Doting Billionaire Chapter 1966

War Hao Yu exerted his nature as a cowhide and chased after Qiao Han.

Everyone looked at the two of them, and no one dared to intervene to meddle in the affairs of these two big men.

Those admirers of Qiao Han’s were the ones who hated War Hao Yu, and all night long they were seeing this brazen man pestering Qiao Shao and not letting go.

Qiao Han went straight to pick up and apologise to the organisers, she said, “Chief Ming, I’m sorry, I still have a few things to do, so excuse me for a moment.”

General Manager Ming also knew that Qiao Han was annoyed by War Hao Yu’s pestering, and even more so, she became the topic of conversation, and was able to hold out until now, already being patient.

He said understandingly, “Mr Qiao’s business is a bit more important, Mr Qiao should go and get busy first.”

At the end, he added, “I can understand General Manager Qiao.”

Qiao Han nodded gratefully before leading the bodyguard group out of his hotel.

Qiao Xuan couldn’t leave yet, and he scurried over to his sister’s side, saying as he followed, “Brother, you’re going back just like this? The banquet isn’t over yet.”

“If you don’t want to go back, you can wait until the banquet is over, I’ll leave a car for you.”

After thinking about it, Qiao Xuan said, “That’s fine, brother go back first, just leave me a car.”

Qiao Han walked away.

Under the stares of the crowd, War Hao Yu also followed and said his goodbyes.

Ming finally understood that this Third Youngest of the War Family had personally approached him not too long ago to ask for an invitation, not because he had much face for him, but because he had come for Qiao Han.

It seemed that the third young master of the Battle Family was really gay, and had come true to young Qiao as well.

For a time, those old bosses who had once fantasised about War Hao Yu and wanted him to become their family son-in-law, completely dismissed the idea.

Now, even if they wanted to marry their daughters, they wouldn’t agree, they couldn’t let their daughters marry into the War family and be widowed.

I don’t know if there are any crooked ones among the other young masters of the War family.

What War Hao Yu couldn’t imagine was that because he openly pursued Qiao Han, it led to his younger brothers being more or less affected.

“Qiao Han.”

As soon as he exited the hotel, War Hao Yu quickly stepped forward to catch up, pulling Qiao Han as she got into the car. As soon as War Hao Yu exited the hotel, he quickly stepped forward to catch up and pulled Qiao Han as she got on the bus.

Qiao Han shook off his hand.

“Mr War, please respect yourself!”

Qiao Han warned him coldly.

War Hao Yu apologised, “Ahan, I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to take advantage of you, I was anxious to pull you back.”

Taking a few deep breaths, Qiao Han felt that her temper was getting the better of her, worn down so well by War Hao Yu.

“What else does Mr War have to do?”

Qiao Han asked this rather helplessly.

If she had done something wrong, God could punish her, but don’t send her a War Hao Yu to torture her ah.


“Don’t call me Ahan!”

Seeing her angry look, War Hao Yu’s heart softened a bit and laughed, “Well, I’m pursuing you and I haven’t caught up with you yet, calling you that affectionately is something you can’t accept. Mr Qiao, I drank quite a lot of wine, it is not advisable for me to drive again, we are in the same Imperial Villa area, can I take your hitchhiking car to go back?”

Qiao Han pointed to the Fengze Hotel diagonally across the street and coldly said, “Mr War, it won’t even take you five minutes to walk back to your Fengze Hotel.”

Take a hairy hitchhike.

His house hadn’t even been renovated yet, so what’s the point of living there.

“Besides, Chief War’s house hasn’t even been renovated yet, can you live there if you follow him back to the Imperial Villa Area?”

War Hao Yu smiled, “Can’t sleep, but I do want to go to your house to have a bowl of sobering soup, it’s quite hard to drink too much of this wine.”


Qiao Han directly refused, “There is no sobering soup at my home.”

After saying that, she got into her car and quickly closed the door