Doting Billionaire Chapter 1961

Qiao Han was righteous enough to testify on behalf of Feng Qing, saying, “Feng family master, I can testify for Miss Feng Qing, she has just been sitting here eating, and I wanted to invite Miss Feng Qing to a dance before Miss Feng Qing stood up.”

“Mum didn’t say that it was you who caused Feng Ruo to fall, it’s just that you were so close to Feng Ruo, and when you saw your sister fall, you didn’t know to come over and help her.” It wasn’t a secret in Jiang Cheng that the Feng family head favoured his adopted daughter.

As soon as her words left her mouth, everyone was mentally slandering that this old woman was simply senile and couldn’t carry her own weight.

When her adopted daughter fell, she actually blamed her own daughter for not helping her.

Feng Ruo can’t get up herself?

Did her falling have anything to do with Feng Qing?

“That’s right, Feng Ruoruo fell so badly, Feng Qing you just stood there and watched, there is no love for you, you don’t know to help Feng Ruoruo, seeing Feng Ruoruo disgraced and in a state of distress, you’re very happy, right?”

The person who said this was the great grandma Feng.

Obviously it wasn’t Feng Qing’s fault, she also wanted Feng Ruo to blame Feng Qing.

Feng Qing opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end she didn’t say anything, but instead hung her head in a very aggrieved manner.

It was infuriating to watch.

Everyone felt that the people of the Feng family were all carry-ons.

Feng Ruo’s real father caused Feng Qing, a real thousand-dollar lady, to become a housekeeper’s daughter at birth and was brought to grow up in her countryside home.

Feng Ruo snatched away everything that belonged to Feng Qing, it was not easy for the heavens to open their eyes and let Feng Qing’s true identity get rightful place, who knows that the Feng family still spoiled Feng Ruo like before, and treated Feng Qing all superficially.

Even the Feng family head, the real mother, treated Feng Qing like this. The main family is still favouring Feng Ruo as before, and treating Feng Qing superficially.

The Feng Qing family has returned to the Feng family for a year, and also followed the Feng family master to go out countless times to socialise, all we can see is that the Feng family master is dissatisfied with the Feng Qing, and never smiled at Feng Qing in front of the people.

Although Feng Qing is now holding a position in the Feng Clan’s business, seemingly giving her a lot of power, it is all superficial.

Who doesn’t know that Feng Qing grew up in the countryside, has no insights and wrists, and belongs to the parachute in the Feng Group, can win the hearts of the people is strange?

I heard that the three sons of the Feng family, that is, Feng Qing’s three brothers, no matter in the company or in the business, always digging traps for Feng Qing to harm and counting Feng Qing, hindering Feng Qing’s road to the top.

Not to mention that Feng Ruo who is not willing to lose everything.

“Young Grandma Feng, you are throwing dirty water on Miss Feng Qing, which eye of yours saw Miss Feng Qing happy? Second Miss Feng’s fall was also a split second, we haven’t even reacted yet, by the time we reacted, Great Young Grandma had already pounced out.”

“Eldest Young Grandma reacted so quickly, she is really the best sister-in-law for Miss Feng Er, always keeping an eye on Miss Feng Er’s safety, as soon as Miss Feng Er fell, Eldest Young Grandma was able to pounce out, did Eldest Young Grandma calculate that Miss Feng Er would fall?”

Qiao Han was giving up on helping her brother and Feng Qing to get hitched, but she still appreciated Feng Qing, and couldn’t see Feng Qing suffer from this kind of aggression, and she who had never been nosy before, she also spoke out more than enough to retort for Feng Qing on behalf of the Great Young Grandmother Feng.

Feng Da Junior Grandma would throw dirty water on Feng Qing, and Qiao Han would also lay charges on Feng Da Junior Grandma.

“Young Qiao, you.”


The Feng Family Lord let out a low gulp.

Young Grandma Feng then didn’t dare to speak.

The Feng Family Head first asked Feng Ruo with concern, “Ruo, are you alright?”