Doting Billionaire Chapter 1973

“The milk is ready to drink.”

Su Nan sat down next to his wife and let her drink the milk first.

Shen Xiaojun picked up the glass of milk and said, “Tongtong does believe in War Yin, she recognised the woman on the photo and said that the woman is the daughter of Duan Group, the woman called Duan Qian Qian.”

“That woman is really shameless, war Yin and Tong Tong still have a month to do the wedding, they have been licensed for a year, not to mention the people in Guancheng, but anyone who has dealings with your company, which one doesn’t know that war Yin is married and still favours his wife.”

“Surname Duan actually dared to find the door, want to talk to Tong Tong, I dare say she must be saying that Tong Tong is not worthy of war Yin, let her leave war Yin, also do not know who gave her the courage to go to say these words to Tong Tong.”

“How is it that Tong Tong is not worthy of Battle Yin? Even if her family history is not comparable to the war family, but the war family as well as the war Yin do not mind, completely accept her, other people talk about it, purely have nothing to do with their stomachs full, but also jealousy makes it so.”

Su Nan warmly said, “You know as good as, don’t be angry, Haitong is very sensible, she believes in war Yin. That man, I also think it is not war Yin, war Yin recently either socialising or go to comfort and encourage Dongming, press simply did not leave Guancheng.”

“Oh, left a few days ago, but he went to a city to find his wife to go.”

“Wife, drink milk, drink milk to rest.”

Su Nan’s big hand couldn’t help but fall on Shen Xiaojun’s stomach again, his face was full of anticipation, “Baby, say hello to daddy.”

Shen Xiaojun drank a few mouthfuls of milk and laughed, “It’s still early. When there is foetal movement, you can say hello to him again, and when you touch him then, he will kick you.”

“I’m looking forward to it, what does foetal movement look like? When will our baby have foetal movement?”

Shen Xiaojun asked him back, “You bought so many books related to pregnancy, you didn’t even read them, did you?”

Su Nan: “I did read them, but when I read them, I dreamed of the God of the Week, and the God of the Week was so bad that he wouldn’t let me concentrate on my reading.”

Shen Xiaojun looked at him speechlessly. Shen Xiaojun looked at him speechlessly.

“I will definitely finish reading that book tonight, and I will read it every night in the future, over and over again, so that I can remember what’s above the book.”

“Come on, how long has it been since you’ve read a book, when you read a book, you want to sleep. There will be foetal movement after the third month of pregnancy, but at this time the foetal movement is very slight, so slight that even the pregnant mother can’t feel it.”

“Around the fourth month of pregnancy, the pregnant mother can feel the foetal movement, and as the months increase, the foetal movement becomes more and more obvious and the baby kicks more and more vigorously.”

Shen Xiaojun was pregnant for the first time, but she was a bit more experienced than Su Nan because she had watched Hai Ling get pregnant and give birth to a child, and had heard quite a bit of pregnancy-related knowledge from Hai Ling.

When Yangyang was still in Hai Ling’s tummy, Shen Xiaojun had touched Hai Ling’s tummy, and then Yangyang unexpectedly responded to her and would kick Hai Ling’s tummy, which she found amazing.

“Then it will be a while longer before our baby will say hello to me. Honey, eat more, if you eat more, our baby can eat more too, and it will grow faster.”

When the tone fell, he was met with a blank stare from his wife’s lord.

Su Nan scratched his head and smiled heatedly.

“Your family is already raising me like a pig, and you’re still letting me eat even more, so when I turn into an elephant, don’t think I’m stout.”

After she got pregnant, the entire Su family treated her as a national treasure, letting her eat, drink and sleep well every day, living like a pig, no, the pig’s food was not as rich as hers.

She insisted on going back to open a bookstore, keeping a full day at the shop, not only to pass the time, but also to avoid the in-laws’ love and care for her, all kinds of nutritious soups, she was literally drinking them until she wanted to vomit.

“I don’t mind, no matter what you become, I don’t mind you. If you become an elephant, I’ll follow you to become an elephant, see if I’m not fat now, wife, you don’t have to worry about losing your self-confidence because of your deformed pregnant body, I’ll accompany you to become fat together.”

“When the time comes, we are the big brother don’t laugh at the second brother, we are all the same fat.”