Doting Billionaire Chapter 1984

These old courtiers are also of the same generation as Qiao Dong, they can be said to have watched Qiao Han grow up, and they know Qiao Han’s character and ability very well.

Putting aside Qiao Han’s identity, they all appreciated this young man and looked forward to their own daughters taking Qiao Han as their son-in-law.

War Hao Yu, this halfway killed Cheng Bite Jin, relying on the identity of a man, and is the third young master of the War family, whoever wants to do something to him, will have to consider the War family behind him, as well as the Su family.

Nowadays, even the Shang Clan, which was once at odds with the Battle Clan, would help the Battle Clan.

Therefore, no one dared to easily move War Hao Yu.

One could only curse him behind his back for being shameless.

Even if he was crooked himself, he also wanted to bring crooked Qiao Han, who was regarded as the most ideal son-in-law candidate by many elders, and was simply committing public anger.

After throwing away the portion of breakfast sent by War Hao Yu, Qiao Han returned to her position and sat down, continuing her meeting as if nothing had happened.

War Hao Yu, who was waiting over there, was enjoying his breakfast.

When Qiao Han had a meeting, it would take at least an hour, so if he waited for an hour, his breakfast would turn into lunch.

Besides, if he left the house early, he felt hungry too.

After eating breakfast, War Hao Yu sat on the sofa, took out his mobile phone, and leisurely brushed the video or played two games.

One hour later.

Only then did the secretary come and knock on the door, telling him, “Mr War, President Qiao has returned to the office, asking Mr War to come over.”

War Hao Yu stopped playing with his mobile phone, tucked it back into his trouser pocket, and said, “I was so engrossed in playing that I didn’t notice that Qiao Han had finished the meeting.”

“I’ll go see him right now.”

War Hao Yu picked up the bouquet of flowers, then picked up a few bags, and asked his secretary as he walked outside, “Did Qiao Han eat the breakfast I sent him.”

The secretary replied, “Mr War will know if he asks General Manager Qiao later.”

He doesn’t answer. He doesn’t answer.

That was General Manager Qiao’s personal matter and it was inappropriate for him to meddle in it.

When the secretary said this, War Hao Yu guessed that Qiao Han must not have eaten, and presumably threw all the breakfasts he sent in the rubbish bin.

No defence, soon it would be time for another midday meal.

He made every effort to treat Qiao Han to dinner as well, or else, Qiao Han would treat him to dinner, he would eat with Qiao Han anyway.

A strong woman is afraid of a stalker, and he’s going to make the most of the stalker’s stalking nature.

War Hao Yu nodded towards his secretary, then walked out of the VIP room with the gift and walked towards the president’s office.

The secretary helped him knock on the office door.

“Secretary, thank you, but can you not follow me in?”

War Hao Yu whispered to the secretary as he prepared to enter the office.


He still dutifully follows him in.

There was always a need to pour a cup of warm water for Chief War.

Qiao Han did not sit in front of the desk, she stood in front of the window, her back to the two people who came in, and the office smelled of tobacco.

Qiao Han was smoking.

Qiao Dong is in semi-retirement, Qiao’s group is handed over to Qiao Han siblings management, Qiao Han is the president, socialising a lot, smoking that is difficult to avoid daily.

But a lot of the time, Qiao Han will not smoke.

Occasionally, when she is in a bad mood, she will smoke a cigarette.

At the moment, she was in a bad mood.