Doting Billionaire Chapter 1959

That third young master of the War Family is really thick-skinned, Young Qiao doesn’t even want to take care of him, and he’s still sticking to Young Qiao like a piece of cowhide.”

Young Grandma Feng also looked at War Hao Yu and said, “The third young master of the War family has an advantage over all of you, he’s a man, his status is there, the Qiao Group won’t easily make an enemy of the War family, and Young Qiao’s bodyguards won’t be able to intercept the third young master of the War family.”

Hearing this, Feng Ruo became even more jealous.

After ruthlessly pouring a mouthful of red wine, she asked her sister-in-law, “What about Feng Qing?”

“I don’t know in which corner, didn’t see her.”

Young Grandma Feng did not like Feng Qing.

For one, Feng Qing grew up in the countryside, and even if Feng Qing looked dignified and atmospheric by nature, after returning to the Feng family, with a slight dressing up, even Feng Ruo was compared to her.

However, Great Grandma Feng just didn’t like her sister-in-law and felt that Feng Qing was a very cunning person.

Don’t look at Feng Qing in the Feng family mansion is very low-profile and weak look, she did not say a word to share the few powers in the hands of his brother, so that the great-grandmother Feng when the sister-in-law is very upset.

Feng grandma secretly instigated Feng Ruo and Feng Qing to compete for power, said Feng Ruo in the Feng family grew up, has been treated as a successor to cultivate, although it is not the Feng family’s biological, adopted daughter is also a daughter ah, truly speaking Feng Ruo is the eldest daughter it.

Feng Ruo is ten minutes older than Feng Qing.

The idea of the phoenix young grandma is that the two younger sister-in-law to compete for power, and then her man will reap the benefits of fishing, most of the other family’s property is left to the son’s inheritance, the phoenix family is special, the head of the family to the eldest daughter inheritance, the company’s shareholding is also most of the master in the hands of the family.

The men of the Feng family have long been dissatisfied with this family rule and are eager to break it.

If Feng Qing and Feng Ruo both died, the Feng family head would have no more daughters and would not be allowed to give the family headship to his son? It couldn’t be given to the daughters of the side line to inherit, could it?

Young Grandma Feng thought, with her mother-in-law’s overbearing and sinister personality, there was absolutely no way that she would give the family headship to a girl from the side line to inherit it.

Her mother-in-law was that kind of mind, if her daughter died, those girls in the side line wouldn’t want to live either, as long as there were no more girls in the Feng Clan, wouldn’t she have to change the rules and pass the family headship to her son?

The man of the Phoenix Young Grandmother is the eldest son of the Phoenix family, and she thought that if her mother-in-law changed the rules, she would have to pass the head of the family to her husband. The man of the Phoenix Young Grandmother is the eldest son of the Phoenix Family, the eldest son, and she thought that if her mother-in-law changed the rules, she could only pass the family headship to her husband.

“Sister-in-law, Feng Qing is used to privately befriending those noble wives who are in her favour, help me keep an eye on her, don’t let her befriend those wives.”

Feng Ruo took another sip of red wine and said in a low and cold manner, “They don’t see me now and don’t associate with me anymore, Feng Qing doesn’t want to be friends with them either.”

“I will watch for you. They’ve started dancing, so hurry up and invite Qiao Shao to dance with you.”

Seeing everyone start to dance to the music, Young Grandma Feng urged her little aunt to go over and invite Qiao Han to dance with her.

Feng Ruo didn’t say anything and walked directly towards Qiao Han with her wine glass.

At this moment, Qiao Han was annoyed with War Hao Yu, who stood in front of her and extended his hand towards her like a gentleman to dance with her.

“Mr War, I’m sorry, I have a dance partner.”

Qiao Han coldly refused War Hao Yu’s invitation since.

With a smile, War Hao Yu asked her, “I wonder who is General Manager Qiao’s dance partner?”

Qiao Xuan popped up, only to be pushed away by both War Hao Yu and his sister at the same time before he could open his mouth.

Qiao Xuan: “”

What did he do wrong?

He was just trying to help his sister out, it was still reasonable for War Hao Yu to push him away, but his sister actually pushed him away as well.

“Qiao Xuan, go enjoy yourself.”

Qiao Han said in a low voice, then, she drank up the liquor in her wine glass, and then handed it over to the bodyguard beside her, she got up, walked past War Hao Yu’s eyes, and walked straight towards Feng Qing, who was sitting in the corner, leisurely savouring her food.

Qiao Han was the most popular female “man” in Jiang Cheng, and her every move at the banquet attracted countless people’s eyes.