Doting Billionaire Chapter 1965

Feng Qing and his sister-in-law Hai Tong are the ones who look a bit alike at first glance, but not under closer inspection.

But compared to Hai Ling, they look more and more alike.

If he didn’t know that his sister-in-law only had one sister, he would have thought that Feng Qing was his sister-in-law’s other sister.

Sister-in-law and sister Hai Ling are not so similar, Hai Ling is most like her mother, Hai Tong is a collection of the advantages of the parents to grow, and her mother is only a little bit like, most like her father.

War Hao Yu could not help but think wildly, his sister-in-law’s family history, is it not clear enough?

It wasn’t unheard of for two people who weren’t related by blood to look a little bit alike, but Feng Qing and Hai Tong’s sisters were both a little bit alike, so one had to be suspicious.

Could they be related?

War Hao Yu guessed, but when he thought that the two sisters, Shang Xiaofei and her sister-in-law, were cousins, neither of them resembled each other.

If they were alike, Shang Xiaofei would have been suspicious when she first met Hai Tong.

Qiao Han turned round with Feng Qing and replaced her to face War Hao Yu.

As she looked at War Hao Yu, War Hao Yu raised his glass towards her, a smile on his handsome face.

Qiao Han immediately averted her eyes.

She was now annoyed with this piece of cowhide.

Were all the males raised by the War family cowhide candy?

The song ended.

The dancers stopped.

Qiao Han let go of Feng Qing.

War Hao Yu immediately walked towards her.

“Ahan, are you tired? Are you thirsty? I’ll go get you a glass of water?”

What War Hao Yu said to Qiao Han was reckless.

Qiao Dong’s husband and wife call Qiao Han by the name of Ahan, and War Hao Yu also follows this name. Qiao Dong’s husband and wife call Qiao Han by the name of Ahan, and Zhan Hao Yu also follows this name.

The future is a husband and wife well, called a little bit of intimacy is fine.

Qiao Han’s handsome face was black in an instant.

She coldly said, “Mr War, please call me Mr Qiao.”

Usually only her family members would address her this way.

“Your name is just Ahan, I didn’t make a mistake calling you by your first name, did I? Or do you have another nickname? What is your nickname? I’ll call you by your nickname from now on, I want it to be special, you’re special to me and I want to be special to you.”

“Ahan, you can call me Hao Yu, or Hao or Ayu, of course, I’ll be happier if you’re happy to call me darling.”

Qiao Han was so exasperated by War Hao Yu’s chutzpah that she almost couldn’t control her temper.

She wanted to want to seal this man’s mouth so badly!

Feng Qing listened to War Hao Yu’s brazen words from the side and pursed her lips.

She felt that if Qiao Han was a woman, it wouldn’t even take a week to lose miserably and be taken down by War Hao Yu.

This Third Young Master War was thick-skinned enough, articulate, handsome, and had a good family background, under his fiery attack, I wonder how long Young Master Qiao would be able to hold out? Would he end up being led astray by Third Young Master War?

Both men were so good, it would be a shame if they both became gay.

However, it had nothing to do with her anymore.

She and Qiao Han wouldn’t cross paths deeply anymore, because Qiao Han had clearly rejected her, purely admiring her, and wouldn’t marry her or marry her.

Seeing no hope in that, she wouldn’t allow herself to indulge any further.

Feng Qing treated her feelings sensibly.

Even if it was a man she particularly admired, she was able to put the brakes on in time when she knew there was no hope.

Qiao Han left War Hao Yu behind and left.

“Ahan, where are you going, wait for me.”