Qiao Han heard the point, and she said in a low voice, “War Hao Yu didn’t tell me clearly, old madam, is War Hao Yu pursuing me for another reason?”

“Qiao Han, go ask Haoyu, this is a matter between the two of you, I’m old, my eyes are dim and my ears don’t work well, I even have to walk on crutches, I really don’t have the energy to care about you young people’s business.”

The old lady finished speaking and rather sheepishly shoved the mobile phone back to Hai Tong, whispering to Hai Tong, “Tong Tong, that’s your sister-in-law, you set her straight.”

Hai Tong: “”

Hai Tong pretended like she didn’t know anything and said to Qiao Han, “Mr Qiao, there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up now, I’m taking the kids outside to play.”

“I’m bothering Great Young Grandma.” Excuse the great young grandma.”

Qiao Han wisely took the initiative to end the call.

In her heart, she understood that War Hao Yu had a hidden agenda there, and even if she asked, no one would tell her.

If she wanted to know the reason, she could only go and ask War Hao Yu.

Qiao Han put down the mobile phone, thought for a long time, and finally held back from calling and asking War Hao Yu at the first time.

Since he didn’t tell her, that means he doesn’t want to tell her, it’s useless for her to ask him, that man’s tongue is long, but what he doesn’t want to say, you want to pry his mouth open, that’s impossible.

War Hao Yu didn’t know that Qiao Han had called to tell him off again.

His pursuit of Qiao Han was really making Qiao Han angry and helpless.

After leaving from Qiao’s group, War Hao Yu first called and arranged for someone to pass on the fact that the Guancheng merchant’s wife’s surname was Feng to certain people in the Feng family, and then, he prepared a thick gift and went straight to Qiao’s house.

Qiao Dong couple was originally very like him, war Hao Yu feel, is Qiao Han said his grandmother to choose a fiancée for him, Qiao Dong couple to him only a lot of cold.

Smart people, naturally can figure out the reason.

War Hao Yu decided to take the route of his parents-in-law.

To please Qiao Dong and his wife, by the future old husband in front of Qiao Han to say more good words about him.

This side he continues to passionately pursue Qiao Han, over there and take the route of the parents-in-law, two-pronged approach, I do not believe that you can not catch up with his wife.

War Hao Yu drove his car directly to Qiao’s house.

Qiao Dong just wanted to go out, he was bored at home and wanted to go out to find a friend to chat, Mrs Qiao had already asked a friend to go out to play.

Seeing that War Hao Yu came, Qiao Dong had company, turned around and drove the car back to the mansion, and said to War Hao Yu, “Hao Yu, you came just in time, let’s go fishing.”