Doting Billionaire Chapter 1988

Now that it’s almost time for work, let me treat you to dinner, and after dinner, I’ll send you back to work, and I’ll be on my way.”

“No need, as long as you leave, I’ll be grateful to you, War Hao Yu, please just spare me.”

Qiao Han was going crazy.

War Hao Yu had only been chasing her for two days and she couldn’t even stand it, this guy’s tricks were really endless, there was always a way to restrain her, making her angry and helpless.

She must have been an enemy of War Hao Yu in her previous life, and only in this life was she being chased by War Hao Yu for revenge.

War Hao Yu said in a serious manner, “Qiao Han, I really like you, I’m serious about you, I’m seriously pursuing you, although I’m a little bit shameless and a little bit thick-skinned, but chasing after my wife, I definitely need to be a little bit thicker to do so.”

“If I am thin-skinned and give up after being scolded twice by you and rejected by you, then I can only be a bachelor in this life, and it would be a pity for a man as good as me to be a bachelor, so I can only be a little bit shameless and a little bit thicker-skinned.”

Qiao Han: “”

She could no longer justify that she was a man in front of War Hao Yu.

War Hao Yu would ask her to take off her trousers to check her identity.

Of course she couldn’t take off her trousers.

Then, it gave him reason to question her for not being a man.

War Hao Yu twisted around and walked back to the sofa, putting the skirt and high heels back into separate bags.

There was no forcing Qiao Han to necessarily accept the dress he gave her.

She had been dressing as a man for more than twenty years and was used to dressing as a man, making her wear a skirt was very difficult for her.

When he bought her a skirt, he was actually testing her bottom line to see to what extent she could tolerate it. He bought her a skirt, in fact, is also testing her bottom line, to see how far she can tolerate.

“Right, there’s something else I want to ask General Manager Qiao about when I come over today.”

War Hao Yu remembered the matter of Feng Qing and Sister Hai Ling’s resemblance, walked back to Qiao Han and sat down opposite Qiao Han, feeling thirsty, he got up again and went to pour himself a cup of warm boiled water over before sitting down again.

Seeing him in her office as if he was in his own home, Qiao Han cursed him a million times again in her heart.

How could she know such a shameless man?

“Qiao Han, you should know the family history of the Feng family well, right?”

Since it was a question, War Hao Yu was being serious and gathered his playfulness.

Even the way he looked at Qiao Han was much more serious.

The way he was serious was quite charming.


Qiao Han was startled for a moment.

She actually felt that the serious look of War Hao Yu was charming, she was pissed off by him and still felt that he was charming, she was probably possessed by a ghost, or else she was confused by War Hao Yu’s anger.

“What do you want to ask?”

Qiao Han was a bit curious, not understanding why he would ask about the Feng family’s family history.

War Hao Yu didn’t hide anything in front of her, he honestly said, “When I first looked at Miss Feng Qing, I felt that she was a little bit similar to my sister-in-law Hai Tong, then when I looked at her again, I felt that she was even more similar to Sister Hai Ling, let’s put it this way, Feng Qing resembles both of the sisters of my sister-in-law, it’s a three-point resemblance to my sister-in-law, and it’s a five or six-point resemblance to Sister Hai Ling.”

“In the past, when Sister Hai Ling was fat, you couldn’t see her original appearance, but now that she’s slimmed down and regained her original face value, I’m pretty sure that Feng Qing looks very similar to the current Sister Hai Ling.”