Doting Billionaire Chapter 1982

The shouting seemed to be, “Qiao Han, I’m true to you, I’m serious, no matter what you do to me, I like you and I’m going to pursue you.”

The distance between the top floor of Qiao Group’s office building and the ground was so high that even if War Hao Yu had a loud voice, his shouting, by all accounts, wouldn’t reach the top floor.

On the contrary, Qiao Han heard it.

Not only did she hear it, but so did the top management, all of them looked out the window and then back at Qiao Han.

Qiao Han’s face was as black as the bottom of a casserole.

She paused the meeting, got up, and walked to the window.

The distance was far, so she couldn’t see it very clearly, but with careful listening, she could hear that War Hao Yu had used a tweeter.

He used the tweeter to amplify his voice to her ears, and also so that everyone in the neighbourhood could hear him shouting.

Qiao Han cursed lowly.

She immediately took out her mobile phone, wanting to call the police and sue War Hao Yu for creating a noise nuisance, but after thinking about it, she eventually gave up calling the police.

Turning back to her position, she instructed her secretary, “Make a call to the security section and tell them to go out and tell Chief War that he can come in.”

Lest they create noise outside, affecting the public while making her the topic of everyone’s conversation once again.

Although the noise could disappear if the police were called, and War Hao Yu would probably still be criticised and educated, but that would be treating the symptoms rather than the root cause.

This man had too many devious ideas, who knew what he would come up with next time to disturb her?

War Hao Yu was the man that Qiao Han had encountered who was the most defenseless to her.

“Yes, General Manager Qiao.”

The secretary hurriedly informs the security chief to let War Hao Yu in, so that he doesn’t let War Hao Yu use a trebuchet to yell his confession to General Manager Qiao again.

The security chief was also having a headache.

Receiving the secretary’s call, the security chief rushed to the front of the battle with the fastest speed. The security chief rushed to the front of the battle at the fastest speed when he received the secretary’s internal phone call.

“Mr War, Mr War.”

The security captain went to pull on the hands of War Hao Yu with both hands, and at the same time, he also prevented War Hao Yu from using the tweeter to shout again.

War Hao Yu paused his shouting, inclined his head to look at the security captain and asked with a smile, “What’s wrong? Your General Manager Qiao is free to entertain me?”

The security captain accompanied a smiling face, “Mr War, I just received an internal call from Mr Qiao’s secretary, Mr Qiao said to let you in, you should stop shouting here, creating a noise nuisance, people can call the police to deal with you.”

War Hao Yu said, “If Qiao Han let me in at first, I wouldn’t have to go through so much effort to shout here.”

He then said to Manager Dong, who was standing not far away, “Manager Dong, the trebuchet can be brought back, keep it for now, and continue to use it another day if I still can’t get into Qiao’s group.”

He was the one who had called and asked Manager Dong to send the tweeter over to him.

Manager Dong hurriedly came over to pick up the tweeter.

Manager Dong’s face was red.

I don’t know what the reason for the redness is, it’s probably from holding in his laughter.

The security chief, however, felt that Manager Dong’s face was red because he had a shameless boss like War Hao Yu.

So shameless!

If those female suitors of Mr Qiao had dared to be like Mr War, regardless, it was expected that Mr Qiao would have been taken down by a certain Qianjin long ago.

It’s still the case that Chief War is shameless in order to take down their Chief Qiao, isn’t it?


No, Mr War is a man, and so is Mr Qiao.

They can’t be together. That’s not acceptable to the world.