Doting Billionaire Chapter 1957

Mrs Qiao said, “That’s true, all the children raised by the War family are excellent.”

Knowing that War Hao Yu was pursuing her own daughter, and that War Hao Yu still suspected that her daughter was not a man, made Mrs Qiao see hope again.

She had already appreciated this young man, War Hao Yu.

“Old Qiao, how do you think Hao Yu recognised Ahan’s womanhood? She’s been pretending to be a man for over twenty years, if she wasn’t born to me, I wouldn’t believe she’s a woman, pretending to be too much like a man.”

“What did Ahan say?”

“Said that Hao Yu suspected by intuition that she wasn’t a man.”

Qiao Dong smiled and complimented War Hao Yu again, “Not only does Hao Yu have good eyes, his intuition is also accurate, he really deserves to be a child trained by the War family.”

Mrs Qiao: “”

“Wife, you don’t need to care how Hao Yu recognised Ahan, we just need to know that Hao Yu is not gay and that he is pursuing our daughter. This son-in-law, I’m very fond of him.”

“I also like this son-in-law very much.”

The more a mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, the more she likes him.

Even though the two of them hadn’t even started, Mrs Qiao had already treated War Hao Yu as her son-in-law.

Qiao Han didn’t know that her parents already regarded War Hao Yu as their son-in-law, she sat quietly on the sofa for a while, and only after the knocking sound sounded did she get up and go to open the door.

Qiao Xuan stood at the door of the room.

“Brother, are you alright?”

Qiao Xuan asked with concern, “I saw War Hao Yu go downstairs on his own, he was still very happy with a smile all over his face, worrying that you had suffered a loss.” Qiao Xuan asked with concern, “I saw War Hao Yu come downstairs by himself, he was still very happy with a smile on his face, worried that you had suffered a loss.”

He looked his sister up and down, making sure that she was neatly dressed and didn’t look like she had suffered a loss, he let go of his heart.

“I can eat what loss? But it’s just to speak clearly and make it clear to Chief War that I’m a man, it’s impossible for me to accept his advances, and advise him to die of this heart before it’s too late.”

Qiao Han said as she walked out of the room, then closed the door of the presidential suite.

“The banquet isn’t over yet, let’s go.”

Qiao Han still remembered that she was here for the banquet tonight, unlike in the past, she could remove her mask and rest once she entered the room.

Qiao Xuan followed her sister.

Soon, the two returned to the banquet venue.

“Young Qiao.”

A clear and pleasant voice came, and Qiao Han’s bodyguards immediately surrounded her in the middle, blocking the woman who leaned over.

It was no one else but Feng Ruo.

Feng Ruo was dressed even more bejewelled than Feng Qing, the real Phoenix family’s daughter, and her temperament was held well.

After all, she was raised in the Feng family since childhood, and was pampered by the family, and received all the training of the family head since childhood, in order to prepare for becoming the family head in the future, not to mention that she was not bad, even if she was very bad, she was cultivated for twenty-eight years, and the rotten mud was also helped up to the wall.

“Qiao Shao.”

Feng Ruo swept a glance at the Qiao family’s bodyguards, her eyes then landed on Qiao Han’s body, she said with a smile on her face, “Qiao Shao, I just want to drink a couple of glasses of wine with you, I’m not going to do anything to you, can you ask your bodyguards to let me pass?”

Qiao Han was someone who appreciated Feng Qing, but he was not happy with Feng Ruo, the fake Qianjin.