Doting Billionaire Chapter 1987

There are no vases in Mr Qiao’s office, I’ll send you a few vases over this afternoon, and in the future, the flowers I give you will be placed in the vases, and the office will be a little more beautiful.”

Qiao Han didn’t want to receive the bouquet from War Hao Yu, but War Hao Yu didn’t care if she liked it or not, and put the bouquet on her desk straight away.

Then he returned to Qiao Han’s side and reached out to pull Qiao Han, which Qiao Han avoided.

“War Hao Yu, please respect yourself and don’t move your hands.”

“Don’t you always emphasise that you’re a man, a man pulling a man’s hand, no one suffers, what are you afraid of?”

Saying this, he stiffly pulled Qiao Han to the sofa in the waiting area.

“I also bought you a set of clothes and a pair of shoes.”

He picked up the bag with the dress and shoved it into Qiao Han’s arms, and the bag with the heels, while he helped her take the heels out, put them on the floor, and said to her, “Sit down and try to see if this pair of shoes fits, I’m eyeballing how big your feet are, and roughly the size I bought.”

Qiao Han’s face darkened again when she saw the pair of heels.

She didn’t take the dress out, but she glanced twice at the clothes in the bag and knew they were women’s clothes by the colour.

Damn War Hao Yu, how dare he send her women’s clothes and shoes!

He’s so sure that she’s a woman?

Qiao Han threw the bag with the dress back at War Hao Yu and said coldly, “Mr War should give it to the fiancée your grandmother helped you choose.”

After saying that, she turned around and walked back to her desk and sat down, starting to work, not wanting to bother with this man anymore.

War Hao Yu took out the skirt from the bag, unfolded it, and compared it to his own body, saying, “Doesn’t this skirt look good? I think it’s quite nice ah, this is the first skirt I’ve ever bought.”

With the dress in one hand and the pair of heels in the other, he tried to walk over to them. With the skirt in one hand and those heels in the other, he tried to walk over.

Instead, the secretary knocked on the door at that moment.

The secretary came in with a document that he wanted Qiao Han to sign.

As soon as he came in, he saw War Hao Yu holding a long dress for women and a pair of high heels with diamonds on the uppers, which were very pretty, but of course not cheap.

This scene made the secretary froze.

He looked at War Hao Yu and thought to himself, not only is the third young master of War gay, he also likes women’s clothes and shoes, is this the plan for the future after he is with their General Manager Qiao, is General Manager War pretending to be a woman and being that recipient?

Soon, the secretary returned to normal, he walked over with the document and said to Qiao Han, “Mr Qiao, this document needs your signature.”

Qiao Han took the document and after reading it, he signed his name on it before handing it over to the secretary.

After the secretary received the document, he was about to say something, but seeing that Qiao Han’s handsome face was taut, the secretary finally said nothing and took the document that Qiao Han had signed and went out.

After waiting for the secretary to go out, War Hao Yu once again took the skirt and high heels and walked over, placing them on Qiao Han’s desk and said to Qiao Han, “Do you want to give it a try?”

Qiao Han didn’t even lift her head and said coldly, “War Hao Yu, don’t force me to have someone blow you out.”

“You don’t like it? I think this dress is quite nice ah, it’s the first time I’ve bought clothes for a girl.”

Qiao Han was so angry that she snatched that skirt and threw it towards his head, the skirt was set on War Hao Yu’s head, War Hao Yu hurriedly pulled the skirt off, looking at the opposite side of the woman who hated her teeth and could do nothing about him.

War Hao Yu rather soft heartedly said, “Well, you don’t want to wear a skirt yet, then don’t wear it, you look pretty good in a suit, it’s just that you look better than me in a suit, making me feel a little inferior in front of you.”

“Get out!”

No matter how good Qiao Han’s temper was, she couldn’t stand War Hao Yu.