Doting Billionaire Chapter 1960

Seeing her walk towards Feng Qing, quite a few of the girls blushed.

Feng Ruo suddenly scurried out and blocked Qiao Han’s path, asking Qiao Han with a bright smile, “Young Qiao, can I ask you for a dance?”

Qiao Han refused in a deep voice, “Sorry, Second Miss Feng, I have a dance partner.”

Saying this, she crossed over Feng Ruo and walked to Feng Qing’s table in a few more steps.

Feng Qing was eating happily when she suddenly noticed that many people were looking at her.

When she looked up, she saw Qiao Han standing across from her now.

She froze, then smiled at Qiao Han, “Young Qiao, is something wrong?”

War Hao Yu followed over.

When she passed by Feng Ruo, Feng Ruo ghostly stretched out her foot to try to trip War Hao Yu.

In Feng Ruo’s eyes, War Hao Yu was her most powerful love rival, no matter if he was a man or a woman, she would make her love rival wrestle and lose face in front of everyone.

Feng Ruo was too gullible and bold.

He actually dared to put his foot down on Battle Hao Yu.

When War Hao Yu noticed Feng Ruo’s small movement, he was pretending to be tripped by Feng Ruo, but instead of lunging forwards, he jumped, yet cleverly swept Feng Ruo’s foot.

“Dang” a sound.

Someone fell to the ground.

Naturally, it was Feng Ruo, who had stretched out her foot to trip someone, who fell to the ground; she fell backwards and landed on all fours, hitting her head on the ground and making that sound.

Everyone looked over. Everyone looked over.

Feng Ruo wearing evening dress, fell on all fours, not only woeful, but also a little naked, the feet of the pair of hate sky high, one also off the foot and flew to the side.

This scene stunned everyone.

War Hao Yu stood not far away, is also a look of confusion.

Qiao Han didn’t see the small movements of the two people because she was facing Feng Qing, so her back was turned to War Hao Yu, but Feng Qing could see it clearly.

It was Feng Ruo who made her foot to try to trip War Hao Yu, only to be tripped by War Hao Yu in turn to trip her, and fall so ugly, now she lost her face to the Pacific Ocean.

Feng Qing quietly gave a thumbs up towards War Hao Yu when he looked over, good trip, kudos!

War Hao Yu’s dark eyes flashed, this Feng family’s true thousand gold is a bit interesting.

Also, the Phoenix family’s daughter-in-law looks a bit familiar, and has a few similarities with his sister-in-law.

War Hao Yu was startled by this knowledge, Feng Qing and his sister-in-law have a few points of similarity, if the person who has the heart to know, take advantage of it, there is no telling what will happen.

“Feng Ruo.”

Young Grandma Feng first called out, then hurriedly came forward to help her sister-in-law up.

When the Feng family head heard that his youngest daughter had fallen on all fours, he hurriedly brought his other two daughters-in-law over.

“What happened?”

As soon as the Feng Family Head came over, he asked in a stern voice.

Her eyes swept towards her own daughter who was standing not far away.

Feng Qing said, “Mom, don’t look at me, I’m a few metres away from Feng Ruo, even if I know how to do the Buddha Mountain Shadowless Kick I can’t sweep her into a fall, not to mention that I don’t know how to do the Buddha Mountain Shadowless Kick at all.”