Doting Billionaire Chapter 1979

Go home and get some early rest, I’ll be back soon.”

Haitong admonished her husband.

War Yin deliberately said in an aggrieved manner, “Wife, I was almost misunderstood by you, and you didn’t come back in advance to comfort me and keep me company, my mind is very hurt.”

A man as devoted as him was being exploited by people with a heart of gold who wanted to harm him into a playboy.

He was aggrieved.

He needs his wife’s company and comfort.

Hai Tong laughed, “That’s fine, I’ll take Yangyang back tomorrow night, Grandma won’t necessarily follow me back.”

War Yin said of his grandmother, “The old man is a handful of years old, still flying here and there all day long, not obedient at all, if her old man was a dozen years younger, the sky could be stabbed down.”

“Grandma said, her family raised too many pigs, need to find cabbage for the pigs.”

War Yin: “”

He was the big pig in grandma’s mouth!

The cabbages he arched were also found for him by grandma!

“Can’t you come back in the morning?”

“I made an appointment with Qing Qing to take the kids to the zoo, Yang Yang is so happy, if I tell him I’m not going, he’ll be disappointed. Going back tomorrow night is also ahead of schedule then.”

War Yin bristled and said, “You always put other people’s men in front of me and don’t think about my feelings. When Yangyang grows up and marries a wife, he’ll be someone else’s man, and no matter how good you are to him, you’re still helping someone else’s family take care of their man.”

Hai Tong lost her smile and said, “This sour taste is even more sour than sauerkraut.”

“I’m just jealous, as long as you’re good to a male, I’m jealous, no matter if that male is an adult or a child, as long as that male isn’t me, I’m sour.”

“Sour you to death, so sour that your teeth are so soft that you can’t even eat tofu.”

“I don’t eat tofu, I eat you.”

Hai Tong laughed and angered him, “Don’t say those words, Yang Yang is still with me.” Hai Tong laughed and ranted at him, “Don’t say those words, Yang Yang is still with me.”

War Yin again a burst of sour.

“Tomorrow evening I will go to Feng Chen Villa to pick you up and bring you back.”

Hai Tong didn’t reject him.

“Then, I’ll hang up and take Yangyang to bed.”

“My own man doesn’t take him to sleep, take Yangyang to sleep, I’m sour, I’m sour, I’m still sour.”

Hai Tong: “”

She hurriedly hangs up the phone and doesn’t listen to that sour man’s sour words anymore.

After the couple ended the call, War Yin contacted Su Nan again.

In short, this night, war so-and-so young was not in a good mood.

Compared to his big brother’s not so good mood, the third young master of the war was a sleep until dawn.

As soon as the day dawned, War Hao Yu came back from the Duke of Zhou, he walked to the window, Feng Ze Hotel is more than twenty floors high, and his presidential suite is located on the top floor, standing in front of the window can put the city’s bustle at the bottom of his eyes.

After standing for a few minutes, War Hao Yu twisted around and walked towards the washroom.

Twenty minutes later.

The refreshed War Hao Yu came out of the presidential suite.

“Chief War.”

The manager held a bouquet of flowers and stood at the door with a few bags waiting for War Hao Yu.

“Manager Dong.”

War Hao Yu greeted with a smile, “Good morning.”