Doting Billionaire Chapter 1958

She coldly refused, “I don’t want to drink with Second Miss Feng, excuse me.”

Saying this, she walked past Feng Ruo surrounded by her bodyguards.

Feng Ruo watched her walk past her eyes and shouted twice in a row, but Qiao Han didn’t even care about her and didn’t even stop.

Angry, Feng Ruo stamped her foot.

Although the Feng family is not the richest in Jiangcheng, it is still one of the top level mansions, in the past, she, the Phoenix family’s daughter, as long as she attends banquets, she is also surrounded by people in front of her, pleasing her, flattering her, and many more people.

The man who adores her is also more to go, is that those men are not much ability, is the second generation ancestor.

Feng Ruo was raised by the Feng family high and mighty, which can look at the second generation of ancestors, but it, excellent men because the Feng family head only recruit door-to-door son-in-law, not to marry the rules, do not want to mess with the successor of the Feng family.

Only those who have no real skills will like the successor of the Feng family.

Feng Ruo was just like those admirers of Qiao Han, after meeting Qiao Han, she couldn’t forget about her, and after secretly observing her, her heart was tied to Qiao Han and couldn’t come back.

In the past, when she spoke to Qiao Han, Qiao Han would still nod and respond to her, and occasionally say a few words.

Ever since her identity was blown a year ago and she was no longer the successor of the Feng family, even though she was treated the same as Feng Qing, the real Qianjin, at home, many things had changed.

The successor of the Feng Clan was no longer her, Feng Ruo, but Feng Qing.

The clan members preferred Feng Qing, saying that Feng Qing was dignified and atmospheric, worthy of being the successor of their Feng Clan.

In Feng Ruo’s opinion, Feng Qing is timid and weak, where is her dignity?

Some of the business of the Feng Clan has been handed over to Feng Qing, the reason why it has not collapsed, Feng Ruoh thinks that it is the help of the company’s senior management to Feng Qing, otherwise with Feng Qing as a country bumpkin, what is the ability to take care of the business?

When attending banquets, people’s attitude towards Feng Ruo and Feng Qing is the most unacceptable to Feng Ruo. The attitude towards Feng Ruo and Feng Qing when attending the banquet is the most unacceptable to Feng Ruo.

She is still the daughter of the Feng family, her mother has adopted her as her adopted daughter, and as long as her mother attends banquets or social functions, she often takes her with her, but people are starting to ignore her.

Just because she was not the real daughter of the Feng family, she could not become the head of the Feng family in the future.

Viciously pouring a mouthful of wine, Feng Ruo said in a low voice, ”Qiao Han, you are mine! Even if I can’t get you, I won’t let you be with Feng Qing.”

Feng Qing also had a crush on Qiao Han, and Feng Ruo could tell.

What made her jealous was Qiao Han’s good attitude towards Feng Qing, every time Qiao Han spoke to Feng Qing, he was gentle and looked at Feng Qing with admiration in his eyes.

“Ah Ruo.”

A familiar shout came, Feng Ruo looked at the young woman walking towards her, that was the eldest young grandmother of the Feng family and her sister-in-law.


Feng Ruo walked towards her sister-in-law and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Mum didn’t see you and asked about you, then asked me to come and look for you, why are you standing here alone drinking mulled wine. So many people are thinking of ways to get close to Qiao Shao, but you are hiding here drinking mulled wine.”

After finishing her sentence, Young Grandma Feng lowered her voice and said, “You are now the second young miss of our family, you don’t need to recruit a son-in-law to our home, you have an advantage over Feng Qing, with the kind of man that Qiao Shao is, he would never give our Feng family a son-in-law to our home.”

Young Grandma Feng meant to say that Feng Ruo had an advantage over Feng Qing, but in Feng Ruo’s ears, she felt that her sister-in-law was implying that she couldn’t take over the position of the head of the family anymore, and that she had to hurry up and find a good in-laws, or else it would be miserable to beg for a living in the future at the hands of Feng Qing.

She blushed lightly and said, “The thing that Qiao Shao dislikes the most is a woman who takes the initiative to fall back on her, those admirers want to get close to Qiao Shao every time, which one of them succeeded?”

Seeing War Hao Yu appear at Qiao Han’s side, this male love rival always had a way to get close to Qiao Han, which really made Feng Ruo envious and jealous.

If the two of them weren’t love rivals, Feng Ruo would have wanted to learn a few tricks from War Hao Yu.