Doting Billionaire Chapter 1977

Su Nan smiled and made a bet with his beloved wife, “Let’s make a bet, I say that after the couple of War Yin have a child, the first child will definitely be a son.”

Shen Xiaojun: “I don’t even quite dare to bet with you.”

Feel so no chance of winning.

“It’s better not to bet, the War family hasn’t had a daughter in several generations, I don’t dare to guarantee that Tongtong will have a daughter in her first child, and I don’t even dare to bet that she’ll have both children.”

Shen Xiaojun felt that if she bet, she would probably lose.

“Wife, you dare to bet with me, if I win, I’ll send you a set of jewellery, if I lose, I’ll send you two sets of jewellery, so I won’t let you suffer.”

Shen Xiaojun puffed and laughed, “What’s the point of such a bet? If you really want to bet, then let’s make a bet, I bet that Hai Tong and her husband and wife will be able to have both children, if I win, you can send me whatever I want, if I lose, I’ll give it to you.”

Su Nan agreed very quickly.

He said, “Then I will bet that the two children in front of the couple of war Yin are both sons.”

In fact, he bet like this because he wanted to distract his wife’s attention from thinking about eating ice cream, and it was not good to eat ice cream in the middle of the night.

“Only bet on two babies ah, but Hai Tong is estimated to give birth to just two babies, two babies can also determine the winner.”

Shen Xiaojun understood her best friend, she would give birth to a second child, but the chances of a third child were not great, even if the war family had more than enough money to support the baby, Hai Tong did not want to give birth to a third child.

With one child, Hai Tong would feel very lonely.

It was most likely that she would have a second child.

Hai Tong didn’t know that because her best friend wanted to eat ice cream, it led to a bet between the young couple, and she sent those photos to War Yin after talking to Shen Xiaojun.

If there was any misunderstanding between the couple, she felt it was best to explain it right away, not to keep a long mouth shut, which would only make the misunderstanding deeper and deeper.

War Yin received the photos sent by his wife, he just finished talking business, ready to go home. When he received the photo from his wife, he just finished talking about business and was ready to go home.

On the way to see these photos, the war Yin that anxious ah.

He immediately called Hai Tong.

After Hai Tong answered the phone, he anxiously explained on the phone, “Tong Tong, that man is not me, absolutely not me, I have no second woman except you!”

“You see that photo only has a back and side view, not even a front view, it means that man is not me, the other party is afraid that once they take a front view, they will be wearing out.”

“Who is that woman? Damn it, actually harmed me! I’ll immediately ask Su Nan to help me investigate the investigation.”

War Yin hated to tear the woman in the photo.

“Right, Tong Tong, who sent you the photo?”

Hai Tong said, “I believe the man in the photo is not you, I just sent it to you to see. That woman is Duan Qian Qian, I have an impression of her, it’s her no doubt.”

Because Duan Qian Qian came to her door, Hai Tong was impressed with Duan Qian Qian.

“It’s her?”

War Yin and Duan Qian Qian had just one side of the story, and then after he sued Duan Qian Qian, Mr Duan stopped letting his daughter appear in front of him.

Therefore, War Yin couldn’t recognise her.

Even if he has seen several faces, he probably can’t recognise them, his attention to women is extremely low, full of his heart and eyes are his sea Tong.

“The photo was sent to me by Xiaojun, it should be that Sunan knew about it first, then Xiaojun sent it to me.”

War Yin slandered in his heart, why didn’t Su Nan send it to him first?

It’s true that for a man with a wife, the wife comes first, and friends don’t know how far down the list it goes.