Doting Billionaire Chapter 1969

Anyway, he pursued just that.

A strong woman is afraid of a stalker.

As he pestered her, Qiaohan was pestered by him to become his wife.

Judging from the success of his elder brother and second brother in chasing after his wife, War Hao Yu firmly believes that as long as he is sincere, and as long as he is thick-skinned enough, he will be able to get a beautiful woman back one day.

War Yin laughed haphazardly, “People have been pretending to be a man for more than twenty years without being found out, you suddenly started your pursuit of her, leaving her unprepared, it’s normal that she would hate you, and it’s also that she is mentally strong enough not to be intimidated by you.”

“This is also the advice given to me by my sister-in-law and second brother.”

War Yin laughed, “Is it good?”

“It’s quite useful, the deadlock was opened in a flash. Big brother, I can now be sure that Qiao Han is a woman.”

“Grandma never pits us, Qiao Han is naturally a woman, how could grandma arrange a man for you ah.”

Young Master War, who had been screwed over countless times by Grandma, had already forgotten the experience of being screwed over by Grandma, and was now speaking favourably for Grandma.

War Hao Yu smiled cheekily, “That’s our own grandmother, how could she pit us in a marriage matter. Big brother, you’re still busy right, then you’re busy, I’ll wash up and go to bed, I drank a lot of wine tonight, I’m a bit tipsy.”

“Go to bed early, tomorrow morning when you get up, you will be full of energy again, you can continue to chase after your wife.”

“Well, you cheer up.”

War Yin ended the call with Lao San in a happy mood.

Looking at the time, it was just after nine in the evening.

Compared to those of them who often worked late into the night, it was still early.

There was a long period of time when he went home at 9.30pm.

It was only recently when his wife wasn’t at home that he had taken over Sunan and Yichen’s work, leaving himself too tired to think about Haitong.

That girl was also heartless.

If he didn’t take the initiative to contact her, she didn’t know to give him a call, send a message or something. If he didn’t take the initiative to contact her, she didn’t know to give him a call, send a message or something.

Hai Tong cried out: twenty minutes ago, just sent you a message, the content of the message is “husband, I miss you”.

War Yin, however, felt that twenty minutes ago is already a long time ago, he could not help but video with Hai Tong.

Hai Tong quickly accepted his video invitation.

“Tong Tong.”

“You’re still out there?”

As soon as the video connected, Hai Tong saw the background behind her husband, not at home.

War Yin deliberately collapsed his handsome face, pitifully said, “I’m a man who was abandoned by his wife, I came home early and didn’t have a wife to hold, so I could only socialise and keep myself busy until late at night before I could fall asleep, otherwise I would lie in bed, always thinking of you, tossing and turning, and couldn’t sleep at all.”

Hai Tong laughed: “It’s that pathetic, I don’t even find it difficult to sleep, every day as soon as I touch the bed.”

“So that you have no conscience, do not want me at all, I want you to think of crazy. Honey, why don’t you and grandma come back tomorrow.”

After thinking about it, Hai Tong said, “If I go back tomorrow, I haven’t prepared or packed at all, the main thing is that I’ve agreed with Mu Qing to take the dialling children to the zoo tomorrow, so it’s better to go back the day after tomorrow.”

“Tong Tong.”

“Go back first thing in the morning the day after tomorrow, we’ll have lunch together at noon. I’ll pick you up from work at the company and prepare a big bunch of roses for you, okay?”

War Yin skimmed his mouth, reluctantly, “Okay, the day after tomorrow is the day after tomorrow, remember to come back early in the morning oh, pick me up from work, send me roses are not enough, night”

Hai Tong laughed: “Allow you to indulge in a time.”

Can’t be wanton every day.

She would die of exhaustion.

Only then was War Yin satisfied, “You said ha, can’t back out.”

Hearing him say this, Hai Tong inexplicably trembled, was it too late for her to say she was backtracking?

“There’s something I’ll tell you when you come back.”