Doting Billionaire Chapter 1971

Shen Xiaojun replied, “It wasn’t me who took the picture, it was someone else who saw it from that woman’s circle of friends, and then took a screenshot from that woman’s circle of friends to Sunan, who was shocked when he saw it, and he hadn’t wanted me to know about it.”

“or was I found, I will hurry to send you to see, recognise that man is not war Yin, I see that person’s figure back really like war Yin.”

Hai Tong thought, Duan Qian Qian’s circle of friends also someone knows War Yin?

Thinking of Duan family’s wealth status, again, she thinks it’s not surprising.

She said, “Just by looking at the figure and back then it is very much like my Mr War, even the side face is like that, whether it is him or not, I can’t be sure right now, reasonably speaking, he shouldn’t be stealing food.”

“I have some impression of that woman, she looks like the only daughter of the old boss of Duan Group, Duan Qian Qian.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Xiaojun immediately said, “Tongtong, this man could really be War Yin. I’ve heard Sunan say that the War Group and Duan Group have co-operated on a project, and that project can bring not a small amount of benefits to the two groups.”

“At first, your family’s Mr War was the one who attached great importance to this project, and it was him who negotiated a partnership with Duan before handing it over to someone else to follow up.”

“Also you, I remember you told me that you added two love rivals, one of them is Duan Qian Qian, the Duan Group’s golden girl, right?”

Shen Xiaojun was very reluctant to believe that War Yin cheated on her.

She said to her best friend, “Tong Tong, maybe Mr War is in contact with Duan Qian Qian for business matters, you should find out first.”

Hai Tong doesn’t say anything.

Shen Xiaojun suddenly regretted it.

Regretting that she had sent the photo to Haitong.

Su Nan even wanted to hide it from her, because he didn’t want her to worry about it and think nonsense about it. Su Nan even wanted to hide it from her, because he didn’t want her to follow and worry about it.

But she felt that if the war Yin betrayed the sea Tong, she knows, if she does not tell her best friend, will become the war Yin’s accomplices, she can not do that.

No matter how her identity changes, she is haitong’s good best friend, haitong occupies an extremely heavy position in her heart.

After a long period of silence, haitong said, “wait for me to go back and ask war Yin again, I think that man is not my home Mr war, war Yin what kind of person, not only I am clear, you are also clear.”

“I’ve come this far with him, you guys are also witnesses. If that woman is not Duan Qian Qian, I might really think that War Yin is having an affair with other women behind my back.”

“But that woman is Duan Qian Qian, I just don’t believe it, Duan Qian Qian is fond of my Mr War, and even teased him, even came to my house to look for me, wanted to talk to me, and I promised to talk to her, but as a result, the next day she left Guancheng.”

Shen Xiaojun: “So shameless, actually all the way to the door.”

“Who in Guancheng doesn’t know that War Yin favours his wife, she’s also really shameless, thinking that just because she’s the Duan family’s daughter that she can steal other people’s men?”

Shen Xiaojun scolded Duan Qian Qian over the phone.

If Duan Qian Qian was in front of her, she could have cursed even more.

I’ve never seen such a shameless woman.

“Tong Tong, War Yin’s attitude?”

Hai Tong said, “War Yin was ruffled by her palms, then went home to me, complaining, want me to guard tightly him, do not be other women to take advantage of him, he also washed his hands more than a dozen times.”

“The two groups co-operation thing I also know, originally war Yin is very important to this co-operation, that’s why he will personally meet with the paragraph total, negotiation, because of the behaviour of the paragraph Qian Qian, he got angry, to give up the negotiated co-operation, or I persuade him to do public business.”