Doting Billionaire Chapter 1986

It’s not that there aren’t women who smoke, it’s that women who smoke are still in the minority.

“I only smoked because of the arrival of the war chief, usually I’m in a good mood and usually don’t smoke.”

War Hao Yu laughed, “So it’s me who caused General Manager Qiao to be in a bad mood? Chief Qiao tell me, why are you in a bad mood? Am I ugly? I’m not ugly, you will only find it pleasing to the eye when you look at me.”

Qiao Han stared at him.

War Hao Yu wasn’t afraid of her glare, and when he was glared at by her, he even developed an urge to touch her big beautiful eyes.

Of course, at the moment, he only dared to think about it, and didn’t dare to touch her eyes for fear that if he did, the two of them would dry hump and ruin his own image.

“If Mr Qiao dares to confirm in front of me that you really are a man, I promise that I won’t even appear in front of Mr Qiao in the future.”

War Hao Yu knew that she was upset because of his pursuit.

Qiao Han was a bit angry as she coldly reminded him, “Third Young Master War, have you forgotten the candidate your grandmother chose for you as a wife? Your grandmother would be furious if she knew that you were pestering me and letting yourself be known as a homosexual.”

“As far as I know, Third Young Master War is also very filial to your grandmother, aren’t you afraid of being angry with your grandmother?”

Complaining to War Yin, War Yin said that he respected his cousin’s choice, as long as his brother was happy.

In the war family the person who can control war haoyu besides war Yin there is also the old lady.

Just now war old lady is not in Guancheng.

Qiao Han has long had people inquired, the old lady and big young grandma Hai Tong are not in Guancheng.

Qiao Han didn’t have the old lady’s contact number and couldn’t complain to the old man.

After finishing that cigarette, War Hao Yu walked back to the table and threw the cigarette butt in the ashtray, then walked towards the set of sofas in the waiting area, picked up the bouquet of flowers from the coffee table and walked towards Qiao Han.

“Even though my grandmother chose a wife for me, and also asked me to take the other person within a year, I always felt that marriage is a lifetime event, and that I always need to properly cultivate a relationship with her before I can marry her.”

“Those who have an emotional foundation can also be happier after marriage. I don’t have the courage like my elder brother to marry first and love later.”

Qiao Han grasped the point and said, “How are you going to cultivate a relationship with your fiancée now that you’re pestering me? I’m only afraid that when the other party hears that you’re a homosexual, she won’t dare to marry you.” Qiao Han grasped the point and said, “How can you cultivate a relationship with your fiancée now that you are pestering me endlessly? I’m afraid that when the other party hears that you’re a homosexual, she won’t dare to marry you.”

War Hao Yu gazed at her with a smile on his face and laughed, “She is refusing to marry me, so I can only pursue General Manager Qiao, because it’s because of General Manager Qiao that I’m carrying the name of homosexuality.”

“It was General Manager Qiao who caused me to carry the name of homosexuality, General Manager Qiao has to be responsible for me, right?”

Qiao Han’s face turned green with anger at his words.

I’ve seen shameless ones, I’ve never seen one as shameless as War Hao Yu.

It was clearly his sudden and high-profile pursuit of Qiao Han, who was caught off-guard by his confession and pursuit.

Now he’s actually blaming Qiao Han, saying that it’s Qiao Han who caused him to be known as a homosexual.

“War Hao Yu, can you be any more shameless?”

When Qiao Han was furious, she was calling him by name.

War Hao Yu laughed, “I can, shamelessness is divided into ten levels, I can satisfy you if you want me to reach the number one level.”

Qiao Han: “”

War Hao Yu handed her the bouquet of flowers and looked at her in a way that made her feel a bit fiery, which made Qiao Han a bit flustered that War Hao Yu was for real!

“Qiao Han, this bouquet is for you, may your mood every day be as beautiful as flowers like this.”

There was no way Qiao Han would accept his flowers, she said in a low and cold voice, “If Mr War wants me to be in a mood as beautiful as a flower, please don’t show up in front of me again and don’t pester me, there’s no way I would like to accept Mr War’s advances.”

She did not re-emphasise that she was a man.

Afraid that this shameless one would force her to take off her clothes again to prove that she was a man.

“Qiao Han, don’t say too much, it’s easy to get hit in the face.”

War Hao Yu laughed, “Like when my big brother swore that he wouldn’t chase after his wife, and in the end, he was slapped in the face, he ah, was close to hanging on to my sister-in-law as a pendant.”