Doting Billionaire Chapter 1962

Mum, I’ve got a bit of a headache and I’ve sprained my foot too.”

Feng Ruo said pitifully, “Mom, it was because I accidentally bumped into the Third Young Master of the War that I fell, it has nothing to do with Sister Qing, you and sister-in-law quickly don’t blame Sister Qing.”

She then looked at War Hao Yu, accusing accusingly, “Third Young Master War, why did you trip me? I know that you also like Young Master Qiao, openly pursuing him, and that we’re love rivals, but you can’t do this to me.”

Feng Family Lord frowned and asked his daughter, “Was it Third Young Master War who tripped you?”

War Hao Yu shouted up, “Feng second young miss, meals can be eaten indiscriminately, words can’t be spoken indiscriminately, it was clearly you who tried to trip me and didn’t have enough strength, it only caused me to jump and didn’t fall, instead, it was you who was unsteady in your own stance and fell, you’re the one who made it happen, you deserved it!”

Want to invert black and white in front of War Hao Yu that is impossible.

He alone can tongue fight a dozen or so love rivals can be invincible yet.

Feng Ruo alone want to rely on him, not even a door.

War Hao Yu also didn’t give Feng family members a chance to retort, he raised his head and pointed to the surveillance installed on the ceiling and said, “There is surveillance everywhere, Second Miss Feng insisted on saying that I tripped you up, why don’t you ask Qiao Shao to pull up the surveillance so everyone can see whether it’s you who wanted to make a fool out of me or me who made a fool out of you.”

Guangyuan Hotel was owned by Qiao’s group and Qiao Han was Qiao’s family member, she had this power to call up the surveillance to see.

Feng Ruo sophistically said, “I wasn’t trying to trip up Third Young Master Battle either, I just accidentally bumped into Third Young Master.”

“You mean, this matter can’t be blamed on me?”

Feng Ruo was speechless.

After hearing so much, there was still something that the Feng Family Master didn’t understand.

She suppressed her anger and said gently to War Hao Yu: ”Third young master War, I’m sorry, it’s my daughter who misunderstood you, I’m really sorry. She suppressed her anger and gently said to War Hao Yu, “Third Young Master War, I’m sorry, it’s my daughter who misunderstood you, I’m really sorry.”

She then said to Feng Ruo in a stern voice, “Don’t apologise to Third Young Master.”

Feng Ruo was humiliated to the point of losing face, yet she still had to bow her head and apologise to War Hao Yu.

“Let everyone laugh, it’s my daughter who misunderstood Third Young Master War, it’s fine, everyone go and dance, don’t let my daughter’s small matter affect everyone’s mood.”

Feng family head apologetically said a few words, and nodded apologetically towards Qiao Han and War Hao Yu, then pulled Feng Ruo out of the crowd.

She pulled Feng Ruo out of the hotel and walked to a corner where there were fewer people before letting go of Feng Ruo.

She turned her back to Feng Ruo and looked into the distance, not knowing what she was thinking.

Feng Ruo looked at her carefully, not daring to speak.

“Those who can attend the banquet tonight are all big shots, people who cannot be easily offended, why are you sticking your foot in the door against the Third Young Master of War? Although the third young master of War is not from Jiangcheng, the War Clan also has business and connections in Jiangcheng.”

“The people of the Battle Family are not to be messed with, not to mention the fact that the brothers of the Third Young Master of the Battle Family are very outstanding, just because the wife of the Battle Family is still alive and well, no one dares to target the Battle Family and lay their hands on the Battle Family. You even used that kind of petty tactics to deal with the Third Young Master of War.”

The Feng Family Lord turned around and glared at this adopted daughter, his expression was serious, his voice stern, and there was also disappointment in his eyes towards his adopted daughter.

The successor that she had nurtured with all her heart and soul was told a year ago that she was not her real daughter.

Even though she disposed of Feng Ruo’s real father, she didn’t move a single inch of Feng Ruo, still kept Feng Ruo in the Feng family, and didn’t ask Feng Ruo to change her surname.

After all, it was the daughter that she had raised for twenty-eight years.

But now looking at what this daughter has done, it makes the Feng family head feel that the daughter without the Feng family bloodline, does things that are more and more unseemly, and can’t see the situation, and offends people indiscriminately.